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Physical96% (scars ache)
Emotional60% (tight smile)

" I want.. never to die "

Followed earlier: Nix, Elliasén Steellare, Jalo, Alighieri Pavoni, Vivek Verrell, Hector, Calamus, Raavas, Acaltic, Stria, Kruger, Takato, Yasuko Iwakami, Cornelius Rubeus Gladius
Follows now: Hector
Allies: Rye, Heligan, Unnamed (Lady), Ianthe, Mischief, River Ellesmere, Maijatla (?), Éasca, 'Nevermore' Demesne, Minh Sae, Mirah Azari, Maeve

- Follows the winners whom she considers as such (the winner is a safe creature)
- Would rather follow a female than a male (we'll see)
- In searching of love | allies | friends.
- She is not going to have children, since she herself is still a adolescent and does not understand what it is
- She tries not to hesitate to leave the herd in which she is not paid attention
- Most often will choose Hector since they talked


I have learned today that only two persons have the best herds [Raavas & Hector]. I do not like large herds where faces are not remembered. I try to stay with small, where everyone respects and does not ignore each other.


Today I spent the day with the nameless doe [Lady] and Hector. After some time, we parted, but again I missed new friends and went to the smell of Hector. He was alone there! Time to talk.

We talked for a long time, trying to understand each other. It turns out that this is a very kind guy and he needs fangs for chewing meat and protecting.
He was very gentle to me, it seems that soon my heart will jump out of my chest! I'll keep an eye on him and hopefully we'll chat more.


Today began with the fact that we had a bachelorette party! The three of us [Rye and Unamed] just enjoyed our company.
Then Hector joined us and gradually our herd began to grow. During all this time I was with him and it seems I do not want to leave.


The day started with the fact that I joined the Jalo herd. A short time later there was a fight with Hector and he won. I joined the feline herd.
After a while of calm, he headed towards the fight and I with him. He fought for a long time with Waldemar Avaar and Garai. After that, the fight with Raavas immediately began! I am very inspired by Hector's heroism and will follow him to watch him more.

It was very calm and good until the feline left. Calamus took his place. Then Jalo came along. It was calm and very friendly in his herd. HOW I LOVE IT !!!


Today is a rather poor day. We just sat in a small herd and I played with Rye more often than watching fights that didn't happen.
After some time of wandering I came across again to Alighieri Pavoni, but this time I was met by Astraeus and we sat down together. I enjoyed the great attention and it seems the day was saved.


This is my first time taking part in a reindeer rut. Today is the first day! Having come to two large herds, a big male [Nix] came to me and I joined him. After a while he left our group and I began to follow the magnificent female [Elliasén Steellare]. IT SEEMS LOVE !!
Do I seem fickle? After a while, after a few fights, I followed Jalo as he fought bravely, although he was already beaten. A large herd and many beautiful girls.
Today I had to see a lot of fights and the next time Alighieri Pavoni became the winner of the heart.


Today I joined Seika. Another doe [Mallow] came up to us. I dozed while they recited poetry to each other . It was very sweet to hear the voice of an unfamiliar doe. Then the boy [Kaszmir] and the elk [Jalo] joined in and we all sat together.


Joined the company of large creatures. The one that looked like a wolf was called Astor or God Slayer. He also introduced me to a feline - Xakar.
We talked a little with the "wolf", seemed to me arrogant, a little repulsive, but something attracts. Not yet known.


I woke up next to Hauta. After that we ran a lot again, ate mushrooms and cones. We rested and ran again. It was fun! Then we joined Adolf and Isetore. Further a lot of creatures appeared around which I no longer remember! It was as good as if in a fortress.
A beautiful and dangerous fallow deer named Arantzazu has joined our herd.


Today I first entered the Endless Forest. A doe [Hautakumpu] met me and invited me to her small herd. Lucky i don't have to explore this world on my own! Maybe this is actually a trap for me? I don’t think so.
Then she introduced me to the leader of the herd whose name was Kenneth. A very big and strong guy!
We ran a lot and did strange things. After that we had a good rest and fell asleep.



NAME: Shaposhnikova Olga Aleksandrovna
*Olya, Olechka, Lelya

GENDER: doe | she | ♀

STATUS: single

SEXUALITY: pansexual?

SIZE: [35]

AGE: eternal



SPEACH: like this (#ffffff with shadow #ffee00)

SPECIES: human, red deer, sheep

FORMS: human & deer

DIET: omnivorous
*fish, mushrooms, mice, berries, grass, flowers, meat and cooked food

THINGS: [pioneer tie and badge]



Zombie Deer Skull | Long (grey) Pelt | Non-Antlers
Toyhouse | Pinterest

First !

First !

aaaa!! very fast! thank you!

aaaa!! very fast! thank you!

Tracking this lady !

Tracking this lady !

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She’s so pretty!

She’s so pretty!

awwww thank you!!

awwww thank you!!
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love this girl so much!

love this girl so much!
look out, kid.

omg im crying

omg im crying <3