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Hello there,

I've been wandering through this awesome site for a week now...and I noticed that just about everyone I see that has posted a comment has a signature, or "siggy" as I've seen it called. And most users' profiles I visit have a small picture of something. How is this done? I'm thinking maybe in doing this, people will know me a bit better. This curiosity of mine has been posted because Aivilo encouraged me to ask questions about things on this site, and Sbrina101 told me that I should ask one of you guys if I need help. :>
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Hello! C8 To edit your

Hello! C8

To edit your signature, all you have to do is go your account. From there, click "Edit." You`ll see the words Signature Settings, and right under that, a box. Just put the url for your siggy, in there-make sure it isn`t too big, though. |D

Also, be sure to credit whoever the picture belongs to. ♥
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Welcome! There is a help


There is a help blog devoted to this one subject here that could help. It helped me get mine. C:
Just a tip: Make sure the background of your siggy is transparent. You can make it transparent with programs like GIMP, which is free. Also, be careful with the size of your sig. Making it too big or too small, obviously, won't be so good.

Good luck!
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Thank you two for the advice!

Thank you two for the advice! :>

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