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Ehappy and full of life


Has been spending a lot of time with her sister Aviya and wondering the forest minding her own business. Shes heard the voices of others around her but has never approached them, is very hesitant to approach others as she can't see them well, tends to hang around the playground listening to the laughter of fawns playing. When not in the forest she was spending time back in her mothers home world at the grove.

Also took me forever to come up with her adult design as i wanted to play tribute to the gemsbok oryx blood and also the colors of a peach so shes looks like a ripening peach. lol her feather crown has grown in quiet a bit but she still has that pesky feather at the front of her crest that curls and folds down between her eyes.

I will try to be better with updates.

wandered the forest in the early morning. many still remained asleep, as it was fairly quiet. Although she focused in on the sounds of the birds chirping, squirrels chattering and the occasional crunch as she stepped in the snow. Which she really doesn't like. Shaking her hoof off she continued although not to far from where home was, as she didn't want to get lost, everything was a blur and unfamiliar. She played with some noisy unnamed deer. They taught her how to dance and they rolled around in the grass laughing until she grew tired and returned home.

Woke today in the same flower patch as before to see a group of colored blurs and lights playing and mooing. She gets to her hooves and skips over to the group letting out a moo and kicking up her front legs playfully. Squinting she tries to see the three in front of her. One was blue and yellow, another blur was white and the last was orange and black, or she thought. She doesn't know the names of the colors as shes still young but she moo'd happily shaking her feathers as her ears stood tall. They jumped and skipped about. Soon the group lead her to a tree and rubbed against it, upon eating pine cones they cast a spell on her giving her antlers. Shocked she shook her head and called out, they did it again and another change happened! Soon she tried it herself seeing the fireflies above the white deer's head disappear. (learned forest magic)

walked around the forest and stumbled upon a cluster of fireflies, backed away nervous of the blurred lights but after observing them for some time she followed them and jumped around trying to bite them out of the sky. Her legs were still weak and wobbly but grew stronger each day. She jumped up but landed wrong as her knees buckle and she falls into the flower patch and lets out a small moo like cry. A random deer comes and lays with her until the two fall asleep.
(I forgot to check the picto of the random deer yesterday, but if this was your deer let me know.)

Hasn't been in forest nearly enough due to players RL events.
Walked around the forest a bit today wandering around, enjoys laying in patches of sunlight and flower fields. Skipped and played with a small fawn in a patch of flowers as the two made flower crowns together. Grew tired quickly and returned to a safe spot to rest.

Born to Sophia seconds after her sister Aviya.
Ohada didn't enjoy the brisk crisp air, and wished to be still within, where it was warm. The forest was loud and her vision remains blurry, she was scared of her surroundings. She could see shadowy figures moving around her. the small fawns ears twitched and swiveled about. Her sister Aviya bleated and startled her causing her feathery crown to flare up. Quickly she recognized the scent and sound and curled up close to her. Soon their big sister and Father met them. Drawn to Cario, Ohada tries to get up and walk about using her father as a support system as mom had walked off, somewhere. At least Aviya was nearby, so she nibbled on dad.

🍑 . 🍑 . 🍑 . 🍑

Self . Notes

Has become a bit more independent, as she wants to explore and try things on her own, a bit stubborn and bull headed.

Sees the world in blurred shadows, dependent on her hearing and sense of smell. Easily jumps when others approach.

Crest of feathers has a varying length and texture. The main crown is more ridged while the side feathers are longer and softer with a slight curl/twist to them. (think bird of paradise.)

.... nonumy ....


Family . Loved . Known . Past . Feared

Mother, a source of comfort, love and affection. Adores the doe and follows her lead.

Father, protector and care giver. Although his visits are far and inbetween she still cares for him deeply and is excited whenever he visits, will seek out now that she is feeling more comfortable on her own.

Twin Sister. the two are inseparable and do everything together. Adventure buddy, grooming buddy, and all around confidant. She relies on her sister as much as she knows she relies on her. The two will spend hours sitting with each other talking about everything and nothing.

Elder half-sister,she teaches us bad things but ohada likes it. rebel childs unite.

Elder half-sister, loves.

Elder half-brother, eh, hes and old fart. i kid...i kid....hes pretty cool. loves

Elder half-brother, hes pretty cool too, of course she loves him hes family.


Possessions . Devlopment
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Name: link

Museword, museword, museword

Name Ohada
Monikers ...
Gender Female
Age almost a year 1-21-2019
Species chital/oryx
Size #16
Scent Floral & Sweet cut peaches
Reference 🍑


Ohada is 100% IC at all times, though with exceptions such as interacting with nameless/new players/unregistered players/etc, set help, getting pelt, etc. If any actions are unclear please feel free to contact me. Discord is Krisaur#9391
CSS by Lathyrus, shared with Osmotious.<3
Little dividers under tab titles from Here.

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weee a nother beauty aaa

weee a nother beauty aaa

double shriek

double shriek
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peach bean

peach bean
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mine other smol &hearts;

mine other smol ♥


aww <3

Hii &hearts; what a cute

Hii ♥ what a cute fawn

Anpiel's falf-sister, maybe? :0


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Ah! Hello everyone!

Ah! Hello everyone!
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391