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11.17.14 woke and spent a long time alone in the garden before helping a deer with their appearance, stumbled across a draconic beast, Demon and decided to rest with him. napped for a long time before being awoken abruptly by the sound of a god in the forest. rushed to it with Demon, and had a bit of fun with the god, couldn't help but feel something a bit off about the god, though. followed the god to the pond, watched as the god fell in and became a normal deer. became filled with rage to have been tricked by this false god and began taunting and attacking the false god. backed by many others before deciding to leave the fool and went to the god's statutes and prayed for forgiveness. afterwards, followed Demon to a tree and scraped his antlers roughly on it to cool off. enraged that he was tricked.

10.31.14 initially freaked out by the changes in the forest, but has come to somewhat enjoy the raining flowers. refuses to drink from the bloody pond regardless of level of thirst. saw the god again today, but not long after it disappeared. took a long nap in a flower patch and awoke to fireflies and a red forest. slightly unsettled, but the fireflies interest him a lot. finds it hard to stay uneasy for long.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Physical: 100% || Mental: 85%
Emotions: furious || Thoughts: "You... false god!"



Name Copolymer

Gender male

Species great irish elk

Age adult 9.2.10

Vocals #ACB6C2, coarse and lonely, rumbling rock or ice

Size 15

Appearance dotd antlers, swan pelt, skullmask or longmask [ref]

Scent wet fertile soil, poppies, cedar, the cold

  in depth

Construction large red antlers, towering fluffy body of pure white,
face is sometimes covered by a skull, underneath he has gentle features and blue eyes; a gentle giant

Disposition lonely, melancholy, kind, caring, forgiving, noble, silent, distant,
slow, ambivert, sometimes makes rumbles in his throat- similar to ice breaking apart

Barry these two share an unconventional type of love. while never truly proclaimed as mates, they shared a strong bond. copo has not seen him in a very long time.
Kauna finds her company lovely and is happy to call her 'friend'
Buttons friend. enjoys her company greatly. she brings out the playful side of him more often than not


Weeping Idol behind the the weeping idol is a favorite spot for Copo to rest and relax. this spot became very significant to him, as it is where he went into his Deep Sleep. regards the spot as spiritual and enjoys sharing it with others. +

Garden even in his early days in the forest, the large patch of poppies behind the ruins was an immediate favorite for the stag. you will very often find the white giant sleeping around a very special tree there. glad to share the spot with deer who approach. + +

  the giant

Mind often seeks out places of quiet refuge to nap. avoids the birch forest for unknown reasons, yet will often trail the boundary. always careful when around creatures smaller than himself due to his size. does not seem to have any instinct to procreate or rut, nor does gender seem to have relevance when
it comes to romantic attraction. prefers to rest quietly with others, but is not unwilling if his companion strikes up conversation. resistant to forest magic, generates very little on his own compared to the norm. it does not stick to him well. extremely devoted to the Gods, and will pray or meditate for long intervals at a time.

Body generally moves slowly, as if in old age, but it's more likely due to his size. a skilled fighter, but generally uninterested in sparring. will attempt to intimidate to avoid fighting. skull is worn as a mask. does not shed his antlers since the time of his Reawakening. thick skin and thick fur, built for a difficult environment. requires large amounts of food and water, will drink and eat in large quantities
throughout the day.

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Claiming a traaaaack

Claiming a traaaaack
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very fascinating O3O

very fascinating O3O TRACKS
that red doe you met is my Athena ^^
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o: ! A long time ago Copo

o: ! A long time ago Copo once knew another doe by the name of Athena but she was very different from your sweet doe! It's nice to meet you! I hope they meet again sometime. ♥
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Same here ^^ he seems nice

Same here ^^ he seems nice (she is involved in the rut and is very instinctual and so forgive her odd behavior ;u; )
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copo aint nothing but a huge

copo aint nothing but a huge ball of love tbh. and no worries!
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After the rut I'd love for

After the rut I'd love for her to talk with him ^^ he does seem sweet
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