Jhorla; Amaranth

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We are the reckless,

Updates ; 31. 03. 2020

Currently living in the forest. Z'ev's newfound practices have put a massive strain on their relationship, and the barbaric tendencies are something that she doesn't want to expose their daughter to. It wasn't until she had spent a few days in the forest that she realised just how alone she was. All of the friends she had made in her youth appear either scarce or nonexistent. Trying to let her daughter have her freedom, but is also keeping a close eye on her, given that the last conversation she had had with Z'ev did not end well. May try to approach new faces, if her loneliness pesters her enough.

we are the wild youth.

— Foundation —

Name . . .

Alias . . .
Jhor, 'The Godfather', Amaranth.

Mark . . .

Species . . .
Mule Deer x Unknown.

Sex . . .

Age . . .
Young Adult.

Size . . .

Reference . . .

Voice . . .

Face Claim . . .
Yeya Salat.

Diet . . .

Scent . . .
Mild scent of Datura, Night-blooming Cereus, and water musk.

We are weightless, we are alive.

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-Smothers- Hai baby. c:

-Smothers- Hai baby. c:
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ninja track ?!

ninja track ♥!
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Omg so gorgeous!

Omg so gorgeous!
Sigi by Wake

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Lovely introduction. This

Lovely introduction. This biography is stunning as well.
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Mah bay buh!

Mah bay buh!

Hi beautiful! ♥

Hi beautiful! ♥
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huehue thank you for the love

huehue thank you for the love everyone <3
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wow, she's beautiful. love

wow, she's beautiful. love this bio too Smiling

I have to ask, what's the name of her song? I've been playing it over and over. It's gorgeous.
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Kaoori - Fever Ray - Keep The

Kaoori - Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me.

Track of interest. ♥
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eee bebe! This bio is

eee bebe! This bio is beautiful ♥
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Thanks Dinah

Thanks Dinah Smiling
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Dinah beat me to it ;-; I

Dinah beat me to it ;-;
I tend to listen to this song on repeat as well c:
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Eeeeee bbyyyyy

Eeeeee bbyyyyy <3 She's so beautiful I just love her design.

Discord:Nazzard#9068 ||Click for bios.
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Beb. 0:

Beb. 0:
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Nazzard: Thank you! Alcinda

Nazzard: Thank you! Alcinda and Wake did all of the work ;;
Silv: Much tiny beb!
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Yay! <33!!! Such a beauty <3
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Ghhhssss yasssss track

Ghhhssss yasssss track <33
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Ahhhh tracking this ;u;

Ahhhh tracking this ;u;

Tracking! Such a cute 'lil

Tracking! Such a cute 'lil thing.
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Finallyyy lil babu!

Finallyyy lil babu! <3
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eeeee Trackin'

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Her voice is unbelievably

Her voice is unbelievably cute >u<

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huehue thank you!

huehue thank you!
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Very welcome, I am def

Very welcome, I am def tracking this cutie. She is just.. WOW like she took my breath away and she has amazing parents too ;o; God, such beautiful stories!

Also what is the song that you are using for her? :OOO
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Thank you c: It was Alcinda

Thank you c: It was Alcinda and Wake that pretty much designed her ^^
The song is called "Keep The Streets Empty For Me" by Fever Ray.
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Thank you so much! And yeah,

Thank you so much!

And yeah, she is still gorgeous! You are lucky to play such a gorgeous character and she is going to be one hell of a gorgeous Doe! <333
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lmao i'm late, hi cutie bab

lmao i'm late, hi cutie bab <3

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Beautiful bio, beautiful baby

Beautiful bio, beautiful baby <3
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Baby fawn.

Baby fawn. <3
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(No subject)

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(No subject)

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It's nice to see her again.

It's nice to see her again. ♥!
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Ross is now Roooo to her xD

Ross is now Roooo to her xD
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Discord: Tzvii#9954 // Signature by Wake.

cutie ;; /stalks

cutie ;;

tracking this !

tracking this !
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She is so sweet ;;

She is so sweet ;;
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-sits and stalks quietly-

-sits and stalks quietly-

Im so mad i missed the birth and everything with college getting in the way. But beautiful baby and fantastic bio. Hope to see a lot of this little one.
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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"Daddy does not appear to

"Daddy does not appear to have mommy's milk providing ability, further investigating is required."

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Hello neighbor.

Hello neighbor.

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&hearts; !

♥ !



Sig: Aihnna

Track C:

Track C:

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Boops. Also she's adorable.

Boops. Also she's adorable.
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Luso: -flops on the ground-

Luso: -flops on the ground- be my friend