Nimh; Liquid honey and wine from the distant hills.

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august 27, 2021 physicalHealthy. & mentalGood.


Have been away from the Forest for quite some time, but hope
the festivities around the rut will help her get back into the
rhytm of things.


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what a cutie patootie

what a cutie patootie ♥

edit: nailed it.

Pixel by Shadowfly ♥
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whoops.. new page gdklfjl I'M

whoops.. new page gdklfjl


I would love to throw my

I would love to throw my Maximus at her! Laughing out loud
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Woah, suddenly comments, lol.

Woah, suddenly comments, lol. ;;

Shame on u. :c
Naah, just kidding, thanks for tracking now. ♥

Thank you! :')

Eee, thank you so much. ♥

pagethief :0


Please do, I would love some interactions! :'D
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I kept wondering why I never

I kept wondering why I never saw updates from Nimh, well it sure would help if I was tracking her! ;_;
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Haha, welcome to my world.

Haha, welcome to my world. c'x
There have been a few many times I believe I've tracked something, and realize much later I haven't tracked it at all. ;;
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I don't believe I've tracked

I don't believe I've tracked this yet, shame on me. :c
Rota enjoyed their little adventure today. c:
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Pfft, better late than never.

Pfft, better late than never. c:
So did Nimh! n_n She had to take Róta back to the others though, because I have to go soon and didn't want to leave her all alone when Nimh went poof, lol.
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Oh look another cute fawn.

Oh look another cute fawn. Bynight had a great time romping with her earlier.
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Oh look, I used the wrong

Oh look, I used the wrong account three times in a row because I'm a genius and tef is weird.
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Oh hello. n_n Nimh had a

Oh hello. n_n
Nimh had a great time romping with Bynight as well, she was so sweet with all the kids. And it was fun interacting with one of your characters. c:
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OH YEAH! She finally grew

OH YEAH! She finally grew up!!!
I'm so happy ;; Adore ♥
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Yeah, she's at least a little

Yeah, she's at least a little bit older now. :'b

breathes on B)

breathes on B) <3333 if you think im not gonna throw ceph at this gal yOU'RE WRONG
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Youuu. &hearts; Pfft, BRING

Youuu. ♥ Pfft, BRING IT ON Cool
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My apologies for running this

My apologies for running this cutie over with my OOC :< Didn't realize it was her at first when I went to use her for pelt spells /sob appreciate the nuzzles tho ;;
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No need to apologize. ;; I

No need to apologize. ;; I would have let her stay asleep if I had known, but I had just been afk and kinda just woke her up immediately when I returned - and too late realized your OOC came over to get a spell. D:
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Haha its plenty alright ;; We

Haha its plenty alright ;; We got what we needed but appreciate it ^^
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Awesome new background image!

Awesome new background image! she's growing so fast, oh lord

avatar by sithrim, sig by shey!

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Thank you. &hearts; Pfft, I

Thank you. ♥ Pfft, I know, it just felt like she had been a fawn forever - even though it wasn't that long. x'b

You're lucky you only weigh

You're lucky you only weigh about twenty pounds :L[/size]

^Annnd idk why there's a

^Annnd idk why there's a included at the end wtf.[/]

A SIZE*. DAMNIT. stupid

A SIZE*. DAMNIT. stupid comments.
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hiyo sweetie

hiyo sweetie

Watching this pretty.

Watching this pretty.
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Jala; U mad bro? c: Lol, for

U mad bro? c:

Lol, for now. *imagining grown-up Nimh attempting to sit on Joro's back* x'b

Awentia, Keepiru, Fmn;
Thank you! ♥
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Jezabelle was pretty happy to

Jezabelle was pretty happy to meet some new faces today, even if it was brief. Hopefully they can meet again in the future!
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I was fangirling internally

I was fangirling internally when Nimh and Jezabelle met, I've always thought she's such a cool character. Yes, hope they'll meet again. c:
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Track! <3
By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3
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Thank you. n_n &hearts;

Thank you. n_n ♥
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Hi ^^ Tracking U)

Hi ^^ Tracking U)

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Hello there, and thank you.

Hello there, and thank you. n_n
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-parks truck-

-parks truck-
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No trucks in here. >c Well,

No trucks in here. >c

Well, okay, I'll allow it this time since it's you. c:
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(Found ya at the ruins) La

(Found ya at the ruins)

La plopped down on a flat rock near the young doe. "Hope you don't mind me sitting with you," she said, lifting a back leg to scratch an itch behind one of her ears. "But I've been running all over the place and it got me tired. How's your day been?"
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( Oh hello n_n ) A

( Oh hello n_n )

A ridiculously long ear gave a twitch at the sound of someone settling down nearby, before Nimh turned her head to have a look at the other one. She had seen the other one around before - but never greeted properly - and a polite smile found it's way to her lips. "Not at all." She replied, while shifting to find a better position. The Ruins didn't really offer the best surface to sit on. "My day has been rather quiet, unlike yours at the sound of it." Another smile, followed by a slight chuckle. "It could seem the rutting deer are taking a break today, or perhaps I've just missed the action." She added, hoping the other one would know what she was talking about. Nimh hadn't know anything about rutting until very recently.
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"Well it seems like it's one

"Well it seems like it's one of those days where people are determined to make their own action. I think you're right though, that the rutters are taking a break. Not too surprising really, they spend days running around crashing into each other and stressing out over their little party groups, they need some time off." She tucked her front legs underneath her and let out a heavy sigh as she relaxed. "Saw some folks still doing it today even with no one around for them to try to impress. Guess this--I dunno, this holiday I guess I'd call it--works people up."

Like Nimh, La was still developing an understanding of The Rut's place in The Forest and what it's relevance was to her life. She saw it most as an ongoing festival or holiday for sports.
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True. Nimh was very familiar

True. Nimh was very familiar with those kind of days. It was how her days usually had been before the rutting began and the blood began to boil in the veins of several individuals. Nimh could feel her own blood boiling, though she couldn't quite explain the feeling. It wasn't pure lust, the primal urge to carry on one's genes - no, she was too young for that kind of stuff. It was excitement, perhaps, like she was affected by how everyone was behaving, how social the forest suddenly was. Yes, it was exciting. "They have indeed spent a lot of energy during the last days." Nimh agreed with a nod of her head. Sometimes watching challengers and competitors made her itch to join them, and Nimh would certainly have taken the role as a challenger every now and then - if she had only been bigger, stronger... and had a pair of antlers. She shook her head, and then tilted it curiously towards the other doe. She was using some strange words. 'Folks', 'holiday'. But she understood the meaning of the words, so she didn't ask about them. At least not now.

"My name is Nimh, by the way." The other one's true name was easy enough to recognize, but it was always nice to have a spoken name to add to someone's faces, to have someone to call them by at a later time.
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"I'm La," she replied. Her

"I'm La," she replied. Her pictogram blinked bright once out of pride, a visual introduction of her proper noun. She could recognize Nimh's true name, but appreciated now having the sound for it and not just the image.

"I'd play along with them," La said of The Rut, "Maybe get someone to help me get some spells to toughen me up--metal mask and pointy antlers, I guess--but I'll be honest, I'm a wimp."

She smiled at her self-deprecating humor, always one to laugh at her own failings. "I'd come in last place every time, wouldn't have anyone to keep me company! So it's easier to just hang out and party when everyone gets together as a group. I like it. I like people."
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La, that was a name that

La, that was a name that should be easy enough to remember. Nimh gave a nod, as if to let the other one know she had caught the name. For a moment her gaze swept across the area, but it seemed quiet still. No stags bellowing, no thundering sound of hooves and antlers clashing, so her attention was soon back on the other doe.

Using forest magic was perhaps not a bad idea. Nimh could consider gaining antlers that way to the next Rut, if she would still be just as interested in joining the challengers. She then grinned towards La. "Sounds to me like you could have been able to use your wits as an advantage instead of pure strength." Nimh had observed the rutters, and had quickly realized that it was more to it than brute force. Being clever could get you just as far, if done right. "But I agree with you, it's nice to just hang out. I've meet a lot of new faces after the Rut began, and I hope I'll continue to see at least some of them when it's over."
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La contemplated quietly for a

La contemplated quietly for a moment, her eyes narrowing as if perhaps she was looking at something far away. "Maybe if I dug a hole and then got them to fall in. But then I'd risk them breaking bones. I dunno if it's worth it, you know. Not for me, at least."

After a moment of fidgeting and shifting she expanded on her motives, "The prize of winning or doing well is impressing people. But that's not really my thing anyway. I feel like I can do that well enough by talking. And yeah, I think that most people are still gonna be around. I imagine most of them live here and aren't planning on bouncing back to some other plane of existence when it's all over."
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The mental sight of rutting

The mental sight of rutting deer tumbling down into holes dug in the ground made Nimh smile, though she had doubts the sight would have been just as funny if it had been real. "I think digging those holes would have been a bit too time consuming... and, as you said, the risk of someone breaking a bone." A smile lurked in the corner of her mouth after she silenced again, listening as La spoke, giving nods in agreement.

"If I should have been out there fighting and gathering a herd, then it would have been for the thrill of it, not to impress anyone." Nimh could understand why many of the stags were fighting; to impress, for the opportunity to pass on their genes. This was very serious to them, while others - like her - seemed like they joined the rut more for the fun of it, to socialize.

A frown then appeared on her face, as Nimh began to ponder about a certain part of La's sentence. "What do you mean, most of them live here?" She asked with a tilt of her head. This forest was all Nimh knew, and so far she had assumed it was just the same for everyone, it hadn't crossed her mind that it could be other places. But then again, she had one time had this strange dream of scenery that had looked nothing like the forest. There had been snowy mountains, green fields and things that looked like they were made of gold shining in the sun. Nimh hadn't even tried to make sense of the dream, it had been too strange. But at the same time impossible to forget.
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"As endless as The Forest

"As endless as The Forest is," La said, "There's still more outside of it. Some people come in and out of The Forest, and they come from all kinds of strange places. Sometimes they come here and stay. That's why sometimes you see people with long faces, or with paws instead of hooves or things like that."

La indicated the hewn stone they were sitting on with a pointed nod of her head. "These things weren't made my nature and they weren't made by Deer. Humans--that's another kind of non-Deer person--made 'em. But there are no humans here now, as far as I know. At least none that look human."

She looked at Nimh encouragingly. "I'm from here. Created out of nothing here, grew up here... but I've left a few times. Only briefly though. It's amazing what's beyond."
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Wonder and confusion was

Wonder and confusion was clear on the young doe's face, and again she gave a slight tilt of her head. It had never occurred to her that there was a reason for all the different creatures of the forest. Everything was just as normal in her eyes; all from winged creatures to clawed creatures to skull-faced creatures. And if someone came and went from this place... how did they do that? Nimh had during her time in the forest realized that if you ran in one direction you would eventually end up back where you started, no matter which direction you ran in. She had never crossed a path or anything that could lead to a different place.

Nimh lowered her head to the stones she sat on when La mentioned them, and she picked up the word human, though it didn't really tell her that much. The way La said she had appeared here sounded very similar to how Nimh had appeared. Just out of nothing, with no parents standing guard over her when she first opened her eyes and blinked in the sharp sunlight. But she had found a mother later on, at least.

She was quiet for some time, trying to let everything sink in while many questions swiveled around in her head. Finally she was able to grasp one she could ask out loud. "How can someone go out of the Forest? I've never seen a path out. Everything goes in circles." The thought of a world beyond the Forest was overwhelming, exciting and a bit scary. It sounded like things she had never seen or even heard of was out there... like golden halls and snowy mountains.
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"I don't know," La said

"I don't know," La said apologetically. "But there are a few people here and there who can step between worlds, or who can open up a tunnel to connect them. Most people can't walk there. I think that there are a lot of ways to do it but the common denominator is magic.

"I think of it like this. I can walk forwards, backwards, left, right, and any combination of those directions. But, if someone falls asleep in a mushroom circle and turns me into a bird, I can also go in two new directions: up and down. When I left The Forest it felt like moving regularly, I was just going in a brand new direction I never knew about, that I can't see."

La decided that was a good time to pause. Judging from Nimh's face she'd dropped quite a lot of information onto her shoulders for her to think about. She smiled reassuringly to the young doe.

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The fact that you couldn't

The fact that you couldn't simply walk out of the forest, but had to use magic made it even more complicated - at least in Nimh's head. As the other one mentioned being turned into a bird, Nimh raised her gaze upward, to the skies. She had been turned into a bird once, but she had never tried to fly above the treetops. Perhaps that was possible, to fly out of the forest and into another place? But then how would you come back? The thought og being 'locked' out of the forest, away from friends and family, was so terrifying she shook it away immediately.

"I think I understand what you mean. At least some of it." It was as if her mind was shaping images of how it worked, but those images was too difficult to explain with words. Then she suddenly remembered something, and stretched out her left leg in front of her, to look at the bracelet tied around it. When her mother had given it to her, she had said something about a different world. Nimh had wondered about it back then, but had been too young to speak properly. But now she could ask what her mother meant about it. "This is from another place, I believe. My mother gave it to me." She explained to La, with a nod towards the bracelet, smiling.
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La leaned in until her face

La leaned in until her face was centimeters from the bracelet, doing her best to identify the materials and the symbol. "This definitely looks human-made," she commented, and La certainly felt that she had the qualifications to make such a determination. "Someone needed hands, fingers, and tools to work the metal and make the cord.

"I don't know the language of that symbol, though," La went on. Everything she could read used either the Latin or Greek alphabets. "It could be a word, a name, or an entire sentence, for all I know. Humans don't have their names floating above their heads like we do--it's a little bit sad, actually--so some of them like to wear words and symbols on them to help show other people who they are. I know I would if I were them."
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Nimh perked her ears, curious

Nimh perked her ears, curious of what the doe would have to say about the bracelet. It was quite strange, to think it had been made by creatures Nimh had never seen. She tilted her head again. "What is that? Hands, fingers, tools?" She asked curiously. Nimh had heard of hooves and paws, but couldn't recall having heard about hands before.

The bracelet had inspired her to attempt to make trinkets of her own, using bird bones and pond reed, but it was very difficult with hooves, and the one thing she had managed to make - with the help of a lamb named Maximus - didn't look half as good as this bracelet. Nimh had wanted to make gifts, for her mother and her siblings, but so far she hadn't managed to make anything pretty enough to give away. Perhaps one needed hands to do that. Or tools. The thought was quite disheartening.

"Perhaps it's my name." Nimh suggested, with a smile to hint that she was only joking. It didn't really matter that she didn't know what was written on the bracelet, it was beautiful anyway. For a moment she thought about those humans again, without having a true name floating above their heads. The world outside the Forest sounded like a very strange place.
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