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Serbek - Ekmê
Heart53% x Health51% x MindIrresponsible boy.
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He is the main one.
The one who has the control the most of the time.

Curious x Observant x Awkward x Simple x Sensitive x Suspicious x Active x Quiet x Sociable x Shy x Free x Kind x Playful x Devoted x Understanding x Protective
Moody x A bit insane x May be distant x Irresponsible x Suggestible x Very naive

x Does not speak much. Prefers observing.
x The olfactory sense is the most developed one. Sniffs a lot.
x Won't play with a stranger unless they show they want to at first.
x Is awkward with relations and interactions with others.
x Uncomfortable with physical contact with strangers, but appreciates them when it is with friends or known faces. Likes to cuddle.
x Observes strangers from afar. Approaches and sniffs them only when they are asleep. Otherwise, mostly waits for the others to come first.
Two personalities. One body.

Gender Male
Age 17 years old in human age
Orientation Homosexual
Identification x
Size #34
Reference Full body x Head
Smell Vanilla and cut grass
Set DotD Pelt - Skull Mask - Swan Antlers.
In game, Serbek has the mini-spell, and Ekmê the normal one (it is only way to know which one took the control)
Details Fluffy. Long and thick legs, ears and neck. Has a sort of small fox tail. Hair is hiding the major part of his head, and sometimes his left eyes. The right one is always hid by his hair. Eyes' color is not visible.
Their relation Serbek and Ekmê share a very strange relation. Even though they are like hating eachother and trying to be the one to control everything, Ekmê will not tolerate any violence against Serbek - certainly because he knows he needs Serbek, as he exists because of him. The nature of their relationship is not precise, and the character himself is variable.
He is the one who takes Serbek's place when the latter is confused, angry or weak. He sometimes appears for no reason. Fights instead of the other, who is unable to defend himself.

Spiteful x Ironic x Indifferent x Cold x Aggressive x Patronizing x Quiet x Touchy x Very moody x Lonely x Distant x Sarcastic x Disobedient x Narcissistic x Very jealous x Sullen x Rancorous x Vengeful x Pessimistic
Loyal if the other is too x Possessive x Protective x Observant x Self-confident

x Likes to fight for fun, with no bad thoughts.
x Very rancorous. Will not forget easily, and will rarely do it.
x Loyal when he trusts someone. Would do anything for them so.
x Does not know how to react when someone shows him affection. May be very cold, yet tries his best to seem warm and affectionate when he's with a loved one.
x Always keeps a secret, but might use it against its owner if he feels vexed or if he is angry against the latter.
x Thinks his size is bigger (#29) when he controles the body. Full of assurance. That is the reason why, in-game, the mini-spell is off when Ekmê is played.
x When he takes the control, the strenght of the body is exacerbated, because of Ekmê's self-confidence. Serbek is hesitating too much and thinks he has nothing of a fighter, that is why he is less "powerful" than Ekmê.

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This is a CSS test blog.

This is a CSS test blog. Please do not comment.

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This is a CSS test blog.

This is a CSS test blog. Please do not comment.