Photo blog~ Animals, dinos & maybe more

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Just realized apparently I like photography :3 So yes, I'll be uploading my photos in this thread. Mostly animals, plants and stuff.
I wanted to share these since long ago and never did Laughing out loud until now!
My camera is kind of old and not very good ._. but still. I hope someone enjoys these~


This post is mostly bird time, here we go

This peacock is at the uni where I go. I watched him growing up :3 he's so handsome now

These are from other place


More ducks

This guy was so cute


Guess what? More ducks 8D

I love these mountains ;_; STOP BUILDING IN THE MOUNTAINS

Also have some dinos

Aladar is that you

I have more (I have a lot of deer photos too) but I'll upload them later so this doesn't look too cluttered.

I hope they're not too big e_e I'll edit them if they are, don't kill me D;
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omg ;-; so cuties

omg ;-; so cuties <3

Art by viktes <3

Gorgeous photos!

Gorgeous photos!

Sig: Aihnna

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Thank you guys! ;u; I'm glad

Thank you guys! ;u; I'm glad you like them!
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Gosh, there are some really

Gosh, there are some really beautiful pictures, and I love the duckies.~

These could make pretty good

These could make pretty good references! May I draw them some day?
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Thank you, thank you

Thank you, thank you <3
Yes, you can use them as references if you want 8'D
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What wonderful photos! I love

What wonderful photos! I love dinosaur skeletons. I can't get into the dinosaur museum, and your photos are just like a balm to the soul.
Very cool! Thank you for sharing your photos! Smiling