Character Designs [23/08/2013 Reworked images, no new content]

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August 9th 2013
From separate blog:
Crappy title, but whatever. Anyway, ANOTHER picture of Sammy for more background practice. Again, happy with somethings, not with other.

Edit: I forgot to add (I meant to yesterday when I posted) that I wasn't planning on sharing this piece, but as I clocked up loads of hours on this, I thought it deserved to be put somewhere.

Click for larger image. (it's very large, like 1600px in height)

July 31st 2013

Sammy, maskless, during a serene, isolated moment on his home planet. I imagine he's finding some peace after a rough day.
Mainly for background practice, although I think it turned out alright. Some parts I'm not happy with, (like his face) other parts I am (like the sky). Click for larger image.

July 30th 2013

Just something thrown together recently. A couple of images of the character that I intend to be introducing into the forest.

  • So far, what I know - because he only became a character after doodling him - is that his name is Sammy, and he is an alien. (Sammy is actually just a nickname he was given on this planet, because his alien name is long and weird.)
  • That mask he's wearing is from his tribal background, although I've yet to decide exactly how that works - maybe in his culture it was social convention to wear the mask in front of people, like wearing clothes is for humans? I don't quite know.
  • Underneath the mask his skin is deathly pale, and his eyes are black.with red pupils.
  • The brown antennae are very sensitive and can pick up movements in the air, useful for noticing predators.
  • I didn't actually realise they'd be transparent, but I think I can make it work. I'm thinking as I type here: his fur glows a cyan colour in the dark and is grey in the day, because the planet where he's from is very James Cameron's Avatar-esque.
  • Current set ideas are butterfly antlers, the noh mask and grey pelt. I'm open for other suggestions though.
  • Oh, and he has a very floofy butt!
That's it for now.

I've yet to decide on a personality yet (apart from maybe a nervous twitch) so feel free to throw any ideas at me, even if it's just the first word to come to mind Smiling
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Floofy butt x3 Cute little

Floofy butt x3

Cute little guy!
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*staples myself to his

*staples myself to his butt*

Ok I am staying here until he gets a bio so I can throw a certain character at him BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE HE'D GET ALONG SO WELL WITH ONE OF THEM HGNGHJHNH


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Dapper Heh, thank you! His

Dapper Heh, thank you! His floofy butt is my favourite part. Is that a bit weird? :L

Jacklo You can't staple yourself to him! How's he gonna move? :U You've got me excited for this character now oh my. And as for his biography... That could be a while ;___; a day or two at most I think? AND ALSO THANK YOU <3
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Whsipers no he is

Whsipers no he is stabpled.

ALSO i should stop being hyper and actually start being helpful so here are some traits I thought of while looking at him;

Adventurous - Playful - Average Intelligence - Curious - Welcoming - Over-all Friendly - None confrontational - Submissive - Passive - Placid - Unusual - Eccentric - Easily amused.


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I love him!!!! Kío is an

I love him!!!!
Kío is an alien deer too!! I hope they'll meet each other in the forest (:
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UPDATE! 31/07/2013 Jacklo

UPDATE! 31/07/2013

Jacklo eee you're the best! I agree with most of those actually, although I'm not sure he's quite as playful as one may imagine him. We'll have to see, because I'm still in two (or three or four) minds about him :L

HolyMaria Oh awesome, I can't wait to meet her ^^