fiacre; I saw a ghost, I think it was me.

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Fiacre Aurelius Raucher.

25 years old.
TEF deer with hints of horse-like ancestry.
Ram antlers, antelope pelt, no mask.
Dun colored base pelt, with sections of vitiligo-esque darker brown and a line of black down his back. Caramel colored skeleton markings akin to the DotD pelt. Human faced; see his for references. Has a black mane in place of his hair running most of the way down his spine. Antlers are large and ram-shaped, but with spine-like protrusions along them. Bears quills like his mother sprouting from his shoulders.
Approximately the size and build of #13.

Imaginative, curious, skilled.
Prickly, self-serving, introverted.
Uncertain about family and most strangers, having had few lasting connections due to misfortune.
Tends to drive most would-be friends off with his mannerisms.
Followed by a bad fate, or so he figures.
Fond of animals.

Born with his brother Artios Oibalos Raucher
to the flower and the flame

Fell through a portal only a few days after his birth 6 years prior.
Spent the interim lost and wandering in other worlds, looking for a way back and growing up; considers himself a worldtreader.
Destabilized in space, in part due to his heritage but also thanks to early exposure to strong magic. Often finds himself lost once more.
In his time wandering, picked up many useful skills--including a subset of healing and blessing based upon enchanting blood.
Works as a mercenary and may be hired by various means.


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hey am i late

hey am i late
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Only about as late as I

Only about as late as I am...

Speaking of, thanks for tracking, Mauv! I'm only 6 years late.
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:* it's okay I forgive Shoot

:* it's okay I forgive

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