Looks pretty pink to me [RED]

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"You're too slow big kitty!"
I can already feel it, I suck at updates.


Has been hanging out left-and-right. Still quite puzzled about the whole ordeal. Met Ross, flirted with Ross, it became a fun triangle with Leto. Tries to keep his nose out of things a bit more, but his nose is so long.

A few days ago, found a little circle of deer. Promptly joined. Saw many faces, so many DIFFERENT faces. Some huge, some small, cervine, feline, canine. Diverse for sure.
Suddenly there was a bit of confusion and everyone got up to stare. Grew bold when his neighbour (Ien) gave him a prod. Ran around wapping random people on their ass, since he'd now figured this is socially acceptable behaivor? Anyway, seemed well recieved, enjoyed playing around and greeting everyone in close distance. Had fun! Met Amun and Syo.


Found himself in the forest after being brought here by Leto. Hiding from some attempt on his life in Emnes, didn't exactly expect this when Leto had an "idea". Didn't expect the whole dog thing either.

Watched some strange figures, though well aware he's a strange figure himself. Watched a very creepy looking white doe in the distance (Idris), greeted some giant stag and his companion (Niklaus and, I'm sorry, I forgot ;_;), was warned by Leto after that. He might find himself eaten this way. Shrugged at that. But Leto promised he'd teach him how to bite back, which Red liked the sound of well enough (maybe not the way Leto meant that tho, Red...)

Was brought to some sunny spot next to a tree, and the next thing he realized he was being charged at by the same big bull from before!! Like, do I now need a place to hide, from my hiding place??? Ran, mostly hiding behind trees and strangers, as Leto went after the stag. Got a bit more hesistant in running right at strangers after that, mostly following Leto who got into a few more scraps defending others.

Watched the.. Monsters? leave, followed by some other deer. Confused, why follow?? Later when they found the bull dead, watched those same deer rip at the corpse.

Ah! That's why! This forest is fucking freaky!!

Went to sit down somewhere with Leto and Zero, pretending to be protective about Zero so he can hug him like a plush animal, Sigh. Side-eying Leto for bringing him into this horror-fest.

Left alone with Zero for a while, until two.. Dinosaurs? Approached him. One was enormous. Played with the little one to appease the monster. Having a stroke or something.


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First comment is mine,

First comment is mine, tracking. C8

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Eee! Will be interesting to

Eee! Will be interesting to see how this guy is. Also, trees on heads = <3

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Gone a few weeks and WHOOSH

Gone a few weeks and WHOOSH NEW BLOKE.
Love how he looks!

So that's who adopted this

So that's who adopted this lovely boy. Always loved his design, and I'm glad he found a player. (:
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MEES &hearts;

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he's lovely. &hearts;

he's lovely. ♥
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I’m a big fan of albino

I’m a big fan of albino characters and he’s just such an interesting mix of their enchanting qualities.

Looking forward to seeing where this guy goes. ^^

Also, this bio is of course amazing.
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Flatsoda: Uh congrats?

Uh congrats? ;_;’

Hope so! Yes haha, trees on heads! XD

You know me, I don’t sit still ;D
I have a lot to thank Heartstrings and Ap for for his looks!

It was mee! I’m normally not really an adoptables-type, but I saw this one and fell in love.



Glad you think so ^^

Ah I’m not even sure if he is albino! But he does really look like it huh? XD But with black hooves and a pink butt I wonder if it isn’t just his coloration.. PINK
Thanks ^^ It’s sort of simple now I guess, me using this type of layout again but I like it so whatever.

EEEEEE. I love his design.

EEEEEE. I love his design. And yes, this bio layout = love. ;ooo;
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Heeeeeey I will stalking

Heeeeeey Laughing out loud I will stalking here :}
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Definitely looks interesting.

Definitely looks interesting. Track.
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he's such a neat little guy.

he's such a neat little guy.
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Wow, track!

Wow, track!
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/trackalack. wonderful. :]

wonderful. :]

This css is wonderful. And

This css is wonderful. And him face too (:

Sorry double

Sorry double
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Dogtag: Haha! Thanks! If I

Haha! Thanks! If I keep using this layout people will get sick of it I promise.

Ah you scary stalker!

Hope so! ^^

I’m glad you like him! ♥

Hi? XD

Thank you!

I did my best on both! XD
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*plops down here* :B

*plops down here* :B

ooh definite track.

ooh definite track. <3 he's lovely!
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Hmm,I like your new deer very

Hmm,I like your new deer very much so.
-tracking <3

Wat a loveley name. Ye, and

Wat a loveley name.
Ye, and wat a loveley bio and design.
ye, very very loveley. ♥

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Well, you already know what I

Well, you already know what I think about this guy. And, again, I'd love to see him around sometime! xD
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Red <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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also welcome to the hoard
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&hearts; love it

♥ love it
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stalkin the f outta this

stalkin the f outta this
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The design and everything

The design and everything about this character is just so good and beautiful!
I hope to get a chance to meet them someday. ♥
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Aaa thanks everyone! :"D

Aaa thanks everyone! :"D

Makki: You're too kind!! We'll be looking out for your characters no worries >8D