The Time Keeper's Log; Ezra

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27.12.21 - The return & rebirth in the forest.

29.07.14 - Present - In the human world watching over and protecting Fenyal. Plans to take a trip back to the forest with him sometime soon.

05.07.14 - Just wrote an update but it died//SOBB//so has bullet points because player is too lazy to write again.
- Hung around the forest for longer then expected and became acquainted with a doe (Nika) enjoyed her tranquil company and conversing with. Found her pretty interesting.
- Sniffed out Lilu a few days later, she was surrounded by a make shift nest of sorts. It then dawned on him that the birthing would be soon, any day now in fact. Stayed close mainly out of curiosity, wanted to see what the demoness dear 'offspring' would look like.
- She then went into labour and the awkward staring ensued, kept distance, he couldn't offer any help or advice to the situation after all. The little critter then popped out, Ezra was a little disappointed, looked like a regular forest fawn to him.
- Allowed some space when Mr. Blake arrived, they needed to do the mushy family stuff.

22.06.14 - (Late update because the player is a lameo.) Re-entered the forest on a whim after having an argument back at the tower with Reve. Wanted to walk it off, Fenyal had a 'surprise' for him later that night after all and he had to burn off some steam before then. Was greeted as usual, by a peaceful and uneventful forest. Ezra then thought it'd be a good idea to take his anger out at the ruins, not much has changed there. It made him feel a little better even if he was still plagued by varying thoughts. Moved off from the ruins and was found by a very fat Lilu. Shocked to see her so large and awkwardly stared, didn't say anything...was pretty lost for words. The pending doom of unclehood was fast approaching.

08.04.14 - A month on and not much has changed, the ones who attacked Fen remain anonymous, though the keeper hasn't made much effort in looking for the culprits. He was successful, however, in the removal of a certain spell carved into Fen's skin and is proudly smug about it. The whole experience took a while unfortunately, seeking out a feral halfling for the translations only to be confused by her lack of English. Ugh. Ended up gathering a different being for the translation, not to keen on the idea of having so many faces within his tower.

Previous Updates

07.03.14 - Returned to the human world to look after Fenyal, felt more content if he was there watching over him, wasn't convinced it was entirely safe due to recent events.

02.03.14 - Had an eventful time in the forest, first finding a Lionel and then being found by Lilu, who he hadn't seen in some time. But she of course smelt the same way...stinky, confusing, blergh, whatever'd and shook it off. Was soon told by the female that he'd be a uncle of sorts, she was pregnant. Couldn't say he was all that surprised but turned his nose up at the term 'uncle' he hadn't agreed to that, why would he? Proceeded to question her why exactly she needed or wanted children but didn't really get a straight answer.

26.02.14 - Returned to the forest alone this time, having previously tended to Fen and his new wounds he somehow got in the forest, felt infuriated, even though it was the halfling's fault for going back there alone. Desperately wanted to know who the bastards were but chose to do his own digging for now, whilst trying to keep the halfling safe in his home in the human world. Wandered around the damp forest, wasn't quite sure what he was looking for, then a Lionel appeared, he was quick to check him over and balled right down to it. Asked if he had seen or heard anything, he hadn't and quickly hushed him over the subject, he didn't want to bring him into this.


Titles:The time keeper, The observer, The enigma
Gender:bull ♂
Species:the keeper/being of time.
Size: X
Scent musk, pheromones, damp moss and foliage.

Speech #4E5E87
Treasures a necklace from Lionel.


Reference Sheet
zombie skull | kabuki mask, beluga pelt, default antlers | swan antlers.

The mask - Fused onto the stags humanoid face the mask is very much a part of him. Elongated and warped, the mask still retains the same markings as his human counterpart. The long jaws cage three rows of oblique teeth and a few canine, (one row on the top and two on the bottom jaw) designed for tearing and severing flesh. It also seems to concentrate the keepers power to a certain extent with in the forest.

The eyes - Two eyes of piercing blue both seemingly without a pupil. A calm, content look always on the stags face.

The body - A lean, heavily built body covered by a silk navy coat, which buffers on occasion. A deep chest is exaggerated by a free mane, one that is always in movement, glitching, loading. The rest of the fur is medium - short in length. One prominent scar is visible on the stags chest, few others are hidden by the thick fur.

The antlers - Often not on show due to the stags confident/unfazed nature, the twisted twines he calls antlers are not often required. Instead they reside in the whisps around his head. The heavy atonement can be easily summoned when necessary however.


somewhat melancholic - complex - stubborn - dominant - protective - dense at times - impulsive - wise - curious - private - hypocrite -proud - dull - firm - abrupt - smug - philosopher - blunt - conflicted- driven


A philosophical thinker, Ezra views himself highly in terms of reality, existence, knowledge, values, and the mind. He takes great pride from all of the broad knowledge he as seized, the stag values knowledge above all else, forever yearning after something more remarkable and absolute than the previous. Anything that can further his knowledge or satisfy his curiosity will be hounded ruthlessly to no end.

A keen observer, Ezra's social skills are something unique and....well odd. He can be seen lurking not too far from large gatherings of deer and the like, or just the odd solo creature pondering about. Ezra's not one to normally initiate a conversation and is more of a silent bystander; the stag has trouble with even the simplest conversations and relations. He doesn't really understand the concept quite yet and has found interactions with the talkative deer in the forest difficult to say the least, since he lead an incredibly solitary life beforehand. Because of this he often comes across as pretty dull to most.

The creature is driven by a thirst for wisdom and power. Curious by nature he observes others daily and has done since origin. Always silently watching, watching as those around him go about their busy day to day lives.


- Has great trouble sympathizing with others; Any 'advice' can seem pretty cold and blunt.
- Seeks out the unusual and may stalk for long periods; Will watch groups of deer and observe their social and psychical interactions.
- Thrives on growing intellect; Has a thirst for knowledge and power. Always willing to learn new things.
- Can manipulate/watch time; freeze; skip; forward; etc. - Though his powers are pretty much rendered useless within the forest; possibly due to the mask the twin gods had fused onto him. Or their ruling over the forest.
- The stag's body has a mind of it's own namely the mane, always in movement, buffering, glitching, loading.
- Origin is unknown, is believe to always have existed and always watched. He is mainly based in the human realm and can reach the human world at any given time.
- Pretty indifferent to others rubbing against him/most psychical contact.
- Doesn't need to eat nor sleep; first food tasted was ice-cream given to him by Fen in the human world.
- He's fairly placid and somewhat difficult to enrage.
- Incredibly dense when it comes to 'friends' & 'romance';
- Odds are; if he doesn't know how to respond or reply to a question or a comment he'll change the subject or just ignore it.
- Strong growing hatred for fawns, finds their very existence pointless. Will often just ignore them.
- Doesn't engage in play or romp with strangers; Though when play is ensued it is often more of a wrestling match...involving shoves, nips, tackles, teasing, chase, antlers etc. This behavior is a big part of 'bonding'.
- Seems to be drawn to albinos. Yep.
- Will often take out any frustration or pent up anger on any nearby trees, or the ruin wall. Likes to nom them trees though.
- Has difficulty regarding any relation, can't keep or possibly 'handle' them. May distance self from certain individuals for periods of a time.




FenyalHis. Bratty, selfish, needy, paranoid, insecure? ; I need to rewrite all of thisss

Little Goat Fragile, playful, feral?; First intrigued by Little Goat's brilliant white coat. He bonded with her quickly and after discovering her fragile state became protective of. Feels pretty comfortable around.

Name Description


Lionel Scatty, nervous, awkward, means well? soft-hearted, sympathetic; A worrisome buck he ran into once and hasn't been able to shake off since. Finds everything about him confusing, but enjoys their 'conversations', surprised that the buck hasn't got bored of him yet. Dominant towards and would call a friend if he knew what one was.
Lilitu Confusion, cunning, hidden motives? fickle; An odd smelling creature that frustrates and confuses him, yet is content in her company. Curious of 'her' origins and what business 'she' holds in the forest. Dominant towards and would label 'her' an ally or 'friend.'
Name Description


Rhea Processing...Scatty, bold, amusing; Wishes to get to know. - Missing?
Berlioz Playful, naive; Intrigued by his odd face and bouncy nature. Not sure what to make of him just yet, likes his company none the less. - Missing?
Dhé Gentle, silent, comforting; Highly curious of the odd looking creature. Drawn to it's silent being. - Missing?
Leander (Lan) Processing...Arrogant, strong, irritating, superiority complex?; Met the demon in the human world as he attempted to 'steal back Fen' Finds him pretty amusing but also irritating, eager to dismantle. Curious about his goals and the power he has, taken a somewhat 'unhealthy' interest in and will keep his eye on.
Asriel Processig...Excitable, sarcastic, bold;


Name Description
Name Description


Thais, Reed, Fletcher, Umay, Last'vel, Nii, Ambrose, Lethe, Mr. Blake, Heine, Gwendolyn, Nika







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Tracking. c: What a beautiful

Tracking. c: What a beautiful creature.
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Thank you very much! QAQ

Thank you very much! QAQ <33 i'm glad you like him!
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He's absolutely gorgeous

He's absolutely gorgeous <333333 Is it okay if I draw him sometime? Smiling) ahhh also... how in the world do I track ; ; hahaha
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omg QAQ Thank you so very

omg QAQ Thank you so very much! I'd be honored if you drew him ; AA ;;asdfghjk you're too kind;;/
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you're welcome! ; v ; hahaha i'm glad i explained it okay! <3333 ; v ;asdfgjh
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It's okay! ;7 ; <333
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Loving your characters

Loving your characters design,he's a pretty cool guy <3

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@wingeddeer: Thank you ever

@wingeddeer: Thank you ever so much!! Q v Q <3 i'm glad you like him!
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i very much love his design

i very much love his design ;o; such a handsome fella.
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@Djavu: Thanks so much! ; v

@Djavu: Thanks so much! ; v ;;; <333
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wow amazing design i love

wow amazing design Smiling
i love his hair Laughing out loud even the art at the top of the bio looks amazing Sticking out tongue
track <3

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@jookie202: Thank you very

@jookie202: Thank you very much! That's very kind of you to say! ; u ; <333
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ugh my jump button haha xD
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can my deer Dahlia rp with

can my deer Dahlia rp with him? she has an interaction blog if you are interested Smiling she needs to know some deer since she's new to the forest Smiling

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@Djavu: hahah xDD It made me

@Djavu: hahah xDD It made me laugh!
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@Echosong: Thank you! ; Q ;

@Echosong: Thank you! ; Q ; <333
@jookie202: Yes of course! I'm not the best at rping though! Haha<33;v;
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No it's ok! I have an rp

No it's ok! Smiling I have an rp blog for Dahlia I can start there Smiling

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@jookie202: Right okay! ;u ;/

@jookie202: Right okay! ;u ;/
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@Axessa: ; v ;

@Axessa: ; v ; <3333

he's really handsome &hearts;

he's really handsome ♥
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@Dinamo: Thank you very

@Dinamo: Thank you very much!;v; i'm glad you think so;
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This seems interesting, I'll

This seems interesting, I'll place a track here. B< And oh god, he is so handsome. 8|


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I've been interested in this

I've been interested in this guy for a while now.
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@Kohva: adsfgghj thanks so much! ; QQ ; i'm glad you find him interesting haah;7;<333
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@1Antidote: wow, thanks very

@1Antidote: wow, thanks very much mbnnmjghj <33 ; I'm glad you like him!

Tracking, he's very handsome.

Tracking, he's very handsome. (:
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@kikistar2: Thank you very much! ; u ; <333


o: <3 I'd love to meet this guy. He's gorgeous.
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@Tornpaw: Thank you! ; u ;

@Tornpaw: Thank you! ; u ; <33 i'm glad you think so;

Okay, I'm done here... *runs

Okay, I'm done here... *runs away happily*
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@Samael: LMAAOO ohmygosh what

@Samael: LMAAOO ohmygosh what is that/ppfff <3333
Also i'm sorry about before! My computer overheated and died for a bit ;;

Do you mind if I start an rp

Do you mind if I start an rp here? ;o
I've never met him in-game but whatever! :'D
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@Tornpaw: <3 Sure! that'd be awesome c:
/ haha it's okay! I'm not the best at rping though ;v;
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Oooh, interesting OC.

Oooh, interesting OC.
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@Zergarikiaka: Thanks very much!; v ;
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About time I tracked this ♥
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Ooo, what a handsome

Ooo, what a handsome character you have there.