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- This bio may in the future - as and when my deer ages and matures - at times contain strong language and violence, as well as mild gore.

- It may contain material sensitive to certain viewers. Not for the easily offended.

* A reminder that no matter what is listed here, this deer is strictly in character unless otherwise stated *


"It is nice to see you again."

Feeling . content, happy

Recently . came across Herla in the Glade . tentatively greeted her, did not want to intrude on her home . is secretly very proud of how he's grown . asked her to sit with him awhile as she was alone, and ended up moving over to sit a respectful distance away .

. is sitting with Herla, Paxnox, and a couple of other deer . isn't bothered by the rain .

. met a deer(default pelt, antlers, mask) that said hello to him, and nuzzled him . the deer moo'd in his face and he ran away . the deer kept following him, moo'ing at him and rearing at him, suffered scratches, cuts, and bruises . has a gash on his left hind leg inflicted by grasses whipping him as he fled . looked for Nix or Luke or Sage, could not find anyone . seeking comfort . right front leg is sprained, has a limp and is out of breath . is now sitting by the crying idol, half-asleep but watchful . is sitting by Tombur, has fallen asleep at last .


. took a nap by the crying idol, was joined by Awentia .


. said hello to Johan and another fawn, felt lightheaded and left the others to sit by a tree . curled up next to Herla, was joined by Angel and Nix .

. approached Herla, Gehirn, Leto, Johan, and a couple others. was lured in closer by a dance line that was in-progress. hopped around with Leto, Johan, and Trae . tired quickly and entered the ruins to lay in a patch of flowers . heard a loud noise and backed away quickly from it's source(was a skull-masked deer's moo), fell asleep next to Sonne .

. woke up and was startled by a stray bird, tried to run off, stumbled and fell, layed down by a tree to rest. got up soon after and mau'ed, curled up by a deer with dotd pelt and candles on their antlers .

Growth Log

Week I
- Born Saturday, March 31st.
- Learning to walk more steadily each day.
- Clingy to most welcoming deer, natural need to replace a maternal figure.
- Will spend the day alone when feeling safe due to lack of scent.
- Will also certainly flee to find company however at night.

Week VI
-Becoming more curious by the day
-Is still very clingy to friendly deer
-Starting to be more cautious, runs away when startled or scared
-needs lots of sleep, is worn out easily

Week XCV
-his calls always mean something, sometimes his bellow is a goodbye, or him asking if a specific deer is alright, other times it is meant to bring a deer to him
-is now fully grown, and mentally mature

Name . Denali
Sex . stag
Species . red deer
Age . young adult
Size Ref . [ 5 ]
Status . mateless
Orientation . heterosexual
Scent . cinnamon with a hint of pine .
Speech . none as of yet .
Sounds . cry
Set . Fan pelt - Default antlers with poppies -
Personality . possessive . clingy . trusting . naive . playful . gentle . kindhearted . defender of does . distant . amiable . friendly .

Denali is a character and his thoughts / actions do not represent those of his player.

Top (fawn) art by Xemi. Adult art by Ickydog.
Layout and colour scheme originally drafted by Xemi.
Original CSS by Unplugged, Shamiya, and Iskalo.
Size chart by Apeldille. Thank you all very much! <3

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*intrested* I was not here


I was not here

. ohai there c: I would have

. ohai there c:

I would have Denny here say hi to you to but he's a bit young for speaking yet.
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Track <3
I'm glad to see that the CSS seems to be working well for you now.

Thanks for the track! c: And

Thanks for the track! c: And I'm glad too I was able to get it working. Not sure how I got it to work, but it is. xD;;
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Eeeeee ._. Can we keep him?

Eeeeee ._.

Can we keep him? DX -snuggle-

not the floofer! anything

not the floofer!
anything but the floofer! /flails

(pssst, he's at the ruins if you wanna cuddle him)
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The floofer? What did I do?!

The floofer? What did I do?! I'M SORRY.
Or am I? o.o

My doe Sonne is already cuddling him XD She's the mini with the striped pelt

I meant you can't keep him.

I meant you can't keep him. >:C

ohhh I see. While I'm at it I might as well mention I'm a bit braindead from two exams today...
To explain a bit, he was sleeping when he heard a loud moo from another deer(maybe a skull-masked one?) and it startled him. He wasn't quite sure if it came from Sonne, or a different deer, but Denny was upset over it. Seeing how fast he got over it, though, kind of shows how he has the attention span of a goldfish. x)
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Aww, this little guy was

Aww, this little guy was pretty cute today. ^^

That other mini fawn that was dancing with us was was Trae.

Thanks. c: Johan and Leto are

Thanks. c:
Johan and Leto are adorable! I'm sorry Denali had to leave, he has no stamina whatsoever, and was about to collapse on the spot from running around. :'D

Pretty sure it's illegal to

Pretty sure it's illegal to be that cute. xD

ohyes. Just makes it more

ohyes. Just makes it more fun. /ninjadennycreepsin

Thanks for the track. c:
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Eeee tracking! &hearts;

Eeee tracking! ♥

Thanks. ^^ I was wondering if

Thanks. ^^
I was wondering if you saw this? /shamelessbump
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Oh no I didn't! Thanks for

Oh no I didn't! Thanks for linking me; I'll wip up a reply as soon as I can ^^♥

np~ c: I didn't want to be

np~ c: I didn't want to be rude and bump it to soon, but it dissapeared from the first page of recent posts pretty fast.
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whatever this looks like,

whatever this looks like, it's not a track, and I definitely DO NOT love this little fawn c:
This land is made of love and peace!

Awww, such a cutie!

Awww, such a cutie! <3 ~Track~ Really hope to see this little guy around.

Thanks. ^_^

Thanks. ^_^
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I think my Awentia is sitting

I think my Awentia is sitting with him.She loves fawns lol.

Yes, I believe she is. Thanks

Yes, I believe she is. Thanks for keeping him company. ♥ He was just taking a little nap by the Crying Idol statue because when you're a fawn you can't get enough sleep.
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Anytime. <3 She might seek him out at times in forest.Lol yes,very true. It's nice meeting you and your fawn.^^

It's nice meeting you and

It's nice meeting you and Awentia, too. ^_^ And I see Awentia likes Ozzie? I haven't personally interacted with him because I adopted Denali from Xemi recently, but apparently Denali likes being around him. :'D
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Likewise <3 Yes,very much so.In fact they're mates now I believe.Smiling
I can see why,Ozzie is quite a fun guy.8D

Congratulations! ^^ And I

Congratulations! ^^ And I hope Denny and I will see Awentia and Ozzie in the Forest sometime soon again.
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Tracktracktrack have you


have you seen my new fawn :3 Vesas

I made a normal faced fawn, though he isn't as curious and daring as Orin XD
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track &hearts; Your mini fawn

track ♥
Your mini fawn is too cute. I'm the mini next to you. :b

Thanks again for sitting with

Thanks again for sitting with him. ♥

And thanks for the track, Orinoco. (:
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Tracking~ He's adorable

Tracking~ He's adorable c:
Tombur's turning into quite the babysitter lately, it seems XD

Yes, I suppose so. ^_^ I'd

Yes, I suppose so. ^_^ I'd just like to thank you and Tombur for sitting with him. Even though he was being pretty boring...

bumping for updates~

bumping for updates~

May I add Denali to Cecelia's

May I add Denali to Cecelia's relations? Nothing extreme, just 'curious of'. Was wondering because you did a short roleplay with me using him. I would be very grateful. <3

Sure. ^^ It was nice

Sure. ^^ It was nice roleplaying together, but for the moment my muse has been elsewhere. :b

No worries at all, thank you

No worries at all, thank you for jumping in. :3 I enjoyed it and hope we can roleplay again soon.

denny's all grown up now~

denny's all grown up now~
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Mmm,handsome buck

Mmm,handsome buck <3

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Herla was thoroughly confused

Herla was thoroughly confused who this big deer was that came up and acted like they knew her. Took a while to figure that one out! He looks great, love the new picture. ^^

Thanks! c: Yes, and Denali

Thanks! c:
Yes, and Denali was mostly focusing on not squishing Herla with his being a fluffbutt whale and all. >>
He thought it would be impolite to intrude on the flower patch, so he kept asking her to sit with him as he gradually scooted closer. xD

{e} Maybe sometime we could do a roleplay with Herla and Denali. ^^
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Aww, he was very courteous,

Aww, he was very courteous, we definitely appreciate that. That goes a long way with Herla, respecting her boundaries and not pushing her when she's uncertain. Bonus points for Denali. She's feeling a bit silly now not recognizing him right off. (Though I do admit it's surprising to see he is moose sized when I thought he was a Red Deer?)

And of course, that would be great to RP. ^^

He's on steroids? >D

He's on steroids? >D

Actually I'm not sure why I put his size up like that, I suppose he just doesn't seem like that size would fit him? (:
I suspected she didn't recognize him, after all he has changed a lot, and it's been a while since he's been around her. c:
As a little explanation, he saw her run off, and called after her just in case something was wrong(he's quite the one to worry over small things), and wanted to ask Herla's permission to greet Johan when the opportunity arose. It's almost like...I could feel his descomfort at the prospect of going right up to Johan in the presence of Herla. Maybe this leaked through from me after I've read about her feelings about Quadda, but it was nice being able to be more in-character than usual. (: Would you like to start the roleplay?
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Lol, darn ‘roids! Yes, sorry

Lol, darn ‘roids!

Yes, sorry Herla bolted off suddenly, she went to fetch Johan. Turns out he’d found a pack of fawns so she stayed to let him play. She did try to introduce Johan to Denali when he arrived though.

Hmmm, I have to admit it’s very difficult for me to just start an RP without some sort of in forest event to base it on and my muse is being fickle. But if you had something firmer in mind please feel free to proceed.

I told him steroids are bad

I told him steroids are bad but he didn't listen. >83 Or did I?
Hmm...muse is annoying like that. Perhaps could we roleplay Denny and Herla's meeting today?
Also, that last moo was a sort of goodbye, he didn't want to interrupt, and I don't like moo'ing in people's faces so I made do with that. His bellows are usually for a purpose like that. :'D
And I think Jo and him have met once or twice when Denali was little...I didn't think Johan would recognize him, but I was hoping to give it a bit and see.

The red deer walked through the trees towards Herla's Glade. Denali hadn't seen the doe in a very long time, since he was a fawn, a little one compared to his adult size. He hoped the medicine doe would recognize him, he had changed much when he matured.
Denali drew closer, unsure of what his reception would be.

Eep! They grow up so fast!

Eep! They grow up so fast! <3 Hehe. Such a handsome boy.

Thanks. ^_^

Thanks. ^_^


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I love the design Tracckkkk

I love the design Smiling

Tracckkkk Smiling
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