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Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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Beautiful >

Beautiful ><

thank you.

thank you.
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auugh. gorgeouss.

auugh. gorgeouss.
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Wow, this is nice.

Wow, this is nice. <3



thank you!

thank you!
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ahh that's gorgeous.

ahh that's gorgeous.
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I really like this. &hearts;

I really like this. ♥

you two are very sweet, thank

you two are very sweet, thank you. ♥
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[ Feel free to ignore this if

[ Feel free to ignore this if you'd prefer not to have interactions here, but I couldn't resist. <3 ]

".. S-so.. my name's Daikon." What else was supposed to be included in an introduction? A bow.. no, he had done that. The traditional exchange of sniffing.. he had also done that. Oh, that's right, he had forgotten one other little question;
"What's your name?" The questions came out in nervous rushes, poorly planned and poorly worded. He was still a little shaken up from last night, but tried not to let it show too much. He had been curious about this doe for a little while now and - though he would not admit it - felt a small amount of accomplishment in being able to merely sit near her. A verbal response would have only been the cherry on top.

{ &hearts;! apologies, i'm a

{ ♥! apologies, i'm a bit rusty at this. }

Gold-flecked eyes moved beneath their heavily lashed lids, they were wide and cautious. They watched every little movement the male made, reading every little twitch and shift his body did as he settled down close by, inviting her to sit as well. She obliged to the seemingly harmless gesture but remained ever so vigilant.

She had seen him quite a bit around the forest amidst her many wanderings. She recalled the first time she had spotted him when he had given her somewhat of a startle but she would have been lying to herself if she thought she hadn't been intrigued by the young buck. Still, she kept her distance.

And then there was a stutter, an introduction quickly followed by a question. The doe's nostrils flared and mentally she debated on wether sharing such information with the stranger. But..was there really much he could do with her name? The nervous tone of his voice had not gone unnoticed and he seemed non threatening enough..

"Indi." she spoke finally. "You seem..on edge."

The gold and tan doe was not the socially inclined sort but this was her trying to be engaging.
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[ Oh no worries

[ Oh no worries <3 you're still much better than myself, rusty or not xD ]

The young buck regarded her with a wavering sense of curiosity and wariness. She had been that lingering little mystery in the back of his mind since he'd seen her the first time, and now, here they were, trying to engage in small talk. Was she afraid of him, or merely alert? He had always wanted to be a big, strong figure in a crowd - in spite of being far from that - but never had he hoped to be feared by his own kind for any reason.

"Oh.. well.. I guess that's because you seem on edge too." It had been that way for a while now. The tension lingering around the two would have normally made him restless and intolerant, and he would have moved on to someone or something else if not for the high intrigue Indi had awoken in him. A mixture of excitement and nervousness lodged his heart in his throat. This was certainly some sort of success in his books.

"It's nice to meet you though. Is everything okay? I hope you're not offended by this, but you always seem so alert whenever I see you. Are you looking out for something?" Perhaps a predator? That was the first thing that came to mind. These last few days, after a few unfortunate encounters with North, he couldn't blame her if she happened to be in a similar situation. He now knew firsthand what it felt like to need to be constantly paranoid.

His next inquiry had caused a

His next inquiry had caused a brow to rise. She briefly wondered if she was really that obvious..but then again, she never truly tried to cover up her unease around others. Even now, her muscles were tense and twitched at any nearby sound. It wasn't like she feared anyone, quite the opposite. However, she did regard everyone as potential threats. She wasn't a feeble doe by any means, but there were much larger creatures that inhabited this forest. It was simply instinct that made her so wary; survival of the fittest..and whatnot.

"No..well, not something specifically." Indi replied. "It's always best to be on your guard at all times. Unwise to trust anything." she added darkly as she eyed him almost suspciously. But the look soon dispersed and she let out a soft breath before allowing a small sliver of a smile to cross her lips, "But's nice to finally meet you as well, Daikon."
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For a few short moments, a

For a few short moments, a somewhat offended look crossed his face; bordering a childish pout, the tendencies of which still lingered in him. They popped up every so often, and the thought that the doe was skeptical of him roused feelings of utter displeasure. Then, on the other hand, the more reasonable side of him decided that she must have had her reasons to be so distrusting of others. Questions that would have sprouted from that strain of thought, however, were definitely not fit for a first conversation.

Some of the tension lifted from his disposition once Indi offered him a subtle smile. The expression was contagious, and he shot her a grin in return.

"Well, you don't have to believe me or anything but I don't think I'm very dangerous," Dai insisted. He wasn't dangerous yet. When he had the biggest antlers in the forest, then he would be dangerous.. but not to the does, no. Even if he didn't understand them most of the time, he knew he should be polite. He'd learned that from the best, after all.
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Couldn't help but notice your

Couldn't help but notice your young doe again. =) Hello.
This is my Zacharias you're sitting with.
I believe they've met once before when Zach was playing with Daikon, his nephew.

She seemed a little nervous back then so Zach wanted to make sure that she's alright now. =)

hey there (: aww, Zach is

hey there (:
aww, Zach is such good company!

ahh she's normally a little weird like that (although last time i'm sure she was more than a little weird since i was having touchpad issues that day.. >>; )
but she's definitely alright!
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I'm glad to hear that.

I'm glad to hear that. =)
It's nice for him to see a familiar face - despite the fact that they've only met once. ~_^

Ah, and I see. That explains some of it, then. ;D
We were a bit confused by her behaviour back then and kept wondering if she was scared of something..or us. >_>;

I see you creeping ;D

I see you creeping ;D

hehe. B)

hehe. B)


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Love <3


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Hay >u> /derp

Hay >u> /derp
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Harley loves Indi /shot

Harley loves Indi /shot

oh hello. c: INDI WANTS TO

oh hello. c:

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^ alsjdhghgj

^ alsjdhghgj
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Harley says she's just

Harley says she's just waiting to grab his ass but whatever floats her boat!


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Allu's watching closely, he's

Allu's watching closely, he's currently guarding a nest. Just so you have an explanation for his hostility.
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Her colours remind me of

Her colours remind me of India, which is possibly something you had in mind with her namesake and all. I love this.

Mauv! Thanks, i've interacted

Mauv! Thanks, i've interacted with Allu before. B)
just not with this deer..i sort of expected crazy behavior haha but thank you for letting me know.

thank you so much, i'm glad you caught that. c:

Arghhh &hearts; Bumping this

Arghhh ♥

Bumping this beautiful thing. I love this character, where you're taking her, and how well you're developing her along the way *heart*
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"Hello...and thank you, for

"Hello...and thank you, for watching over Emily."
A slight dip of the head followed his words, to reinforce his greeting and gratitude. Ears were pressed forward curiously, but he didn't make to close the distance between them, unsure if it was welcome and afraid it might be impolite.

Ohh my, she's beautiful. It's lovely to make her acquaintance~
Feel completely free to ignore the above; I just wanted to have Anj say something so he wasn't totally awkwardsilent. :')

A simple smile pulled at the

A simple smile pulled at the corners of her mouth at the stag's words and she dipped her head in a humble gesture. "No need for thank you's. It was my pleasure." she responded kindly. But she too, did not make a move to come any closer toward him. Despite the sincerity and his nonthreatening air - she would remain as alert and on guard as ever. Old habits die hard and even this little bit of distance would have usually been unnerving for the girl. However, she felt calm in the stranger's presence with his daughter settled between them.


aww, thank you so much! we enjoyed the company. c:


Track <3
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you forgot 'jerkface' ala

you forgot 'jerkface' ala harley

i'm just kidding srs

*floats away*

thank you cosmic

thank you cosmic <3

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RROFL 'AND HER BUG' fnkdfhkdn

RROFL 'AND HER BUG' fnkdfhkdn
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bug also works sobbb

bug also works sobbb

-scoots- &hearts;

-scoots- ♥

dododo, track. &hearts;

dododo, track. ♥
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Beautiful bio. /tracking.

Beautiful bio.
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adorable art by Tuoho! ♥

The Red Kudu's day had

The Red Kudu's day had started out not unlike most days, with Jokerman beginning her daily rounds through the forest, inevitably culminating in finding one or two unsavory individuals and the next couple hour's surveillance of said individuals. Although these encounters were seldom physically violent in nature, something Jo would have preferred given how... friendly your more common form of masculine forest scum tended to be towards any interested female, they sometimes tried the red doe's patience. Repeatedly. After being not just nuzzled but marked by her current pursuit before he triumphantly high-tailed it off to some other part of the forest, leaving her and the Flame Doe in his wake, Jokerman was just slowly coming to accept the fact that she had lost this round. Seldom discouraged, however, the Kudu was just contemplating the shortest route that would lead her to to reunite with her lost target, when she paused to observe the disdain with with the golden deer angrily stomped off and shook away the unwanted brush with the male who had so pointedly jumped clear over her head.

She stopped for a moment, as she usually did, to at least make sure the other doe was all right, but this time lingered after she got the bow back in response. From experience she knew, encounters such as she had had with the red male were not rare; she'd most likely find him again... and if not, well, Jo was never really that lucky, so no matter. Instead she felt obligated to acknowledge, finally, verbally, all the help that the doe had given her.

"For someone who seems to hate being pushed around and accosted by random violent strangers, you sure seem to have picked the wrong deer to follow..." It's not very funny, God, JM knows it's not very funny, but the female still poorly stifles a loud, awkward laugh at her self-made humor. This is what happens to the deer who don't receive much more than interactions with random, violent strangers. Still, she doesn't want to be ungrateful, conscious of the fact that she's already managed to offend the doe more than once, so she doesn't bluntly come out and say that this doe should leave her alone. Maybe her very existence could serve as a warning and scare her off politely. Either way, JM continues. "There's a lot better places for you, you know... I know many peaceful deer. And there's a good reason I don't hang around with them often..."
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It was begining to become a

It was begining to become a usual sighting and experience for the young doe to witness brazen characters (mostly males), throwing their weight about and generally being unpleasant. A daily ritual, it seemed. And she had her fair share of actual contact with them, much to her disgust. She had watched as the crimson kudu practically run in circles as the instigator did his very best to..well, to do what, she was uncertain. Probably something she really didn't want to know - but Jokerman - that was her name, wasn't it? she had heard it in passing from the lips of others but not from the red kudu herself, anyway..the skull-clad doe had handled him well. Better than she handled her unruly stranger from just the other day, his scent still lingered in her coat where he had roughly brushed against her. Indi nearly retched at the thought of him.

But an unfamiliar voice followed by a surprising hoarse laugh, snapped the doe from her thoughts. At first, she didn't realize it was Jokerman who spoke. Her voice was foreign - sure, Indi might have heard it in with angry words and yells from that time she fought another but..words. Words were different. And the tone of the words she said did not hold any venom.

So yes, she was surprised and quite frankly caught off guard. It was almost like a force had hit her and if it weren't for the tree at her side, perhaps she'd even stumble.

" sure seem to have picked the wrong deer to follow.."

Her words had finally set in once Indi's head was clear enough. She opened her mouth but her jaws snapped shut once again as JM continued on. The girl's ears fell back and she could already feel her temper begining to rise.

"Is this your polite way of telling me to piss off?" Indi asked, accusingly and not caring to hide it. Despite Jo's friendly and civil attempt, Indi couldn't help but feel a bit of annoyance now especially after having had multiple snorts in the face from Jo. No, she didn't feel sorry for being so obtuse - for now, anyway.

"Trust me, I've dealt with many violent strangers before.. I think I can hold my own." Her eyes narrowed, "Besides, it's not like I'm following you out of boredom. Just now, I was only making sure nothing got out of hand."

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥

"Yes, well, I tried rudely

"Yes, well, I tried rudely telling you to piss off you didn't listen so now I'm forced to resort to the polite way." Jo's tone reflects the slight smile she gives even as she snaps back at the other doe. It's not clear if she was expecting the harsh greeting, but obviously she doesn't mind it. She throws her company a sideways glance, keeping her own posture calm and non-hostile. JM was beginning to learn the value of sustained calmness, couldn't really keep the company of a bunch of rowdy, impulsive stags without having learnt that much. There was no room for such things as ego and pride in the Kudu's life anymore. And so it was that after that outburst, she quiets and listens to the orange-hued doe's reply.

"Trust me, I've dealt with many violent strangers before.. I think I can hold my own."

"I guess you have," she grants her that much easily. JM thought she could smell the scent of another male on the Flame Doe's coat, and it was not a scent she'd acquired through one of Jokerman's own poorly-judged interactions. "In fact I wonder if, maybe you're not too used to it? Conditioned to violence? Is that why you continue to seek it out?" Her gaze remains nonjudgmental, perhaps even a little empathetic with the female, and her tone softens slightly as she moves a little closer now until she was at a distance similar to what Jokerman would have allowed someone else to approach her.

"I don't know what or where you came from, ma'am. I just know I hate watching you flinch away from others. Like you know what one of them might do to you some day. I would hate myself even more if my actions caused harm to someone who isn't just sticking their nose where they don't belong, but is knowingly putting themselves in danger's path even though they know danger so well their body reacts to it every time they see it." She hesitates a moment, searching the doe's eyes for anything, be it acceptance or, more likely, indignation. Quiet to begin with, her voice falls to just above a hush now.

"If you're going to be brave, don't let it go to waste, playing fools' games with me. The forest needs deer like you. The sort of deer I interact with, they care little for selflessness."
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The topaz doe allowed the

The topaz doe allowed the snippy retort to fly past her head, only acknowledging it with a small snort. The statement could open a whole new subject that Indi simply didn't feel she needed to get into right now..besides, the conversation seemed to have already steered into a new direction.

Her slate blue eyes caught Jo's glance with a sharp look, What the kudu said had definitely struck something, but a something that would be thought more deeply about later. For now, she would keep her attention on Jo. "I could ask you the same thing." Indi responds, the obvious edge to her voice had considerably dulled down. Warily, she eyed the red doe as she closed in more distance between the two but she accepted it. However, the girl made no movement in return and continued to stay rooted in her spot.

"I may skirt around danger, yes, but I have my own reasons for that. Just know, I do not do it with naivety. And you're right - experience has taught me many lessons and I'm quick to respond to any situation. But," she paused for a moment, her eyes still fixed on Jokerman, straining to see a pair beneath her dark mask. "I've seen you and perhaps, you and I, we're not so different."

A soft breath left her lungs and her brows furrowed, not with any lingering irritation but with sincerity now. "I'm only looking out for myself and you should do the same. I don't claim to be brave, its only a technique for my own survival. So please, don't feel responsible for me.."

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥