[Idelle's Biography]

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Name: Idelle

Alias: Iddy, Dell, Iddy Biddy

Pictogram: Current Pictogram / Old Pictogram

Sex: Female

Sexuality: *Shrugs* Pansexual probs.

Species: TEF Deer. TEF Moose.

Size: Estimated #17 on Apeldille's Size Chart.

Favorite Spot: Old Oak Branch

Toyhou.se: https://toyhou.se/465984.idelle

* Biological daughter and first born child of Dinah Moon and Gustiro.
* Herbalist and minor healer.
* Is a big girl and built like a fighter thanks to her genetics even though normally she is pretty laid back and none combative. Normally takes defensive rather than offensive.
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Cutest biography.


*loves on*

Track (:

Track (:
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With overwhelming tears of

With overwhelming tears of joy, Dinah Moon lays her head next to the sleeping beauty she has longed for, for so long. Not only is the darling girl perfection in Dinah's eyes, but she symbolizes the perfect love and bond Dinah will forever feel for brand new father - Gustiro.

"So wonderful to finally meet you, Idelle." Dinah whispers in her newborn's ear.
"You're more beautiful than I ever imagined." She smiles and succombs to slumber at her baby's side.
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Already adorable!

Already adorable! <3
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"Why hello there, little

"Why hello there, little one..."

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This is so adorable I may

This is so adorable I may have to keep an eye on her.

Argghhh. &hearts;

Argghhh. ♥
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Agh I should track this too

Agh I should track this too <33
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Thank you, everyone. :

Thank you, everyone. : )

Dinah Moon,
It had been such a busy day. All the new sights, sounds, and sensations were kind of overwhelming. Learning to walk, run and jump so tiring. And simply being born was rather a big shock in it's self. The world was so big and a bit cold but there, by her mother's side, was as warm and comforting as her once hidden cove had been.
She was already fast asleep. Snug with her back against her watchful father and face buried in her mother's white fur. A tiny ear gave a small flick as her mother's whispered words entered her ear. The soft, familiar sound drifting into her dreams to sooth and comfort. Surely she will enjoy this new, big world of great giants with familiar voices and warm sides as long as this soft voice and fur was always near.
It had been a wonderful first day of her life.

Large, wide, doey eyes stare up at Darcy. She seemed searching and curious but obviously did not know what to make of this strange stag. His voice was not familiar. Was it? Well, mother seemed not to be bothered by him.
Her cheeks bunch up and her ears flare sideways as she playfully rears at him to only retreat back to her mother in hops and skips. Darting beneath her mother's belly she peeks back out at him between the two white pillars, Dinah Moon's front legs.
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Aaaaaaaand track~

Aaaaaaaand track~
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Track! The ginger doe steps


The ginger doe steps forward attentively, slowly leaning down so that her nose would be close to the newborn and maybe ruffle the top of her head in a gentle caress, should the mother allow it. Sorrel thought fondly back to her own child, and what joy he had brought her when he was this one's age. "Hello!" she whispered in a hush-hush way, as if it were some secret between them.
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The little fawn reached up farther to touch her little nose to the doe's, her eyes wide and curious of this newest stranger. Both her ears thrust forward as the doe whispered to her, the stranger's voice soft like her mother's. Idelle liked that. Her eyes fall to the grown doe's mouth and opens her own. The little fawn's tongue wiggles a bit as if trying to mimic the way this doe's lips and tongue had moved before a tiny sound emerges.
The little doe knew how to make sounds. Of course she was born able to cry and call. But it still did not sound like the big deer's. Still it made Idelle quite happy to respond back, her eyes squinting as she smiled. Smiling, something she had quickly picked up from her parents and the big deer she had seen so far.
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(No subject)

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Track. &hearts;

Track. ♥
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Starling, Haha Idelle's

Starling, Haha Idelle's having some connection issues. XD Sorry she keeps disappearing.

SnowSauria, <3
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Aye, I was having them too

Aye, I was having them too and in the end retreated to bed anyways! XD *typing from bed on the phone*
She's a real sweety though. Starling is easily attached to fawns anyway.. At least most. Teehee :>

Idelle's so sweet.

Idelle's so sweet. <3 Byuu's enjoying romping with her~ Track. c:
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When she missed that one jump

When she missed that one jump at the playground :face palm: And how Dinah does a quick sniff to make sure she's ok and keeps goin'. Ha her intentions are good. Dinah is a tough love mama.

Lol Reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGaKGc3sbEw
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lol Tough Love

lol Tough Love<3
Well, I can see Idelle becoming a strong, independent doe thanks to Momma. ^~<3 And probably more stubborn because of papa's over protectiveness. She'd have to be to do anything fun. XD
Idelle: "Papa! Momma said I could do this/play with so and so! So leave me alone! >:0 "

And that badger! lol Poor little guy. XD
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D8 oh gosh I feel so bad

D8 oh gosh I feel so bad letting D sleep now -flail- GIT! -kicks him- >:C
Poor Idelle .__.
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Shiori, Awww Well now she

Awww Well now she knows better. Sort of. When someone gets all angry at you it is time to run not play. Plus do not follow strange deer/creatures into the fog. >:0

What got her curious in the first place was The Collector casting mask spells on Darcy and company. XD She was like... "I can do that too!" >>;
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The last thing Eraline had

The last thing Eraline had expected to find when she'd come looking for some peace at the playground was little Idelle huddled beneath a stranger, looking small and frightened. She'd approached with the intention of only checking in, making sure she was in good hands, but had been left to care for the newborn after a rather dismissive non-greeting by the stag who'd been watching over her.

Now she sits with the little fawn curled into her side and she sighs, letting her gaze drift off toward the darkness. At least she has her two little assistants here to help. She has never been much good with fawns - she had played with other fawns while she'd been growing up but most of her time had been spent socializing with adults, trying to reach for their strength and light. She remembers being frightened but can't remember having ever been frightened by the weather. Yet somehow, despite her inadequacy as a caretaker, she's found herself saddled with the young ones these days - drawn to them, mostly, as if by some invisible vine pulling her toward them. A need to protect.

She really sucks as a babysitter though. It really is no secret.

The green doe sighs again - the vestiges of a bad night weighing heavy at the pit of her chest - and she turns slightly, cranes her neck so that she can rest her chin on Idelle's back lightly, just enough pressure to reassure the fawn without hurting her. "Nothing's going to hurt you here, little one."
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The little white and red body

The little white and red body was a small splotch against green. Pressed tight against Eraline's side and nearly stuffing herself under her belly.
The newborn did not know fear before, she seemed born with the lack of the natural fear of a fawn. Always having been with her mother or father or another protective adult she had no need to be afraid. Perhaps that is what got her into trouble. She could have easily been killed this time but was luckily left with only scratches and bruises. Still even having escaped with minor injuries she had been thoroughly shaken. Right after the scare she was then left lost and confused in the fog which made it even worse.
An ivory ear twitched to the sound of Eraline's familiar and reassuring voice. Idelle still did not understand the words nor could she speak of what had happened but she was comforted by the green doe's presence and tone. She nestled her face harder against Eraline's side, burring her features as far into the green fur as she could.
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We see you there.

We see you there. ♥
Little fuzzball. <3
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Why haven't I tracked this

Why haven't I tracked this yet? o3o
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥

Mm, this bio makes me hear a

Mm, this bio makes me hear a sweet little lullaby because of the background and little picture. Every time.

Lovely. ♥
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Xemi, Kirness,

Xemi, Kirness, <3

Thank you. I made that background myself. :3 The stuffed fawn picture is a photo manipulation and such.
I am glad the biography gave a great effect. Took me forever to come up with something I was satisfied with. I wanted it to have that "new baby feel" without making it too human and drowned out the deer. If you know what I mean. XD

Adorable babby~ 8D

Adorable babby~ 8D
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dsfkjdskfdgh track

dsfkjdskfdgh track
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Track (:

Track (:

(No subject)


Did my Nash just meet Idelle

Did my Nash just meet Idelle a few minutes ago? There were alot of deer and I couldn't really tell.

Was she a fawn with orange flowers in her hair and a..orange-ish pelt with Umay and everyone else? Nash was the golden butterfly and skulled mini, who was with Sho.

If that was Idelle or not, she was suuuper cute. ♥

Tracking. She's so adorable.

Tracking. She's so adorable. <3

The fawn steps forward a

The fawn steps forward a little more, gently sniffing at the white one. Azurite's head tilts to the side, ears come forward, and she bobs her head slightly in a nod-like gesture of approval. Small, she thinks to herself. Small like me.


In other words, track. Idelle's too cute. ;u;
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Dinamo, I think it was, yes.

I think it was, yes. :3 Idelle did have poppies on. (You called them orange? I usually see them as red. XD ) And she was wearing a pelt for a while because someone casted it onto her. She normally has the default pelt since it is easier.
Sorry Idelle did not get much of a chance to interact with Nash. Because of all the big adults she was a bit overwhelmed and did not know who to play with!

Thank you. :3 <3

Your fawn is so cute! Idelle has been having fun playing with her! It is good to know that the player is here on the community. :3

Thank you. :') Azurite was

Thank you. :') Azurite was having fun copying Idelle, aha~ ♥
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Also - Saanra, Ourania,

Also -
Saanra, Ourania, Dampir, Selruil,
- Thankyou! <3

I usually see them as red

I usually see them as red too, but against the pelt she had on, it truly looked orange-ish.
Sorry Nash didn't stay long either. xD Likewise, all of the bigger, 'unknown' deer made him nervous so he left. I definitely have plans to visit her again. ♥

{e} I just saw your reply to my comment a couple above.

grhgkjherg That is so freaking amazing that you made the background yourself! Swore to God I thought it was professional. And that little picture is perfect for here, also looks really professional. 8D
And yeah, I know what you mean. I think it balances the two sides perfectly. Really turned out awesome. /jealous♥
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Dinamo, Thank you. X3

Thank you. X3
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So this is the little fawn my

So this is the little fawn my doe is sitting with,
she is such a sweetie. Glad to meet her!~ (:
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Yes. :3 She just happened to log in near your doe. And since you were the first she saw moving around she had to say hi. XD
Hello. :3

xD Well I'm happy I could

xD Well I'm happy I could jump around, and dace with her. She's quiet a lot of fun.

why haven't i tracked this

why haven't i tracked this already?
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AliceV, Because you are full

Because you are full of fail. D: And of course I say that with the utmost love. <3


|D <3
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Just now reading her diary

Just now reading her diary entry. It made me lol Laughing out loud Dinah has to teach Idelle to speak properly once she gets over her issues with dialogue... er issues in general.
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omg that entry is adorable

omg that entry is adorable ;_____; I just wanna squeeze her <33 she'ssocute
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Herla found the young white

Herla found the young white fawn’s energy and playfulness infectious and she would try to join in, but soon she would grow tired, and have to sit down again, her burgeoning belly slowing her down more and more every day. Settling herself among the flowers, she smiled at the young one, feeling a bit bad to not be able keep up with her. “You have grown a lot,” she said softly, a warm smile on her lips.