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Is already mated, so has no interest in romance. Is only participating for the social aspect and meeting new faces, along with old ones.

Bio - fixed the broken pic :' D

Mental 95% | Emotional Curious, confused, tired | Physical 74%


Had spent her day underneath the willow tree by the pond, no reason to move anywhere else. Was approached however by a fawn. Sniffed him, his scent unfamiliar, yet his appearance struck a cord. Was suddenly reminded of a certain stag that had caused much trouble in the past, Walter. Couldn't believe that this fawn might be him, but she realized that there had been no sign of the stag anywhere. Still unsure, but if the fawn is him, he must have no memory of his past, for he showed no recollection of her or any aggressive behavior. Figures that he'll need some positive guidance from many if he were to avoid being what he once was, and so joined him in a mini romping session. Took it easy and didn't go overboard because of her wounds, but couldn't play for too long before she had to stop. Watched as Walter joined another group nearby. Took this as an opportunity to grab a drink before sitting down again, but not before she was bombarded by a group of fawns. Politely bid them a good day and turning down any play they might have wanted to strike up, feeling a little overwhelmed and wanting to rest her injuries some more. Finally settled back down in her spot under the willow, though sleep didn't come.
Joined later by Deimos, happy and relieved to see her son. Reassured him when he showed his shock and concern for her health. Wasn't surprised when he grew angry when she filled him in on what happened, though did her best to comfort him and let him know that she was recovering at a good speed. He stayed with her for the rest of the evening and through the night.

Was resting in the poppy glen (LOLYEP NO SURPRISE) when she heard Pho's call not far off. Answered back and ran to greet him. Lots and lots of herping and derping through the forest like spell-spamming and butt-nuzzling. Came to rest beside some small rocks in the birch near the Playground.
Waited there while Pho went to go fulfill his hunger with some blueberries. Noticed a bigger animal circle her, and came closer. Got to her feet, sniffing it after it sniffed her. However, it kept circling, sniffing every side of her; started feeling uneasy. Startled when it lunged for her, calling for her blood. Ran toward the pond before turning around, meeting the predator head on. She was not going to be hunted today. Fought the creature, lashing out with her antlers and pummeling it with her hooves, teeth knashing at whatever flesh she could bite down on. Had two sections of her own flesh ripped off by the others' powerful jaws. Took a moment to compose herself, limping heavily on her right shoulder. Protected a mini from those salivating jaws, swinging her antlers at the beast to make it turn its focus back on her. It worked, and watched as the predator slunk away, out of sight.
Limped down to the pond for a drink and possibly a good soaking. Clambered out only to meet that beast again. Had enough, and turned and ran as fast as she could away from the hungry predator. Was chased across the birch all the way back into the first forest, completely out of breath and her strength starting to fail her. Much blood loss from the gaping wound on her shoulder and one on her back. Fought the creature a little longer before it relented again, this time for good. Watched it leave, legs shaking from exhaustion and heart racing.
Phobos charged up to her, horrified. Was helped over to their initial resting area by the rocks, and immediately set to work healing her wounds, making sure they were completely covered in her saliva. Needed a leaf for the one on her back however, so asked Pho to fetch some for her. Spat onto one of the fern leaves and had him rub it in to the wound on her back. Started joking with him in an attempt to lighten the mood, until he said something that got her heart racing. It was something that friends normally didn't say to one another..it was something usually lovers say. Couldn't believe her ears, but hoped it was true. However, Pho seemed to have caught himself and denied it indirectly. Looked away then, momentary hopes beaten down. Didn't meet his gaze again for the rest of the night.
Joined later by Naru, overjoyed to see the young doe again, though wishes it were under different circumstances. Appreciated her company, and ended up falling asleep with her two companions, utterly exhausted from her escapade.

Started off her day in a patch of lilacs near the Old Oak. Wasn't there long when she scented Phobos off toward the creek. Ran to meet him, almost having a head on collision. Much nuzzling was exchanged before the two headed off to another flower patch, where they sat until Pho had something to show her; a flute. Excited at the prospect of seeing another flute, having been in her high school band several years ago back home. Followed him to his stash tree, where he brought out the wooden instrument and played a note. Even though it was one note, was impacted greatly by it, a flood of memories and nostalgia overcoming her thoughts. Sat down with him afterward, and told him about high school, since he asked what it was. Wasn't too thrilled on the topic, since high school was pretty much centered around pointless drama, but was eager to tell him something of her old home.
Noticed a small fawn off in the distance (Sierra) after Pho did. Got up with him and greeted the fawn, who, unsurprisingly, seemed timid toward them. Joined by Seed, happy to see their old friend. A cuddle pile formed, with Sierra in the middle, who was now comfortable enough to rest with them; warmed by the young fawn's presence. Approached later by another fawn (Indigo), who knew the female fawn. Perhaps siblings? Watched them play, a smile on her face the whole time. Unaware that they are Sianna's offspring, though even if she did would not blame the children for what their mother had done in the past. After the two fawns carried their play elsewhere, fell asleep.

Awoke later to notice a figure off in the distance. Got up, eyes wide and ears erect. She knew that figure, but it couldn't be. Took a few paces forward, sure that she wasn't mistaken. Didn't realize that Pho was beside her, asking her who the figure was. Didn't even hear the impatience in his voice. All her attention was for the stag near the pond. Suddenly lurched forward, running full throttle toward the stag. It was him! Their long lost son...Deimos! Pelted him with nuzzles, letting her tears of jubilation run down her cheeks. Nuzzled over and over again in return, her son equally happy to see her as well.
The moment turned tense however when Phobos finally approached, Deimos turning to him, but not rushing over. Couldn't blame either of them for how they felt, but wished that it didn't have to be this way. Let them converse, their exchange neither words of welcome nor hostile. Each wanted to know where the other had been. Surprised when their son said he had been out looking for Phobos, having used the portal and traveled to different areas in search of his father. Asked why he didn't tell her, but he hadn't expected to be away so long. Could only listen as he pushed Phobos to answer his only question, why he himself, his father, abandoned him when he was so young. Followed Phobos when he said he'd tell them the whole story in a more secluded location. Traveled into the birch, where the three sat next to a thin tree. Both mother and son listened carefully with wrapped attention as Phobos told them of his past life, before he ever entered the forest, and what happened during his absence. Felt an array of emotions at what he told them. There had been a war going on, and he had been in the midst of it before he came here. He was dragged away again right after Deimos was born, his family slain. Felt nothing but sorrow for him, and fear that he had been fighting in a war this whole time. More tears were shed and emotions running high as father and son embraced for the first time, their warm reunion finally taking place.
Suddenly told by Pho that she and him needed to discuss something alone. Promised Dei they'd be back, and walked a little ways off to talk. It was about them not being together, and how to break the news to their son. Couldn't bear to discuss this topic, it hurt too much. If they put it in words, it would be like finalizing it. She wanted to hold on to that last shred of hope that they would be one again, lovers like before. She couldn't stand them being apart, but didn't know how to bring it up. Wanted to, but their son had just returned. Only saw it fitting to talk about it another day. Relented when Pho verbalized that they should wait, and walked back with him to their son, putting on a happy face for him. Settled down next to him, sitting between her most treasured family.

The Doe

Name: Honeyfur
Nicknames: Honey, HF
Identity: [x]
Gender: Antlered Doe
Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 3 years old
Species: Endless Forest deer/dragon
Voice: Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite
Speaks in #33FF00
# 17
Kirin pelt, poppies, real deer mask
~Saliva has a healing rate of 3-6% a day; depends on the severity of the wound(s)

Honeyfur is a selfless individual, willing to do anything in order to help her loved ones. In her old home, New York City, she was always quick to help others. She still is now, but after spending a year here, she has come to find that most deer don't need others to protect them. However, she will still keep defending those she loves, and those who aren't able to protect themselves. Her soul goal in life is to please others, even if it means giving up her own happiness. Of course, she can tell which one is a good egg and which is a rotten one. That is to say, she won't mingle or try to please those who have a bad heart and soul, but once in a while, if they're willing to listen, she'll reach out to them and try to have them see reason.
Her biggest fears are being unable to help her loved ones for any reason, and not feeling needed or wanted. If the latter is the case, she'll go in a state of silent panic, as she wouldn't be wanted, but still wants to linger in case any trouble comes their way.
She's built a nasty habit of punishing herself for any problems someone dear to her is having, if they involve her, when she arrived in the forest. She'll blame herself for them without thinking. She's trying to work on it, and isn't sure how this habit was brought about, but hopes to overcome this some day.

The Dragon

Identity: [x]

Looks very similar to Jake Long (more like the one on the right). Only she's lime green, and her lime green eyes are very noticeable, not beady (and are human like - no slits for pupils). Her back feet are paws with three claws on each paw. Her hair isn't as poofy on her head, and the black part of her hair runs all the way down to her tail along with the green part. Her muzzle is thinner, and contains two venom glands inside at the very front, one on top and one on bottom. Her tail has two tail fins to assist her with flight (steering).

Honeyfur knows her strength as a dragon, and she knows that she possesses abilities most others do not. While she was quick to use her powers back in her old home, she refuses to do them here in the forest. Her power is that of fire breathing, which can easily cause forest fires if not used correctly, endangering all the other forest inhabitants. Besides, it wouldn't be a fair fight. She's abandoned this ability unless a rare, severe situation calls for it. Otherwise, she will fight with tooth, claw, and her wits.


Jumps to conclusions
Unafraid to stick up for herself and others
Puts the blame on herself if a loved one is suffering

• Whenever she decides to change forms, she'll hide her mask in a hollow in a tree. Has grown attached to it after having it for three years.

• Omnivorous, though eats more plants/fruit than meat. Will tend to have sudden cravings for meat however.

• Scars lace her body, but mostly her forelegs. One gash mark/scar can be seen on her left side from where the flesh was ripped off by a Rock Hound. Also inflicted by the skeleton creature are four parallel scars running across her belly.

• Since she doesn't lose her antlers when most stags do, her antlers stay stationary growth wise for quite a while, unless broken off. Although, they can become unhealthy. For example, if a tine breaks off, it will not regrow unless the antler goes through a complete growth cycle again. To keep them healthy without breaking them off, her antlers will fall on their own after a certain period of time to begin the growth cycle again. Every four months they will do this.

WIP will be adding hovers
I apologize for the color of the hovers. For some reason it won't allow me to change it ;n;
I'll try to figure it out so they're easier to read.


Deimos Biological son through Phobos. Loves unconditionally. Hasn't seen him for quite some time. Worries over him, though hopes that wherever he may be he is safe and happy.
Crucio Adopted brother, adores. Has been through a lot with him, some moments not so pleasant, but it has only made their bond stronger. A cherished relation. Doesn't see him quite often, but when she does, is sure to make the best of it with much romping and spazz-dancing (and perhaps some peacocking, though is normally the one that is peacocked...100% of the time).
Tandem Adopted brother, adores. Like Cru, has been through a lot together, though pulled through each tough moment with a stronger bond. A cherished relation. Also hasn't seen him around very often, but will spend as much time with him as possible when she does.
Ozzie Adopted brother, adores. Known him since fawnhood, making him one of her first friends in the forest. Loves her time spent with him, all very upbeat and hyperactive. Hasn't seen him for a while; hopes that will change soon.
Amelia Adopted niece through Crucio. Doesn't see hardly at all, though has helped her out a couple times in the past, both during fights. Despite her fiery temper, still loves as if she were of the same blood.
Harley Adopted nephew through Crucio. Like Amelia, hardly ever sees him, though cares for and loves him as if he were biologically related.


?Curious of



In Memory
Adele Adopted niece through Crucio and Tandem. Stillborn. Loves. RIP ♥

Art by me


Art by others



CSS (c) Orangejuicemoon, Torn, and Brit; thank you! ♥
Bottom poem by Seed ♥
Top art (c) me
Honeyfur is in-character 99% of the time. Her actions and thoughts do not reflect those of myself, her player. If you have any questions or concerns about her behavior, you may ask me here or through my email, animalwolfgirl@hotmail(dot)com.


This doe, who switches
with honey smoothness between
earnest and game, between laughter
and tears, flowers and bare antlers,
dancing out of reach all the while;

Who blends in with poppies,
with her long green stalks,
with her slender neck, her festooned antlers
with all the glowing red, softening the tips,
with the fields and flowers reflected in her eyes.

Who'd run to shield precious things
until there's no running left,
until the ground breaks,
until the stilt-like legs fall away:
She if needed, Would keep running.

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I LOVE CSS Laughing out loud <3

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Thank you!

Thank you! <3
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asddgfh sorry Phobos suddnely

asddgfh sorry Phobos suddnely had to go.Twice XD The first time my forest viewer went berserk and logged me out.Then I had to go somewhere.Ah well,he had fun in the short time that lasted ^^

Honeyfur's picture

Lol it's ok! It happens

Lol it's ok! It happens sometimes xD

Yes, Honeyfur also had fun even if the time was short lived <3
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And we had fun too , didn't

And we had fun too , didn't we Eye
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We did indeed! What with all

We did indeed! What with all the romping, glitching, head shaking, and dancing we did xD I managed to get a few screenies of the dancing, but I forgot to take some more of everything else ^^"

sry Moose left without saying

sry Moose left without saying good bye! My stupid forest keeps crashing lately! DDX
Honeyfur's picture

Lol I didn't even know you

Lol I didn't even know you left, because his picto was still there for a while, so I thought it was just a glitch that made his body disappear xD But it's ok, it happens! ^^
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Your CSS is really lovely

Your CSS is really lovely ^^
Lol,I was cracking up last night when Honey and Phob got matching sets and danced backed to back XD Especially when we listened,they looked like some mutation XD

Good times ^^

Honeyfur's picture

Thank you!

Thank you! <3

LOL me too, especially when a couple deer came up and were amazed at the Honey and Phob fusion xD I got a few screenies of it, so I'll have to post those, along with all the other over due pics ^^"
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I think Anjali played with

I think Anjali played with Honeyfur a bit today! (With Phobos and another deer?) Laughing out loud
Honeyfur's picture

Yep! That was Honeyfur, and

Yep! That was Honeyfur, and the other deer was uwharrie's doe Nanetta =] Lol it was fun spell spamming each other ^^
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Lol jk jk.Take your time XD
We should totally do that again,either with that same set or a diffrent one.(I wish we could do a zombie twin act)
Lol I was impressed by the congregation that gathered around us!
But now I have to go to a dodgeball game.See ya around Smiling

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I really need to track this

I really need to track this deer, Crucio's treedanced with Honey and Phobos tons and times and now Incubus has experienced LE STATUE DANCING with them too O: <3

Tracking~ <3
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Winged: YESH, I need to get

Winged: YESH, I need to get over my proctrastinating ways :C
A zombie twin act would be epic x] I'm planning on making a zombie character in the future anyway, so we could do it then 8D
Lol so was I! It felt like we really were putting on a show 8D
Good luck! ^^

Xemi: Thank you! <3 Rofl don't worry, I just now tracked Crucio too xD"
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Yaaaay :3 tyty

Yaaaay :3 tyty <3 I shall now.. as Sypris calls it.. implement quiet creeper mode.

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you know whats weird? I was

you know whats weird? I was told you were with me and Moose today, but i didnt even see you? Or i saw you as someone else... I think ive been having some major glitch issues lol... I didnt really recognize Flyleaf either because he was pelt-naked and had my picto! lol
Honeyfur's picture

LOL don't you just hate it

LOL don't you just hate it when that happens? xD

But yeah, that naked (or, whatever deer you saw ^^") was me the whole time xD
uwharrie's picture

wow, so that explains a lot

wow, so that explains a lot lol
wingeddeer's picture

Lol she was running around

Lol she was running around naked the entire time XD
...that came out wrong....0-0

That fusion dance was epic last night! Especially when that fawn came on top of us XD
And a little side note:Earlier Phobos hurt his leg in the fight with the other stag.Thats why he took a little while to get to where the does were.But then he got over it ^^

^HAHA runnin around

^HAHA runnin around naked...XD
Honeyfur's picture

LOL Honeyfur was in the nude

LOL Honeyfur was in the nude xD

And I agree WD, the fusion dance was epic, especially when Honey and Phob acted like a dancing table of sorts with the fawn on top xD
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The next time we meet and

Laughing out loud The next time we meet and everythings sorted out we should all undress...set wise XD And do a nude party
..That still sounds gross XD

I wish I knew who that fawn was! I looked at the map but a big fat PAGE NOT FOUND came up Sad

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Rofl YES! Nude party!

Rofl YES! Nude party! 8D

Ergh, the map can be useless at times :C But I would also like to know who the fawn is, because I've seen them more than once before.
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This is a beautifull diary! I

This is a beautifull diary! I love it.
lol,Phobos sounds a confused,poor soul.And pretty much he was.
Awwww.I wish I could have stayed longer so he could comfort her and Nane Sad
He hates seeing his best doe friends distraught.

Honeyfur's picture

Thank you! It was to good of

Thank you! It was to good of an event to pass up xD

Heh, I don't blame him. At some points I was a little confused as to what was going on too ^^"

And Honey hates seeing her friends hurt :C

...This has just been the worst day for them altogether xD"
wingeddeer's picture

No kidding! I wonder who the

No kidding! I wonder who the mystery stag/doe was.I need to find the player so that he or she understands why our deer did that!

Honeyfur's picture

Same here! I trust that they

Same here! I trust that they automatically assume that it was IC, but you never know =/

Was this the mystery stag? or

Was this the mystery stag? or doe??
I'm guessing it's him because I saw him (or her? >.<) following random deer and rearing at them, Ozzie included -.-

Honeyfur's picture

It might've been, because

It might've been, because that was the exact set it had.

Well, hopefully it's IC, and that we don't have a troll on our hands =/
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Trololol. o_____o

Trololol. o_____o
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lol,I should probably explain

lol,I should probably explain Phobos's behavior today.
When he lowered his antlers at the naked stag he was just asking for a friendly spar.But the magpie one seemed to take it the wrong way and he thought the fight was quite unjust.Thats why he kept taunting him afterwards because he was angry with him for doing that to the naked stag,but forgave him later.
So there's no misunderstandings Eye

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OHH ok, lol. I wondered why

OHH ok, lol. I wondered why Phobos just randomly did that xD

That clears things up, thanks! ^^
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I'm so glad that Lebbaeus was

I'm so glad that Lebbaeus was able to meet her and Nane on his first day in the forest, they're both so nice, they're perfect buddies for him. ;A; What good luck.

Added Nane to his bio too. <3
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Good luck indeed! Especially

Good luck indeed! Especially at a time like this x-x Honey needed to dance and play around again <3
Xemi's picture

Aww, well

Aww, well <3 He was happy to have helped.
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If Honeyfur had'nt shown up

If Honeyfur had'nt shown up Phobos would have gone totally gone on an emo rampage XD You guys tend to pop up at the best times.
His bottled up feelings finallly broke free Sad
And sorry I had to go so soon.My eyes are about to crack XD

Honeyfur's picture

Lol yeah, I saw his latest

Lol yeah, I saw his latest daily happenings entry, and just had to get on so Honeyfur could comfort him <3

I feel bad for Phoby :C HF and I don't like seeing him sad ;_;

Lol it's ok! I should really be doing homework anyway xD"
wingeddeer's picture

Yeah,pretty much explains

Yeah,pretty much explains whats happening.Dawwww Phobos and I greaty appriciates it ^^
He's going to be like this till Sunday.Then I'm going to make him dissapear for a week.I'm going on vacation and won't have computer acces :0

Lol,I should probably get to bed!

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Woah, don't scare me like

Woah, don't scare me like that! xD
But I hope you have fun on your trip! ^^

I should too, but can't because of my procrastination x_x
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I'M SOWWY. lol I hope I have

lol I hope I have fun in the middle of nowhere too XD

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Sorry Peirce poofed. I had to

Sorry Peirce poofed. I had to go somewhere.
I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.
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Thank you for the crazy time

Thank you for the crazy time today Exclaim! Laughing out loud You are awesome Exclaim
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thanks for being patitent in

thanks for being patitent in helping me with my set... I was trying to get it saved on the mini spell but fir some reason it would always go back to the magpie pelt :/ hmmm...
Xemi's picture

Unless I'm mistaken there's a

Unless I'm mistaken there's a certain glitch you gotta do for pelts on minis.. owo depends on the viewer you use though.
uwharrie's picture

yeah, i figured out how to

yeah, i figured out how to work the glitch (theres a post about it) but i think i just need to make sure I only have the set i want under the mini spell
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BDL: Lol it's ok!

BDL: Lol it's ok! ^^

Flyleaf: Right back at ya! <3

uwharrie: Lol i was confused for a while when you kept disappearing and reappearing with the default pelt on xD This clears things up, lawl

Which form is the magpie pelt appearing on?
uwharrie's picture

the mini, you see, what i

the mini, you see, what i need to do is get the gazelle pelt and only that one under the mini spell (and I thought I did) but for some reason the magpie pelt keeps getting stuck under there... So i need to get that one off.... Ahh this is too difficult, i love the mini spell but it confuses me >.< lol
Honeyfur's picture

The gazelle pelt might need

The gazelle pelt might need to be cast on the mini form, that way when you go back and forth between normal size and mini size, the pelt will stick.
uwharrie's picture

ahhh, i got it now (i think)!

ahhh, i got it now (i think)! i just got rid of the magpie pelt now so all i should need is the gazelle pelt over the defalt... I saw a post and i wish i could find it again >.<