i've tasted blood and it is sweet;

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Female. Adult. Born 27th September 2010.
Vampire. Deer/Lion mix. Blood-drinker.
Enhanced smell, hearing and sight. Stronger than she looks. Size
Daughter of Umay and Plague. Older half-sister of Rui, Rojan, Solei and Jahi.

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Haha, yeah. Shay could tell

Haha, yeah. Shay could tell that she seemed rather protective of it so used it to get to her. :'D
Yeah it was fun. B)
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Evil, Evil, but really

Evil, Evil, but really pretty, Shay. x3

track~ ♥ lalita had

track~ ♥ lalita had fun playing with shay today!

New picture, wee! She's a

New picture, wee! She's a pretty girl, and that bracelet is really neat c:
Heh. He's still on her hate-list. xD
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Agh, sorry lalita. I only

Agh, sorry lalita. I only just saw your comment. Very late thanks :'D

Thanks Tulloh. B)
Yeah, she really does hate him a lot LOL.
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Gotta brb for dinner!

Gotta brb for dinner! ♥
Alskjd, I die every time she and Neiro play |:

By Leuvr
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Aww okay. B) Haha, yeah.

Aww okay. B)
Haha, yeah. Gotta love those two. <3
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Time to settle down here and

Time to settle down here and WATCHHH. ;D
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I...don't think I've tracked

I...don't think I've tracked this. ._.

Places a huge track here now just in case. ;__;
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Pfft. You haven't been

Pfft. You haven't been missing much if you haven't. <3
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Hoooooly crap. ;___; Wow, I

Hoooooly crap. ;___;
Wow, I don't even know what to say. This is just...perfect.
I've always admired and loved your art and to see Shay drawn in your style, honestly, I can't get over how amazing she looks. I smiled so much when I saw this and I don't think I could describe in words how much I love it.
Thank you so, so much, Tuo. She's beautiful. <33

Tavis is honored he still

Tavis is honored he still exists on a list belonging to someone from some time ago - he even got the whole "Hate" zone for himself.

Been a while. She's still so pretty. :b
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LOL yeah. Should really

LOL yeah. Should really update her relations since many of them would be different. Think he would still be in hate or dislike section on his own though. B)
She'll always save that little spot of dislike for him even if it's been a while.

Thank you! It's good to see you again. (8

Unforgetable Tavis. B) Thank

Unforgetable Tavis. B)

Thank you, thank you. c:
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"Seeing how Umay reacted to

"Seeing how Umay reacted to us, I would assume that you might be related to her in some way. Either way, a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
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"We might be related," she

"We might be related," she casually replied, not willing to give the stranger details on their relationship. It was obvious Umay didn't want him around and that was enough to evoke suspicion in the vampire. "I'll see you around." With a small nod, the doe turned and followed her mother away.
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LMFAO omfg she is the funnest

LMFAO omfg she is the funnest /crying
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Thankyou for keeping Toya

Thankyou for keeping Toya company today.
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Din: Agh sorry I didn't see

Din: Agh sorry I didn't see your post! Pff ;; <3
Toya: I was wondering who it was with them! The picto wasn't showing on the map. Was nice to sit with Toya for a bit. (8
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Heyy that tomboyish little

Heyy that tomboyish little mini is my Naohm sitting inside the tree. :3 Sorry she had to leave so earlier. I think she's met Shay before? I have such bad memory. >.<

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Was wondering who it was! The

Was wondering who it was! The map wasn't showing the picto ;;
Was nice meeting Naohm even if it was for a short time. I think they may have met before but my memory isn't the best either. Her picto is very familiar though :') She'll certainly look out for her again.
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Sat close to her, still

Sat close to her, still afraid that she's irritated in some way. However didn't let this come between them. Leaned against her silky fur, feeling calm, very happy to have her by his side. Really wants to ask her the question, but unsure what her response will be. Closes his eyes, still leaning against her fur, doesn't want to see her expression. "What did I do wrong?"

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Sorry for the super slow

Sorry for the super slow reply. Been really busy with stuff and have a shortage of muse ;;

The stag's return had awakened many bitter feelings in the vampire. She had come to accept that he would never return which was difficult at first. Over time, she had moved on. With him back however, her plan had been ruined and while she had indeed moved on, she still had pent up anger from what he done. Fortunately most of that had been released on previous meetings that went sour. She was more than content with the silence they currently shared as she slowly licked at some wounds. Now wasn't the best time to talk but she knew it was only a matter of time and it was best to get it out of the way. A frown forms on her face as she lifts her head to look at him, eyes narrowing slightly. Ears pin back as she lets out a loud scoff. "What did you do wrong? Adriian, are you seriously that oblivious as to why I'm so angry at you?" Her tone is sharp but she is in no state to cause a scene or allow her emotions to control her. "You left me. You left me without a word. Not one word. You could have been dead for all I knew. You vanished right after we hit a problem in our relationship. The last time I saw you was when you walked off after being with me and Solei. I felt like shit. Like it was all my fault that you disappeared," she hisses. Temptation to go deeper on the subject bubbles within but she views it as a waste of time. "You ruined whatever we had when you left and never came back. Doing all of this is hard for me but I don't want to have to avoid you forever because we were friends before." She hold her gaze for a moment longer before lowering her head onto her forelegs and closing her eyes. "Don't make me regret that choice."
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Found it hard to breathe when

Found it hard to breathe when she told him how she felt while he was gone, had no idea. Turned his ears towards her. Got a thoughtful expression on his face while he listened closely to everything she said, didn't say a word, probably because he didn't know what to say, completely speechless. Understood that she tried to let him go, didn't blame her for that. ''Never ment to hurt you or blame you for anything. I was the one who left, you shouldn't blame yourself.'' Took a big breath and tried to explain why it wasn't her fault. ''I didn't leave because of you, I had to get away from everything, and myself.'' It was hard for him to explain, did not want her to think that he left be cause of her. Thought the whole situation was difficult, that he had destroyed what they had. Tried to calm down and breathe normally. Though felt a relief when Shay said she wasn't going to avoid him. Leaned his head against her again, completely calm. ''You won't be dissapinted, trust me, I won't let you down again.''

No worries, I kind of figured hehe c:<3
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Track! :U

Track! :U

*eyes emoji* hello

*eyes emoji* hello
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hi B]

hi B] <3
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this new art holy shit

this new art holy shit :hearteyes:
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wow what a beauty

wow what a beauty
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thank you both ;u; &hearts;

thank you both ;u; ♥