i've tasted blood and it is sweet;

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Female. Adult. Born 27th September 2010.
Vampire. Deer/Lion mix. Blood-drinker.
Enhanced smell, hearing and sight. Stronger than she looks. Size
Daughter of Umay and Plague. Older half-sister of Rui, Rojan, Solei and Jahi.

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silly saff

silly saff Puzzled


THEY'RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISEN- nvm I don't remember how to spell it.


*pointless post*
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Shay: -grooming Nameless

Shay: -grooming Nameless back-
Nameless: MOOOOO~

/died so hard at that moment omg

By Leuvr
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I couldn't tell if it was enjoying it too much or if it was suffering LOOOOOL. ;D
I died too. Over and over again.
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ROFLOL SAME! I can't tell

ROFLOL SAME! I can't tell whether the player is just testing out emotes or actually using them xD

By Leuvr
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Tracky track track

Tracky track track <3

I believe it was Shay's and Nidhem's first meeting today? (Can't remember...) I was waiting for it to happen but it was nice that they got to meet today already. Even though Shay is jealous :'3

Nidhem was really trying to be nice and respectful, and didn't know if the snuggles were too much for Shay or not.. ´u` But he hopes Shay will be okay with him~
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Thank you :'D I think it

Thank you :'D

I think it was their first meeting though I'm not too sure C:
Yeah she's really possessive of her parents/friends and tends to get easily annoyed if others try to be too close to them. I'm sure she'll fully accept him at some point, but she may try and drive him off every now and again if she keeps seeing him clinging to her mother 8'D

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Slow internet..sorry..:z

Slow internet..sorry..:z
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Aww D: It's fine, I'm not

Aww D:
It's fine, I'm not even paying full attention to TEF :'D
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Oohh, alright

Oohh, alright <3


Sorry again for being so boring, I just don't feel so well still..<3
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You're not boring

You're not boring <3 C:
Aw I hope you feel better soon D:
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Ohh, sooo pretty! &hearts;

Ohh, sooo pretty! ♥


I seriously love that picture so much though ;; I love her pose and her skull, her horns too hiofhis WHY U SO GOOD Sad
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Corell: Thank yooou

Corell: Thank yooou <3 8D

Saff: LOL no. I forgot her markings on it. Part of me doesn't want to put them on though since I think it'd look weird B|
Thank you though B) <3

Oh my god, she looks

Oh my god, she looks beautifull. ♥
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Thank yooou. ;;

Thank yooou. ;; <3

ME GUSTA. /can't think of

/can't think of anything else to describe the awesomeness

Oh my! What a gorgeous

Oh my! What a gorgeous biography and a beautiful character too~
racking this n.n

[e] Tracking this >>
No longer active in the community or forest.
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Nirwana: Pfft, you

Nirwana: Pfft, you <3

KnightLace: That really means a lot to hear, thank you so much <3 :'D

GOD. STAR. She's gorgeous.


She's gorgeous. Love this bio. No other words. ♥
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Aww, thank you too ;__;

Aww, thank you too ;__; <3
I'm glad people like this ;;
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/tears of joy
This looks so amazing, Star ;O; And that picture. I would've never guessed it was rushed, fff. Her fur looks so beautiful and her hair and her skull dslkhsfkj /tugs on ears
And the color scheme is really lovely too. I adore this ♥

By Leuvr
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Awwwffslfksfl ;;

Awwwffslfksfl ;; <33
Your comment really cheered me up. Thank you so much <3!
It really means a lot to me to hear things like that C:
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Track o.o

Track o.o
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traaaaaaaaaaaaack!! i love

traaaaaaaaaaaaack!! i love iiit! <3 is beautiful! Smiling
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Thank you C:

Thank you C:
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LOL. Best fwends. Late

Best fwends.

Late track~
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LOL yes. That went very well.

LOL yes. That went very well. B)

I swear I tracked this

I swear I tracked this before, but if I didn't, I's sure gon' do it naow.
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Pfft B)

Pfft B) <3
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I haven't tracked it on this

I haven't tracked it on this account. Tsssk. 8|


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Well Hi there.

Well Hi there.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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AHA! So she does feel the

AHA! So she does feel the same way as Jupiter. Hmmmm... this could be fun....

*evil giggle* but only if you wanna.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo

Oo. Dat nice shiet right

Dat nice shiet right there.
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So late in replying to these

So late in replying to these ;;

LOL. I wouldn't say Shay feels exactly the same way. She's not that bothered about it right now that she'd actually do anything. Only if Jup started being quite uneasy towards her she'd act on it~

Dinamo: Thanks :'D
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stalking >:3

stalking >:3
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B) <3
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"What's going on here?" The

"What's going on here?"
The giant stared at his daughter from what he thought of as a considerable distance away. He didn't look angry, and his tone didn't reflect any hostility. He had spoken quietly, or as quiet as he could be standing this far away while still able to be heard. His ears swiveled back and forth in uncertainty. Being rejected by a stranger was one thing, but being rejected by his own blood was another.


Alsdkjhsd brb for breakfast B|

By Leuvr
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The doe's ears pinned back,

The doe's ears pinned back, confused as to why her father stood so far away, and why he was asking the question. "What are you talking about?"

Sorry for the crappy reply D:
Has Shay done something wrong? I'm so confused right now LOL ;;
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Your replies are never crappy

Your replies are never crappy 8D
Oh O: Every time Plague has gone to sit by Shay, she's moved somewhere else and hasn't reacted to his sniffs.

Omg... You don't see Plague in your game, do you. LOL

By Leuvr
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....Oh LOL Nah I can't see

....Oh LOL
Nah I can't see him ;; I can't see him on the map either D:
Suppose that explains it FFF.
Shay would never ignore him. :'D
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/DED All righty then, ignore

All righty then, ignore that post from me LOOOL and I'll restart~! xD

By Leuvr
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Okay 8'D Much better, can see

Okay 8'D
Much better, can see him now~
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Plague and Umay made such a

Plague and Umay made such a beautiful child B)

By Leuvr
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...../dead Yes. There be no

Yes. There be no better child than her in the world C:
Isn't she just, beautiful?

I laughed at their faces for ages ffffffLOL.