Unapologetically [Sasha] Out of Character

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Fair warning, rude language found below.

On Site

Hypothetically exists within the forest.
Seldom interacts with characters.
Criticizes the forest dwellers.

Can be referred to as either a he or a she.

In forest
Unapologetically Out of Character

I will not interact 'in character'...

because my characters exists only in my writing.

My actions are my own decisions...
And I have the balls to admit this.

I will decide to not socialize with certain characters...
because I do not 'get along' with their players.

I will be rude if you antagonize me....
And you will deserve it.

I treat OCC deer...
Just as I do in real life.[/b]

I will approach deer carelessly...
Because I ignore the 'mask' their player wears.

I will sit quietly in the forest...
Because it is my favorite past time.

I will wear whatever set I want...
Because I like to play dress up.

I am not a deer...
I am a human being behind an avatar.

And Don't you forget it


On Site
A human in deer's clothing.
A stolen fluffy hide stretched over bare flesh.
Becomes human again when he removes the pelt.
Mask always worn backwards as to not conceal his face.
Permanent dark bruising under his eyes.
Hazel eyes with dark pronounced eyelid.
Fluffy 'white tail' deer behind. Black on top with a white underside exposed when he runs.
A permanent head wound hidden under his fluffy pelt.
Occasionally seen with dried blood on his pelt from the wound.
Appears larger than he is due to the hide.
Smooth featureless feet as opposed to rough distinguishable hooves.
Takes this appearance to blend in with the forest's characters.

In forest

Has no set appearance.

Common outfits..

Mini Dotd/secretary bird mask/poppies
Dotdpelt /orca mask/flowers
Dotd pelt /long mask/flowers
zombie pelt/real deer mask/candles or flowers
zombie pelt/real deer mask/golden butterfly antlers
dotd pelt/beluga mask/trumpets
dotd pelt/forest god mask/flowers

Images to come.

Right here

Feel free to leave me a message in the comments.
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Fluff. <3
This is indeed a tracking post. <3
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Sounds like a dee-selkie..

Sounds like a dee-selkie.. almost. I was just telling VCG today that I wanted to make a character that was a selkie. c: Very interesting design..


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He started out as just a

He started out as just a fluffy deer.
but then I realized i'm a person..pretending to be a deer.
So i'd have a durr costume.
and it probably wouldn't fully cover.

And then I realized he had to be able to take off the durr costume since he is usually human in his stories.
And then I went "well I guess hes a selkie..sort of."


-runs into the night-

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*steals pelt, anyway*

*steals pelt, anyway*


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-covers naughty bits with a censor bar-

Naked human-durr on the loose.
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Hello you~

Hello you~
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Ooo, I like this idea... even

Ooo, I like this idea... even though he sounds a bit like he could freak an normal deer out by being a human wearing a deer skin. o_O Well, no matter, my deer is like half OOC most of the time, anyway. =)
I have to try remember his picto if I see him in the forest, Spyrre could come and say hello.

....and your and 3´s comment´s above almost killed me. XD
*covers quickly Spyrre´s eyes*
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I'm running under the

I'm running under the assumption that to deer he just looks like a strange mangy deer who happens to not have a full pelt covering him.

He takes a deer 'shape' but just has human tendencies.

I'm sure if he pulled off the pelt and ran about as a naked human he'd terrify everyone though.
Hell, that'd terrify me.
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That fluff.It begs to be

That fluff.It begs to be petted.Those feet too <3
"The cruelest prison is one we make for ourselves out of fear and regret."
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)track I love how real your

I love how real your willing to be. It's almost like a character in itself, but not. Ah, can't explain. d:
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Track/ Had to find out more

Had to find out more about you Eye
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Guess what.

Guess what.
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Damn you and your

Damn you and your ninja-fanrequesting >>

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(No subject)

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Always leaving hearts on my

Always leaving hearts on my page when I'm not looking >:c
Took me 4 months to catch it this time.

hey hey..tell me that thing you said.. ;"o

Current set on Sasha:
Candles/Dotd/kabuki mask.

Last seen: trapped in twin gods special event server.
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The eraser's corner. -u-


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.... :c Not touching that



Not touching that one.
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I knew you never loved me. :c

I knew you never loved me. :c
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*nuzzles fluff, gets lost

*nuzzles fluff, gets lost in*
Can't . . . .breathe . . . . . . . ungth
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