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Removed a bunch of stuff because damn was that painful to read. How could you guys even stand me because boy was I terrible.
haha alright, let's put that aside. This is staying for the lantern.

shut up ben
words words words where are you

The grey stag had led his friend here, but instead of relaxing and enjoying the sun/rain/whatever, he fixed his eyes on D. The buck stared at him absent-mindedly, with an almost bewildered look. Something was not right and stuff meh
Not a blink. The grey buck /stared/ at him, bewildered, confusing thoughts drifting in his head. He couldn't make any sense of them. He tried to concentrate, but everything around him was fuzzy, melting into soft, blurry blobs of colour, sounds of the forest mixing into noise. His mind was spinning fast, thoughts escaping from his grip like sand. Yet Mozart's eyes were fixed on Dusk. Like frozen, the buck didn't move.
Mozart slowly turned his head away again blah blah blah

I met him a long time ago.
He was very patient with me and put up with my silly behaviour.
He had always been very calm and quiet. Not aggressive or controlling; I appreciated that.
And he was there, keeping me company, even when everyone I knew started disappearing.
I don't know where they went, they left without telling anything.
Soon a stag whose company I often seeked slowly started moving away from me, too; he had many friends and a big family.
They were more important to him, they needed his protection and friendship more than I did.
-he sighed-
His life was busy and dramatic enough without me. I felt like I was nothing but a bother to him.
-the silver deer shook his head. He did not want to hold a grudge upon that stag, but his frustration was still obvious-
...A doe too. We were good friends when I first arrived in this forest. I loved her.
But her visits (all of a sudden?) became very rare. I waited for her anyway. I waited for days, months...
-he trailed off-
She didn't return, and I gave up hope.
I... I felt alone.
-he stuttered and went quiet again-
But he still kept me company. He was around when I wanted to give up everything.
His sole presence was enough to lift me up, and pull myself together again.
(-short pause-?)
He probably doesn't know how much it meant to me.
-pause, a weak smile appeared on his face, but it quickly vanished again as he continued, lost in thought-
From that moment...
From that moment I started spending much more time with him.
I have grown very dependant on him since then.
And since we first met...
...he has become much more than just a friend to me.
But he is a stag after all.
I doubt he...
-he trailed off again-

By the wayyy. If anyone's interested to mess around with the CSS here:

"(...) the problem is once they're barely catching on to the one thing they like, the creative person is already on to the next thing (...)"
~Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

"There are people who are going to be into what you're doing, and there are people who will make fun of it and shit on it. Both are just as valid, and both mean nothing."
~Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Personal Blog
of Unplugged
More for personal usage
i like keeping track of my own thoughts.
i also add inspirations
stuff i like...
take some time and listen to the music

collection-- please share



All your blogs are belong to

All your blogs are belong to my track list.

"My parents say I am a perfectionist..." to "sentence in my head." is me.
"My hands are always cold." is me.
"I rather stare out" to "find encouraging words." is me.
"I don't know myself" is me aswell.

Although all of this is blown away if I go abroad. I don't know why.
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We have so much in common!

We have so much in common! I've never found anyone I could relate to so well.

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i love you. 83

i love you. 83

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Fuck. You are amazing... And

You are amazing...
And so is your music. I have been searching for music like this for SO LONG.


I am extremely fascinated by the supernatural
heavily influenced by people
1. I love playing different roles, acquiring different identities.
Night is always the most emotional time of the day for me.
I cannot do anything until it's extremely close to the absolute deadline. I cannot force myself to learn until max one day before an exam.
I have developed a liking towards surrealism and morbid art lately. The insight into a sick and troubled mind of a human being.
I have a problem with describing things, and myself. I can sit for hours trying to form a sentence in my head.
2. "Cellar Door" <3
I rather stare out of the window than talk.
I love words, I hate talking.
3. I am unable to comfort people or find encouraging words
4. I'm growing obsessive with coding.
5. I spend way too much time on the computer. On the one hand I am worried about it, but on the other hand I consider it as completely normal.
I love this place because I feel like it helps me find myself.
I think I am intelligent.
I don't know myself.
I am manipulated.

1. Maybe your different identities are all forms of your true self. I think you have many of these because you are easily influenced by the people around you.
Random question: Are you tired a lot? More than usual?

2. Love. Love. Love. Love.

3. I do better at this without words anyway.

4. Ugh. Finally someone I can relate to. I hate math though. I love numbers. I love the idea of numbers. I love intelligence.

5. Me too. I am completely sucked into a world I shouldn't be.
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Quote:I rather stare out of

I rather stare out of the window than talk.

I love words, I hate talking.

I am unable to comfort people or find encouraging words.

Me too =)
Though, online I'm quite the chatterbox. Hm. It's so easier to type, because you can hit that big button with the arrow pointing backwards to delete th
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You might like

You might like this.
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I've seen a lot of your other

I've seen a lot of your other blogs and such before, but never would I imagine you to be 14.
You're obviously a very mature person.. I'm not but I'm only 13, so jdlasklak.
"I don't drink a lot. I usually don't drink more than three cups of tea a day."
I must drink around 10 a day, I am addicted to it. My parents don't mind, unless it's coffee I'm drinking. They hate that.

I'm also very nervous in class too, not too sure why but I used to nearly be crying. It's really weird.
I've gotten over it now, but according to my teachers I always go bright red when I speak to them.
I loved reading this~
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Quezt-- It's like you turn

Quezt-- It's like you turn into a completely different person, yeah. I have that too.

Amazon-- Tell me more ♥

VCG-- ilu2

Ravynn-- That kind of music is so hard to find. I've been searching for it for so long. I wasn't really sure what exactly I was looking for, but I always spent several hours on Youtube and other sites to find something.
You might like some other songs from World's End Girlfriend too, then..

Thanks for the link, it's amazing.

1. Mmm. You make sense.
I can't really tell, but I've noticed that lately that I'm falling asleep much quicker. And I tend to fall asleep during day now too.

2. <3333 So breathtaking.

4. Same here, I find numbers fascinating, but I hate math.
I'm still a little bit disappointed that I gave my fawn 2 up.. :/

I'm not sure if I am fascinating, or if I made myself fascinating.

Thank you so much ♥

Iaurdagnire-- That button is the reason it sometimes takes me three days to reply. :x

Bam-- Haha, I remember receiving that kind of compliment some years ago when I was 12. They thought I was 16. xD
Although looking back now, I used to be rather stupid and immature anyway. I know that I am going to think the same thing of my 14-year-old self in the future, which is why I cannot take myself really seriously. It's probably all just angst angst angst.
I love tea very much, but I don't drink a lot of it anyway. :s

Hah, I was told that my hands are extremely trembling when I talk.

Thanks so much.
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I remember having to stand up

I remember having to stand up in front of the class and doing a presentation to everyone.
It's seriously weird, because I felt fine with it all but got to the front and my legs were shaking. I thought I was going to fall overr!
I don't know, I act confident but I'm seriously not.

My mum told me when I was around 4, I answered the front door but slammed it close after seeing who it was and ran up the stairs too. 8D
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You intrigue me. A lot. Hm. I

You intrigue me. A lot.
I love The Mars Volta. I recently discovered them.
...Are you voodoorabbit?

I'm still clicking all of the links...
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yes yes yes there is actually

yes yes yes there is actually someone besides of me who knows of The Mars Volta
I love them so much. Not only their music, but the way they think and talk too..

Ahaha no, wish I were, though. Sticking out tongue

Thank you, I'll check it out.
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I hope this is okay. x3; 1.

I hope this is okay. x3;

1. I’m always searching for new ways to find something interesting about myself because I, too, can’t stand how average I seem. Sometimes it s a desire to have one disorder or another—something, anything, good or bad.
Now I realize that we are unique.

2. As much as I try not to, I do end up adopting a lot of methods.
Eventually, they often mold into my own.

3. I love role-playing too! I make so many characters…
I want to experience so many different personalities and traits. xD

4. “When I have to say something to the teacher in class, be it just an answer or even only a simple question, I'm always near to crying. Nervous?” Yesss!

5. I don’t know if it has just developed from an old fear, but night always seems to put me near tears. It's strange. I wonder if it is anxiety, similar to number four?

6. I’m a perfectionist too. It doesn’t seem to work very well. xD

7. “I cannot do anything until it's extremely close to the absolute deadline. I cannot force myself to learn until max one day before an exam.” Yes! It’s awful. ><;

8. I’m always cold too... not just my hands! xD

9. I rarely choose music because I favor a particular artist. I pick individual songs.

10. In person, I’m veryveryvery shy. xD;
I would prefer to write a compliment than to speak it.

11. I spend way too much time on the computer too. I worry about my health,
but I feel so much more comfortable writing to my friends here than face-to-face with my classmates or neighbors. I’ve yet to find anyone like the community here in TEF.
My parents remind me time and time again that it isn’t good for me.

12. I’m trying to find myself. I think the person I am here is the self I’m looking for,
friendly and unafraid.

13. “I remember receiving that kind of compliment some years ago when I was 12. They thought I was 16. xD

Although looking back now, I used to be rather stupid and immature anyway. I know that I am going to think the same thing of my 14-year-old self in the future, which is why I cannot take myself really seriously. It's probably all just angst angst angst”

I know exactly what you mean.

14. I'm never thirsty either. xD;

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I think you can find your way around...

I'm sorry I keep giving you links...
I just get so excited, haha.

Tell me when to stop. :l
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Amazon-- Woah, that's

Amazon-- Woah, that's definitely a lot..

Ravynn-- Haha, I'm afraid that I'm not very experienced with this kind of "coding", but the page sure is intriguing..
Never stop posting! I've been waiting for this for so long. ♥
I just can't give you as many links in return. I'm afraid you already know the Donnie Darko website. Sticking out tongue
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Yes. <3
M+A Made it.
I think I want to make my Human Blog similar to yours, with the favorite music and websites.

I wish there was a way to make the biography have static as you browse through it.
Like it's corrupted and unstable or something.
Unplugged's picture

That would be so amazing, I

That would be so amazing, I was thinking about it too. The only thing I came up with though was overlaying a transparent gif over the whole page. There won't be any real page distortions this way, but at least you could give it that static feel.
Hmm, I should try that..
Ravyn's picture

When you get it set up, will

When you get it set up, will you let me see before you edit it some more?
I always wanted something like this:
The guy talking in the backround is so annoying...
But I love the static/glitching in that game.

One republics All the Right

One republics All the Right moves is a great song
Without Words by Park Shin ? something is pretty great.

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Yeah. xD Maybe it's traits

Yeah. xD

Maybe it's traits like these that bring the community closer together.

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Ravynn-- Of course. Edit: I

Ravynn-- Of course. Smiling
Edit: I tried, but unfortunately it's not possible to click on any links then. I'll try and think of something else.. :/

faunet-- Thanks ♥ I'll check them out.

Amazon-- Probably~

Sorry for the lazy replies.
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Ugh, finally. I have been

Ugh, finally.
I have been looking everywhere on the internet just to show you this artist:

It's really morbid, and kind of disgusting in its own way.
But, well. I think it's unique and I hope you think so, too.
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Wow. That's definitely

Wow. That's definitely amazing.
Thank you!

If you have computer and care

If you have computer and care enough I demand you to download and play this beautiful game.

Just a recommendation.

And I also ask of you to try writing something even though you claim that you lack the english skills "needed".
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Funny that you mention this,

Funny that you mention this, I was just writing something in German. I haven't written anything in ages. And I had to write a story for my english exam just two days ago. But still, writing something and posting it on the community is an entirely different situation..

I am a huge coward when it comes to games with blood/gore/anything else creepy. Only after playing The Path the fourth or fifth time I actually got the courage to go through Grandmother's house after meeting the wolf. It was so thrilling. :B
I will promise to try it out soon.
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I find you really intriguing

I find you really intriguing as a person.
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My gosh this is amazing.

My gosh this is amazing. o___o

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That light post is beautiful.

That light post is beautiful.
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I think I'll give up with the

I think I'll give up with the coding for today. It's a lot of fun, but it makes me tired. I'll clean up the code later, it might be easier to do stuff then. :x

@VCG: Thanks so much, really. I had a lot of trouble with most things here, actually. I had most of it planned for weeks, but I got into a whole lot of problems with the implementation. xD

@Ravynn: You know, that's a very beautiful compliment there. You don't hear that kind of stuff a lot. I'm really glad I do, thank you so much. ♥
The light post itself was only a brush, but it took me forever to figure out how to put that light there, haha. Sticking out tongue I like it too.
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Quote:One of my biggest

One of my biggest wishes is to have an out-of-body-experience...

This isn't so hard with a little practice. :3 Get into meditating once a day, and it doesn't have to be for very long.

Work on clearing your mind, or form a mantra of your own (there are other ideas too, just do a little research if you'd like) - get totally calm.

After time and practice, you'll be able to experience just that. Perhaps not on demand, but it'll come~. I imagine you'd enjoy it.

You're much older than your age, it sounds. An 'old soul', as someone once told me.

Beautiful blog.
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This is such a charming blog,

This is such a charming blog, like a wonderful nighttime world. Very easy on the eyes. And I know Ravynn just said but I wanted to also say that I love the lamppost. I think it'd look so atmospheric if you added little bugs flying around it too. Laughing out loud And this is kind of a small thing but I love the way the big 'Endless Forest' title lights up when you mouse over it, as if one was shining a flashlight over it.
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@Hraeth: *smacks head* I

@Hraeth: *smacks head* I can't believe I never thought of that!
Thanks so much for the tip, I'd love to try it out sometime..
(definitely an interesting subject, I might look more into that stuff, heh..)
I never heard of "Old Souls" before. Did some research. Maybe not so much a real Old Soul, but I can definitely connect to some stuff. Thanks ♥ Smiling

@Ephra: Fireflies are such a lovely idea! Although I'm afraid I'm not experienced enough with flash to implement them. It already took me ages to find out how to do the light, and I actually wanted it to flicker (?) as well, but I just haven't got the nerves to do more animated stuff. Sticking out tongue
I did indeed go for this kind of theme, thank you. Smiling
And someone noticed the title, yay~
Thanks a lot Ephra!
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Your song is kind of sad to

Your song is kind of sad to me for some reason.
It gives me that feeling nostalgia like I miss something but I have no idea what it is...
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Thank you, that's quite

Thank you, that's quite interesting. (: I love to hear what different emotions music can provoke for different people and how they interpret it. Especially when it's instrumentals because there are no lyrics that influence those interpretations.
I too find it kinda sad, nostalgic, but in a very soothing and calming way. It makes me feel rather peaceful. Like it's just the music and me, and nothing else matters.

Sorry for the very late reply though, I don't like bumping posts when there's nothing new to show.
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Track. (:

Track. (:
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...I just realized that I

...I just realized that I wasn't tracking this. At least, I don't think I am. But I am now. Because it's illegal for me not to. I LOVE THE MOOD OF THIS PAGE, IT'S SO... PRETTYYYY 8D ♥

*highly intelligent comment right here, you know eeet~~ ♥*
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You're so awesome.

You're so awesome.
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Quote:i want to keep the

i want to keep the forest as this little perfect world we dreamt of as children, it hurts when others point out its imperfection but i guess its inevitable


I'm sorry I comment here all of the time. You're probably getting annoyed by now. x:
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It's always a pleasure to

It's always a pleasure to read your comments. Smiling I'm sorry I don't always reply, I never know what to answer.
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This is a pretty interesting

This is a pretty interesting game, after experimenting with it for a while you can create a lot of cool things.
Unplugged's picture

Haha I know that one. Yeah,

Haha I know that one. Yeah, it's pretty fun, I used to do stupid stuff on it all day. Sticking out tongue

I find you to be a very

I find you to be a very interesting person. (:
We have many things in common.
I envy your knowledge of coding...
The lantern is beautiful. It gives this blog a sort of aura I like a lot.

I also noticed you were studying lucid dreaming. I'm doing the same. Have you managed to do it yet?
Unplugged's picture

I've actually just recently

I've actually just recently found out what lucid dreaming is about. :x I find it an very interesting subject but I haven't done much actual research on it yet. I haven't really "tried" it so far either, but I had a few lucid dreams in the past and I have begun writing down a few of the dreams that stand out for me.

It's exactly the same with

It's exactly the same with me. Everything you say makes sense if you put it into context with me...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one... Smiling
Unplugged's picture

Yes, there's always

Yes, there's always parallels. Smiling
Though this is so old I'm ashamed of it... frankly I only keep this for the CSS. I may update at one point or another when I'll get together, maybe possibly...
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Ah, lovely layout. (: I adore

Ah, lovely layout. (: I adore the lantern. I might use this structure for a page for my race's culture and such. How would I remove the cross mark thing and replace it with a normal arrow, for when you move your mouse around the page? Did I explain that right? xD Also, how to remove the black and white static effect? If you were able to understand that, could you please give me the edited code, or either tell me what to take out? Thank you~ ♥ (:

Also- I noticed the Lucid Dreaming mentioned in the comments above. I've had it only once. I was dreaming, and then I had this strange Deja Vu feeling that I saw the place I was standing before. Then I remember, while dreaming, that it was from a dream I had a week or so ago. I woke up as soon as I thought that- And it was the weirdest feeling... I also have background music in my dreams. Sometimes it's just music out of my head, and other times it's from movie soundtracks. About 95% of my dreams play out as if I were in a theatre watching a movie, as if I were watching myself. I have also died in several dreams. When I was a kid I would dream I was a man. I'm female, and have no desire to be male. Strange isn't it?

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I love this page. It reminds

I love this page.
It reminds me of walking down a lantern-lit street of rain wet cobblestone at night.
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To remove the crosshair,

To remove the crosshair, delete "cursor:crosshair", and to remove the static, "background:url('')" (this one exists twice in the code. remove both)

I think the waking up is a normal occurrence when you realize you're dreaming. I often wake up and am all "noo I want to stay in this dream" and try to 'go back'. Sticking out tongue
Death can be many things in dreams, but it's never literal. Smiling About being a man, it could be a different, unexplored side of you. As you consider yourself female, it could even be the complete opposite of you, things that you don't identify yourself with but that are still in you. Maybe it also has something to do with what is called the 'Animus'. It could also be a lot of other things. Dream interpretation should be left to professional psychologists, haha. Though symbols like these are almost never to be taken literally.

Mr. Sanguine, while the content is REALLY DAMN EMBARRASSING, this page has to be one of my favourites still, just for the lantern. Thank you. Smiling
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Ah, thank you- (: hahaha Yes

Ah, thank you- (:

hahaha Yes my dreams are very strange. xD They always have been.

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Can you help me with CSS?

Can you help me with CSS? This is my email: