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Feral Hearts is finally, but unofficially out.
However their servers are very dodgy, you might have to keep coming back and trying to get in until it works.
I'll post the link when it's ready.


Final Fantasy 7 Gaming Phase.
Crisis Core - Completed (Sniff ;_;)
Last Order Anime - Completed
Original Game - Playing
Advent Children - Watch After Game
Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus - Trying to obtain

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~~~##~*********#####*~*8***~~~~~******8**88''8'##8#8##8 NEW PAGE *~~##~~*~8#~~~~8~~#~~~*****~###~~*~~**#~~~~*~*

But I thought my butt was prettyyy :c
-jealous of your butt-
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Estme : I must say , I find

Estme : I must say , I find your words true and sorry if I did flame you anyhow.Didn't really meant to do so , nor harm in any way.Your langue is very polite and balanced c;.
Custard : I can guarantee it's not a 'petty'argument.And about the butts...uh looking up to-...uh...
I think my mind just...uh :y

.:| Updates || Deers || Art |:.
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No, probably not. I just love

No, probably not. I just love the word 'petty' >8D
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... OH U >:y

... OH U >:y

.:| Updates || Deers || Art |:.
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Custard has a petty

Custard has a petty butt.

While -I- have a pRetty butt. <33
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Seenya: Nonononono! I don't

Seenya: Nonononono! I don't feel flamed at all :D I hardly ever feel so really.

My butt is still better than yours.
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Estme, BUTT out of our

Estme, BUTT out of our conversation. You don't even have a butt. )<
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



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(No subject)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

gsfgsfgefgfgfgwfglslls I need

I need some sleep ._. this conversation kills my brain
and butt
which doesn't exist by the way
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It doesn't exist because I

It doesn't exist because I stole it. Now go to bed, and dream of sugarbutt fairies.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


*goes to emo corner bed*
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*crawls in and tracks* How's

*crawls in and tracks*
How's life? xD
"Who's that little old man?" - The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night
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I laughed so much at that

I laughed so much at that video, shimmy is genius X'D
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That video is hilarious XD

That video is hilarious XD

(No subject)

<: swinging by to express my love ~!
&hearts &hearts .

When your feelin blue look at the little plushie thing. ( though its creepy ) it loves you!!


I fail at making feel good words ;;

that video X3 what is that

that video X3

what is that song from anyway?
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OMG that video xDD excellent!

OMG that video xDD excellent!
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&hearts ...

&hearts ...
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Feel better soon, Vee.

Feel better soon, Vee.
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... <3 (:
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One of my favourite movies

One of my favourite movies has this awesome quote...

"Why do we fall?
So we can learn to pick ourselves up again."

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I felt the need to drop by

I felt the need to drop by and let you know that sitting by the crying idol with the sound up makes me want to tinkle.

...That is all ♥
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Rofl! ;_; Don't stay there

Rofl! ;_; Don't stay there long then!

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Quote:The stag announces his

The stag announces his superiority over other males by constantly bellowing out an echoing roar, which sounds something like a cross between a chainsaw and a burp.

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...Whoever wrote that needs

...Whoever wrote that needs to write romance novels, or something. CHARMING TO THE MAX, RIGHT THERE ♥

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Sound example plz. It almost

Sound example plz.

It almost matches the description!

Virgil should go for

Virgil should go for Vipin-doe.

I'm just saying.

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Rofl! He'll have to consider

He'll have to consider it, as long as Her-stag doesn't kick his hiney to mars. 8DDDDD!

Hi X3 My computer is dead as

Hi X3
My computer is dead as a dodo 8BBBBB I got a bad virus on it and now it won't turn on lololol so I'm having to steal a computer at work. I should be getting it fixed soon... hopefully. I hope I can be in the forest for the rut, I was looking forward to it with hornyKiyo :CCCC rofl.
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No excuses, this is what you

No excuses, this is what you get for downloading pornography. >( Haaa~

Hope so too, I'd love to see how she'll handle the changes in behavior and everything. It'd be nice stop being so softy-like all the time. ;_; lol X3

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--random-- You were right,


You were right, Brother Bear was a great movie! I've had a recent fascination with totems and what they represent. I know one of mine is the goose, who is both silly and loyal, and of course the deer, who is creative and selfless.

*nodnodnod* I'm glad you guys talked about that movie, I never would have watched it.
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Tell everybody I'm on my way,

Tell everybody I'm on my way, new friends and new places to see~!!!

God Brother Bear is love! I'm glad you enjoyed it last night! 8DDDD

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where have you been? ;.;

where have you been? ;.;
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Quote:where have you been?

where have you been? ;.;
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Mm...I really hope you're

Mm...I really hope you're okay...=/
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I hope you're alright, too.

I hope you're alright, too. I'm getting worried ;-;
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Vee is on holidays for a

Vee is on holidays for a while, she's fine <3
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Oh, thank

Oh, thank goodness...&hearts

Thanks for telling us, Misako &hearts
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Oh, I see! &hearts; I was

Oh, I see! ♥ I was beginning to wonder where she'd gotten off to XD geeze I'm such a worrywart
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It's very nice to hear Vee's

It's very nice to hear Vee's doing OK.
As a side note, I'd be interested in seeing another (though hopefully better-handled) rut this year.
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&hearts; She'll be punished

She'll be punished for making you all worry! >8C XD

And yes Seed! We have a lotta different plans for this year! And you only learn by trial and error anyway ♥! I don't want to say too much, in case I screw up and tell lies (LOL), but I think I'm right if I say it's going to be more spar-based as fawn-based. As in, "the creation of fawns"(lol sorry.) Is not going to be of any importance.
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Encouraged by Crimsongale and

Encouraged by Crimsongale and Seenya’s posts on here, I have gathered together various documentation I have collected to support their words. The TEF public needs to know what has been going on, as speaking in private never resolved anything due to VCG’s reoccurring avoidance of subjects that require her to explain her actions properly, lying and “word twisting,” repeated promise breaking, empty apologies and vows, hypocrisy, and denial of responsibility of acts that put her in a bad light. Her behavior hurts people. It has hurt many people. And, as can be found below, she admits this.

Sources: blog posts and comments from the Endless Forest Community site, snippets of MSN conversation from April 21 and March 19, 2010, snippets of conversation from deviantART Notes, and a snippet from a deviantART journal.

Naïve, eh?
“I wish you would read what [I have] to say, and take it into consideration.”

“Verycrazyguy says (1:38 PM):
The reason I'm biting back is because I'm shizzing myself frightened xD' “
“Verycrazyguy says (1:39 PM):
At first I respected you, when I was a newbie
I think it was your sayings
But at some point, I became afraid of you...”
“Verycrazyguy says (1:42 PM):
I've wanted to be your friend ever since i was a newbie.
I don't know where we stand towards each other though.
Verycrazyguy says (1:43 PM):
I respect you out of fear...”

Here, VCG seems to try to make herself appear less threatening as to gain emotional sympathy. It would have been wiser and more credible to explain herself using facts and logic instead of explaining how she had wanted to be my friend. It was off-topic and unnecessary.

“Verycrazygirl says (3:03 PM):
Corvus, the other day I was trying to be nice, inviting him over and showing I'm no threat. Yesterday i offered to help get him his raven spelldata. And was happy to let Polt go play with him
Pega says (3:04 PM):
This is why you chased him when he was shaking his head for Virgil to go away?
Verycrazygirl says (3:04 PM):
I was a bunny. xD; And he got way closer before I started following
Pega says (3:04 PM):
He spies on others. That doesn't mean he wants their attention. There are deer like this.
Verycrazygirl says (3:05 PM):
But then again, I was tired at the time”

A new excuse after each one is questioned, ending with an excuse that is not at all adequate – tired or not, a person will still have a level of awareness of their actions, leaving them responsible for them.

From a dA Note:
“(VCG) Yesterday, I tried to ask him to follow me for a bit so I could show her the trick. I didn't get too close, I was pawing and nodding a short distance away trying to ask her to follow. She did run away a couple of times and I followed, unsure whether or not it was IC or OOC. I was OOC but had no way of telling this and was too frightened to tell Raz through her friends who I was and what I was doing, but it did cross my mind to ask Trinket.
I didn't want to be accused of hexing, and because it's me who was being the mini pelted, I felt that she would immediately go off to report me. My reaction was heavily influenced by my insecurities and fear.

(Pega) You should have contacted her anyway if you thought of it. As I said, Raz had no clue that deer was you. So to Corvus, a stranger was bothering him.
And I happened to share the mini-deer pelting glitch on the forum. I even asked first in the community site blog for permission to do so. Raz would have found out about it after a visit to the site.”

Misunderstanding could have been avoided had there been communication, something she claims she thought of but never went through reportedly out of fear, despite the fact she was apparently unafraid to actually go through with such actions when it had been conveyed they were unwanted. There is nothing to fear if what you wish to do is make clear what is going on, especially if one states that was their intention in the first place.

“Verycrazygirl says (3:39 PM):
Mysts bloopers in that Baal ending vid is hilarious
Pega says (3:41 PM):
No more threatening to get anyone banned for disliking their behavior. */unamused at topic change*
Verycrazygirl says (3:42 PM):
I can't ban people, saying such is a result of desperation and fear.”
“Verycrazygirl says (3:43 PM):
I was just hoping that it would help prevent her from harrassing people who don't want to be harrassed, because asking her directly never worked.”

It is immature and questionable to change the topic in the middle of a serious conversation. This was an attempt to take herself out of the direct line of fire. She also admits to saying something untruthful.
VCG also indirectly admitted to being desperate and fearful, which is questionable. There was no life at stake after all. No true threats.
Yet threatening to report someone so they would get banned due to not liking their character is just what she did.
She indirectly admitted to this.

She even admitted to me once that she does indeed twist words when she is afraid.
From a dA Note: “Pega. I will tell you now that I do bend the truth when I am terribly frightened, but I do not full out lie.”

But words are not something to fear. And fear is no excuse to twist words. Fear is not an excuse to lie. “Bending the truth” is the same as lying.

“Verycrazyguy says (1:40 PM):
As would most really
I tried to follow that line*
But then I failed
Verycrazyguy says (1:41 PM):
Just like i did with the I Will promise”

*“That line” being my “tolerance” advice.

A blog post from May 5, 2010:

Pointing out that you know you have wronged people does not fix the wrongs. You can “regret” all you want, but it takes action. Repeating words is not the same as acting upon them.
And many of VCG’s words are twisted to a certain degree to make VCG look like the victim.
“Submit to their wrongness” – this makes it sound as though she is blaming others for her acting the way she does.

“Verycrazygirl says (3:55 PM):
Sometimes the way she kept throwing around her opinions hurt people
It's right to have an opinion
but it's not right to shove it down peoples throats
And I've seen her do that..”

VCG has said in recent times that she is starting to not care if she hurts people’s feelings when she gives her opinion. This is hypocritical.

“Verycrazygirl says (4:07 PM):
All Raz needs to do is harrass people she knows is okay with it...
Verycrazygirl says (4:08 PM):
Or Ren, in this case
I once suggested through a friend that she made a blog asking who Ren can and can't bother to save a lot of trouble”
“Verycrazygirl says (4:09 PM):
This was before she left
She could keep Ren between friends
And act Ren'ish when others approach first
Verycrazygirl says (4:10 PM):
rather then approach them first”
“Verycrazygirl says (4:10 PM):
(Wasn't the case last I heard when Ren was approached and harrasssed, I know)”
“Verycrazygirl says (4:17 PM):
But the people who don't know Raz or Ren assume he's an RD
Verycrazygirl says (4:18 PM):
Or some people who know Raz but don't want to be bothered by Ren will assume the same”

Raz posted a journal on deviantART on April 19, stating: “Just a little note to all TEF people: PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me about Ren. I'm willing to compromise.
Mostly because I'm getting tired of random deer attacking Ren.”
Following this, she posted biographies for all of her deer on the TEF Community Site, all of them containing her contact information (MSN screen name/email). Raz learned from experience, having created a list of deer Ren can interact with.
This is proof that people can consider advice they are given and change for the better.
Despite this, conflicts on this exact same subject initiated by VCG continued to occur.

“Verycrazygirl says (4:13 PM):
Like the increase of skulldeer who are ... buttheads. Yet few likes being randomly attacked”

I quote Trinket: “…on the third of this month (Raz’s third, which may not have been our third because of timezones), Virgil attacked Ren for prodding and poking at Pandora, who he has permission from the player to violently RP with if he so chooses so. Information on who Ren is allowed to chase is on his bio, and Pandora was listed at the time (she was put on the list on the 29th of July). Virgil harassed Ren by spellspamming, laughing, standing in, buttnuzzling and all that jazz. This incident was near the ruins, and before Virgil ran over, he was near “Draak’s spot” (if you happen to know where that is).
VCG cannot claim these were IC actions because of the way Virgil acted (laughing, spellspamming, standing in, nuzzling), and neither can she claim that these were justifiable OOC actions by claiming she didn’t know Pandora had given Raz permission, because then she would be attacking without evidence of harassment and non-RP behavior, and she obviously did not consult Pandora’s player on whether she considered Ren’s behavior against her deer harassment or not and whether she wanted help.”

A comment of VCG’s on a blog:

“Harassment can go both ways in TEF. Both sides can be flawed.”

“Pega says (4:18 PM):
This is something I need to bring up to the whole site: if you see someone who's been known to harass others, don't go chasing after them harassing them. It makes YOU (general "you" ) into an RD. If they stop, you stop.
Verycrazygirl says (4:19 PM):
I agree with that
And if one doesn't want to be harrassed
they should stop responding in ways that are positive to the harrasser
Like fighting back
They fight back then complain they're being harrassed”

“Verycrazygirl says (3:01 PM):
When Ren's doing nothing, I've no reason to be involved with him
Pega says (3:01 PM):
Then don't dance in or stand in him to harrass him when all Ren is doing is walking around.”
“Verycrazygirl says (3:02 PM):
Once though, he was sticking close to [name omitted]. [name omitted] told me on MSN that she didn't like it OOCly so I tried to tell him that we're not interested in RPing.
Unfortunately that came in the form of dancing on him, so I admittively made a rash mistake there”

Dancing in, as well as nuzzle-spamming, are tactics used to counter RDs. They are not “fighting back” methods in the literal sense, but can be just as harassing to RDs when the one using them does not stop when the RD does.
Two wrongs don’t make a right after all, something VCG admits here and yet later goes on to repeat.

“Pega says (3:22 PM):
I'm not saying I like the character (Ren). I'm saying don't start crap just because a deer you see is played by Raz.
Verycrazygirl says (3:23 PM):
I treat her characters how I would treat them ICly”

VCG admitted to using non-violent harassment methods on Ren. These actions are not in-character. They are always out-of-character actions.

“Verycrazyguy says (1:30 PM):
I guess I'm the only one willing to make it all stop...
Pega says (1:30 PM):
=/ if that's true, it would've ended a lot sooner”

There was an agreement set for, if Raz and VCG happened to have one of their deer in the Forest at the same time, they were to not acknowledge each other:
“Pega says (3:12 PM):
You two need to avoid each other completely then, cuz I'm sick of hearing about crap between you two.
Verycrazygirl says (3:13 PM):
I'm sick of having crap happen between us too
Pega says (3:13 PM):
I'll tell her the same. All fighting please end on both sides. (Can't now though, as she went to bed.)”
“Pega says (3:59 PM):
But, main topic here, no more crap between you two that doesn't need to happen.”

VCG would break this rule, though, by attempting to initiate interaction at random times, or even having her deer attack. Since this was in direct violation of the terms of the agreement, this unwelcome action can be considered an attempt to provoke, and not a willingness for all conflicts to end.

“Verycrazygirl says (3:37 PM):
If it means anything, I try not to let anyone get involved with quarrels between Raz and I, I usually rant to one or two people only when i'm upset
Verycrazygirl says (3:38 PM):
But I insist they take no action because I don't like big group stuff
Quarrels that is”

But VCG has had other people take action. This is more than just word twisting.

“Verycrazygirl says (4:14 PM):
But I can't help but to feel this violent streak is all my fault, after the Baal plot. I greatly regret how i acted back then...”

“Verycrazygirl says (3:06 PM):
I've only suffered from her bullying ever since the end of the Baal plot.
Verycrazygirl says (3:07 PM):
And yet she somehow always bends it to make it look like she's the victim.#
Thats many many months of grief, I try not to let it get to me but sometimes it just caves
Pega says (3:07 PM):
You're doing the same thing.”
“Verycrazygirl says (3:11 PM):
And I can't get it out
because her friends always beat the shit out of me
I'm too scared all the time
I'm terrified now”

A blog post from July 20, 2009:
“Because a certain member seems to be making assumptions again, I'd just like to point out that there is no vengance plot going on between Walter and Virgil. Anyone should know that Walter is just being the Walter we've all known for however long.
I also honestly wish that certain member would stop making my time on TEF a real misery. We had ended Baal's plot for you, we had destroyed her character for you. We have set ourselves, our enjoyment aside for this one person...
... And she didn't even say "thank you".
Or rather, she continues acting so unfair to us, and gains support from many members of the community for her unfair treatment.
What is with that? Does being a member for over a year immediately make you better than the younger members?
Before you call me a drama starter, I suggest you turn and actually take a look at yourselves too.
Because myself, and a few other members are sick and tired of being treated like dirt in a community that promotes being treated as equals.
And y'know... I'm actually scared of getting giftart or being mentioned in a journal or a screenshot. Because there are so many people who deserve it more. And so many people have been getting jealous over it. Now really, is it fair that I feel this way?”

A blog post from April 21, 2010:

A blog post that was too long to screenshot:
“A human is human.
Some are nice, some aren't.
There was once a person, quite nice, had her flaws.
And her own opinions.
For a long time, she tried her best to please everyone.
For a long time, she allowed people to walk all over her
use her.
She started to crack under their weight.

Time passes, and this cracked person continued to try to please as many people as possible.
But she had developed a temper, and her opinions always differed.
People started to stamp.
Know your place.

And eventually it all came down to this person shattering.
This person didn't want to be walked all over anymore.
And through all this madness
she reached up
and attacked.

Know your place.
And she was crushed.
It was then she realized
she was no longer that nice person she once was
she saw herself become a horrible cruel bitter person.
She became the villain.

She doesn't like this.
Not one bit.”
8/6/10 (hours later)
“What's done is done.
There is no going back.
Why dwell on the past
when I can try for a better future?”

I don’t think I need to explain any of this, as it is more examples of what I listed above.

In conclusion…

“There comes a stage where one needs to stop and think.
When one person hates you, sure, ok, that could be their problem.
But when many people hates one person, to the point some start hiding from that person, and others start flaming.
Then maybe you need to stop and realize that maybe the person they’re all hating on brought it all upon his/herself.
Perhaps, rather than deciding they were all wrong, you should listen to them.
They have their reasons.
I would love it if people, usually too frightened to voice themselves start voicing themselves.
That way you can start understanding what flaws are needed to be overcame.”
And actually overcome them instead of just saying you will.
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Since I'm pretty sure it's

Since I'm pretty sure it's been seen and I have no urge to join this little drama consider this post edited.

Thank you Tally, you didn't mess it up. Smiling
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I'm not here because I want

I'm not here because I want to guard-dog vcg, I'm not here because I like being in other people's business, I'm especially not here to attack. I'm here because public humiliation itself is not only cruel and unusual punishment but is even outlawed in our country. Did you read that right? Outlawed.

There is no reason why all of those throwing these posts at vcg couldn't have contacted her privately unless they wanted to smear her name through the mud and throw her under the bus on purpose. And maybe that's what you wanted to do, but it's something I've seen you try and defend one of your own friends from for years. If you don't like it, why do it to someone else? What does it solve? You fight fire with fire and what do you get? Just a bigger and angrier fire. You're not only giving her a bad name, but giving a bad name to yourselves.

I'm not posting my opinion on the actual matter, that's not the point. The point is that this behavior, back and forth, between you all is abuse. Psychological abuse. Since when is public harassment and abuse ok in the tef community? Again, I'm not here to defend anyone, it's a blanket thought over you all as well as other people among the community.

edit: Baal I'm pretty sure I replyed to Pega's post and not yours but if I did mess up your edit button I'm very sorry. ;3;

I must be missing something,

I must be missing something, because even after reading all that, I can't see the evidence of "backstabbing," nor can I see anything that is quite as bad as what is being accused. I see there have been some problems in the past, perhaps, but nothing worth attacking anyone over. Maybe I'm just dense or not reading something right, or maybe I'm just too forgiving. or maybe it's because this is all out of context. Or maybe it's because I personally haven't experienced any problems with any of the involved parties. I don't know.

And I still fail to see why this stuff needs to be dragged up now, even with the reason given. It doesn't seem justified to me. And it doesn't really make sense if you don't want people to get involved who aren't already, because this is basically inviting people to get involved.

I want to say more but I don't have the time right now, and I probably shouldn't say more, anyway. I'm just kind of confused by all this.
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Pega, that was extremely

Pega, that was extremely unnecessary and cruel. I am appalled.

Besides, I can think of a handful of people who have done worse here. (:
Your so called "evidence" is lacking in anything that could label VCG as a bad person.

I am going to quietly slip

I am going to quietly slip in, and state that I agree with Pega. A simple, little agreement.
I don't wish for drama. I am merely stating my opinion.
That's all.
This account is a biography holder. Nothing more.
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PEGA! *wishes everyone

PEGA! Shocked Puzzled

*wishes everyone could just get along*
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Sorry guys! I forgot to say I

Sorry guys! I forgot to say I was going away....

Anyway, this holiday has done me so much good! Even if we suffered absolutely atrocious weather haha. XD;

But it's cleared my mind a lot.
And a lot is going to change on my part too, likely.

This is just the internet after all.
And I realize now how little of importance a lot of things are.
I can't change the past.
At least the future will be better. ^^