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The Masquerade

The Life

A vagrant thief, criminal, and practical joker who delighted in the misfortune and vexations of his peers. Lived his life sinfully, schizoid and manic, making a career out of degeneracy, and infamous for his petty villainy. When his behavior birthed a personal vendetta against him from the King he was forced to court and tried to the greatest of severity. The magistrate banished him for eternity to purgatory; the Endless Forest.
There he found a wealth of suffering.

"I hate and I love. why, you may ask?
I do not know. but it happens, and I burn."

— Catullus 85

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Ahhh this makes me feel

Ahhh this makes me feel incredibly nostalgic! Great to see them back ♥
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watches intensely great

watches intensely

great character, tracking! c: