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Shell Sore, covered with some scabs, but otherwise alright. Aether Alert, but passive; almost contemplative. Note ...


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had an interesting rut, to say the least. discovered a lot of interesting things about himself, and about others, and enjoyed testing his mettle and the teachings of his mentor on the residents of the forest. held back, as he was taught to do, but ferocious in his approaches nonetheless. though he's built more for dexterity, found use in his teeth, antlers, and hooves as he gained experience in the art of feral combat. finds he likes it he more than he anticipated, and the release it brings to his normally shuttered self.

met a couple of new faces during the rut, and turned vicious on an older once as he grew tired of the taunting of kozan and his group. confronted the buck during a particularly foul mood and attempted to shred him only to be met with what he considered a pathetic amount of cowardice and surrender. pulled back and ultimately decided it wasn't worth his time, and left the buck to stew in the knowledge kyo wanted nothing to do with him.

had a spar with obadiah after finding his new friend in the other buck's company. didn't know when to stop fighting the feathered buck, and singed some of his feathers in some attempt to impress kalei (his friend) with the show. only backed off once kalei nearly collided with him. found himself enamored with dahlia's company, especially after a lengthy conversation regarding bugkeeping and the types of bugs both of them kept and showed interest in. finds her highly interesting, more so than many other residents of the forest.

more than once, invited her back to his home to share a smoke and get away from the forest. enjoys her company, and glad that his more malicious mannerisms don't seem to bother or scare her, only entice her more. allured by the thought, more than he'd care to admit, and crushing somewhat innocently on. finds her pretty, but doesn't recognize what that feeling is, really.

saw nothing of mali during the rut, unfortunately, and misses seeing the other around. did see quite of a bit of roawa, and took comfort in the dragon's company more than once. has a solid sense of ease around the other boy, and grateful in some ways for his nonjudgement of kyo's faults and eccentricities. curious of roa in more ways than one, but terrible at expressing it. happy to cuddle him whenever he comes around at least, considers him a childhood friend that he can look to for support.

did more or less nothing of note until they noticed niklaus had arrived. proceeded to badger the creature as best he knew how, mostly trying to settle down somewhere comfortable and getting frustrated when nik wouldn't.

watched him attack no less than 3 groups of random people he didn't know. unconcerned, considering they were all more or less strangers to him. focused more on nik, though did know when to back off when the beast was wounded. discovered that he doesn't seem capable of speech, but doesn't find this a hindrance. sat quietly with him on more than one occasion, though the creature seemed more preoccupied with causing chaos that kyo merely observed.

eventually, after another altercation, decided to give the big red dude some space and go watch the dragonflies for a bit instead.

had an interesting encounter with their cousin vikram after the attack on him and his father. finally realized for the first time that vik was related to him. told the younger boy he was glad he was okay besides a few bites. hung out with him and his mother for a bit of time before wandering off.

found more immediate family with two of his sisters, Thais, and Nix. made vaguely uncomfortable by yasu hanging about, but she departed quickly enough he could settle again. eventually, noticed the shape of Mali nearby and scooted over to her. went straight to the point in asking her if she was afraid of him after what happened in the fog the other day. assured it was more because he startled her, and not his power from the Incident prior.

conversed for a while with her about several topics, relaxed at her side as they spoke. didn't feel quite as much of a need to clam up as he did around others, freely speaking his mind where it pleased him. did strike a nerve with Mali a couple of times, the second time being more playful as she challenged him to a spar.

did his best considering he'd never truly sparred with another, merely watched his sisters do so with each other and aunt-adjacent indra. ended up in a heap with Mali after the spar turned into more of a game of chase. left the interaction feeling more confident in himself than he had in a while. filled with ideas, looking to pursue one or two in the coming days.

after a puzzling encounter with mali, reconsidering a few things. feels as though they've done something wrong, though both doesn't care to figure out what it is and also worries on it frequently. feels as though his power has frightened mali in some way, and experiencing a sense of both guilt and anger over it. finds himself full of dualities he has a hard time containing.

spending time with others in some attempt to form more friendships at the behest of his eldest sister.

started the day with their sibling, akahi, and ended with a new friend named in sionnach.

originally was on shaky terms with the sphinx that were quickly dispersed when they challenged her to a race they won. with their confidence boosted by the win, they reached out to sio to make friends and settled into a comfortable acquaintanceship with her.

what had started as a normal day quickly turned into a nightmare.

after a terrifying chase alongside mali through the forest by an aggressive beast, both were cornered in the ruin until he was felled by kyo's hand using the strange power contained within them. after much gawking from worried strangers and the arrival of an acquaintance, roawa, the three children were escorted by their concerned guardians to a quieter place to heal.

comforted by his parent, but left abuzz with many thoughts, questions, and most frighteningly, worries.

You've been very brave.

Somehow, Kyo had a hard time equating their momentary loss of control and panic into bravery.

has been having an interesting time navigating the social bit of the forest, and managed to make a friend with someone who left an impression on them (Mali) to the point they remember her name and seek her when they feel like it. finds family when they wish to, but mostly sticks to wandering.

wandering can include sitting with random people until their legs want for them to get up again and find someone else. staying too long with one person seems to make them uncomfortable.

prone to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it seems.

watched fake fighting, hung out with their unofficial babysitter, and met one of their many cousins. said meeting didn't go as badly as it could've, and left it with the promise of a gift from aforementioned cousin.

also maybe made a friend? they're not really sure what that entails or what a friend really is, but they'll go with it for now.

collecting the undying fireflies in the twilight and enjoying the fact it's perpetual sunset in the forest.

borned to the world

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