Nothing more dangerous than life itself; Vaara

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Vaara O'Braonain
Newborn - 18.1.2021
Son of Aina & Woden

20.02.2021; Since the death of his mother has been taken a care of by Ceryn, who also sought out a surrogate to feed him until weened. Each time joyed to see Kettu, feeding well and gaining weight again properly due to nutritious milk.
Has gotten a weird, sinking feeling that something is off, that mother isn't just tired. Visits the Pond often, sneaks away from his guardians to spend time there, waiting for mother to raise up from the depths but grows more and more sure she isn't going to do so. Reluctant to let go of his habit, in case she still does.

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Sigi by Wake

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Half-sibling! <3
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Tysm for the tracks guys!

Tysm for the tracks guys! ♥
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smol bean &hearts;

smol bean ♥

by sleepything
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A little!

A little!