Of Sand and Flame - Jamra

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Updates: Grumpy child is grumpy. Approached by another fawn and despite her want to play and make friends, brushed them off. Isolationism is developing as self defense mechanism. Joined by Blake who watched over her most of the day, but kept up her 'no touchie' rule. Eventually, Blake left to go investigate someone (Jae) and Jamra did not take it well. Went to go pout in the playground. Only Trusts Jaali.

Notes: Appears to be orphaned along with her brother. However, is linked to Jularh in a way that will tear her from wherever she is, back to the temple in Jularh every night.

Name: Jamra Azari
Age: Newborn 1/14/2021
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Size: Smol
Species: Presents both cervine and snake features.
Picto: Shelby
Reference: -X-


Info: A mix of cervine and snake. Jamra sports the body of a chital fawn with a snake tail and scales around her eyes, back, nose, and belly. Otherwise covered in fur. Stripes on her back and sides seem to glow like a dying ember. The glow tends to intensify based on her mood. Hooves also glow.

Jamra supports a thick build. Lots of baby pudge. She has folding fangs and often keeps them hidden. Will show them if defensive or angry or to look intimidating. She produces a potent venom but will rarely use it. Can chew or tear food but preferrs to swallow prey whole. Her tongue is also forked and highly sensory. Jamra is also capable of hissing.


Mirah - Biological Mother - Unaware of tie and blind to her in-forest form. Her Queen.
Ruaidhri - Biological Father - Unknown

Jaali - Brother - Only family she knows about. Everything to her. Possessive of.

MANY half siblings that are unknown.


Sig: Aihnna

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I sit

I sit

a littol babbin

a littol babbin
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ba bi e