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UPDATES — Est. 11.16.20

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Fell asleep at home and woke up in a strange new land.

What the heck is going on here?


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Picto: The Stalker

Name: Leaux (Said like ‘Leo)

Gender: Non-Binary (They/Them - He/Him)

Size: A hair shorter than #15 (6’6 at shoulder)

Age: 28

Species: Amalgam; Lion-Ox-Bear-Tiger

Diet: Pescatarian

Set: Great Argus Pelt, ZD Skull, Beluga Antlers

Scent: Wood smoke, almond, vanilla.

Voice: Matthew McConaughey

What you see

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TEF Reference Sheet:

Leaux is an Amalgam Hybrid of various different animals which gives him a Bear-like body with oversized forepaws and hooved hind legs. This is not an ‘unusual’ thing in his universe, to have a creature with a number of different animalistic components, but ‘Mules’ such as Leaux are almost always sterile except in exceedingly rare cases. Leaux is not one of those cases.

He has a set of Horns that can change shape/placement on regrowth and shed once every 4-5 Months, either growing from the top of his skull or his skull just behind his ears. The fur of his mane is thick and whirled, graduating from dark at the top of his head, to a vivid reddish brown, and once again to a dark/desaturated blackish brown along his spine. The fur of his body is short and wooly with both an overcoat and undercoat to help repel water.

Standing Upright:

His eyes are two toned, with his iris being an oceanic blue with a red rim and red pupil.

His teeth are made of, what appears to be, solid gold and he is missing his right canine on his upper jaw. His smooth, forked tongue is a pale blue, as well as all of his interior flesh.

What you don’t see


+ Cuddling
+ Drinking
+ Romance
+ Games
+ Exploring

- Sudden loud noises
- Getting wet
- Wearing Clothes
- Having his sleep interrupted
- People touching his Hooves


[+] Friendly [-] Stubborn
[+] Talkative [-] Overly-Empathetic
[+] Caring [-] Fearful

Leaux enjoys making others happy and comfortable, going out of his way to ensure the safety and happiness of others. While this is usually a noble trait, it can lead to Leaux winding up a little overbearing or getting involved in things that he really shouldn't. His kind and trusting nature means he makes friends and lovers easily but also leaves him vulnerable to being manipulated or having that kindness taken advantage of. Surprisingly, his naivety hasn't yet led to a callousness or bitterness, something he prides himself on.

Leaux is very creative and enjoys putting himself in positions where he can create things with other People collaboratively. Whether this is a communal storytelling, or a group painting project, Leaux enjoys helping others find their creativity, too, and express themselves through their creations.


|Cat's Meow|
While Leaux loves singing, he's not very good at it. He only ever sings in front of people he knows.

Who he knows


Etc. etc.

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(Original, Non-Tef Reference Sheet)

CreditCSS by Sycamorre.
DisclaimerIC at all times unless set is Sneezed off. This character will be an idiot and WILL stick his nose in people’s business he ought not to be doing that to. If you have a problem with his actions or you find him annoying, please let me know OOC so I can fix the problem! My discord is JaqueRabbit#9280 and I’m also a part of the Tef Discord Server, so feel free to poke me without adding me first!

IC=/=OOC, Me and Leaux are different people with different viewpoints. Things he says/does do not directly reflect my personal thoughts or opinions.

All that being said, I don’t think there’ll be too much drama with Leaux. He’s a friendly/happy guy and the worst I can see is him getting in a scuffle to protect someone else or sticking his hoof in his mouth talking too much, lol

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Track cuz I just saw him

Track cuz I just saw him Smiling
Discord: SimoSimo#5556
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Track cuz I just saw him

Track cuz I just saw him Smiling
Discord: SimoSimo#5556