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Also known as Guardian of the Bridge, Triptych is a rather mysterious and strange character that appears in the Forest in an amount of three copies. It’s hard to say for sure what Triptych really are. They may be triplets with an unusually strong mental bond, some kind of hivemind or all three are the embodiment of one whole person. They can't tell anyone about it even if they wanted to. But they... he... doesn't seem to want.

Most of all, Triptych loves to guard something, standing in a gallant pose on the left and right and sitting in the center. The bridge is his favorite place. He never detains and always allows anyone to cross the bridge, saluting him with a bow. He doesn't react to aggression as if he doesn't understand it. Triptych are generally quite peaceful and indifferent. He does not like to move and jump, rarely changes location and more often he just sits without moving and silently contemplates. Or he just stares at someone sitting or sleeping with all three pairs of his watchful eyes. Why does he do this? Nobody knows...

However, if you pay attention to him and come closer, he will definitely bow and start grimacing, shaking his head and dancing. But as soon as the viewer is far away enough, Triptych will freeze in place again and continue to just watch. He seems to instantly forget you when you leave. It is not so easy to be in touch with such an indifferent creature... If Triptich can be called a real living being, because he looks like more a ghost, spirit or some other strange phenomenon. It seems to him more pleasant to be with himself, whatever he or they may be.

I gotta track it the first

I gotta track it the first one! Smiling
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track c:

track c:
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same energy

same energy Laughing out loud
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Oh yes, the waiting was not

Oh yes, the waiting was not in vain!!
Love the music here, by the way.
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