the price of magic

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CSS designed by Acurna for Acurna for the use of Acurna
Snippets of code taken from Unplugged, Cissy, and WhenDeerAttack
Tab art by Sleepything, Trashtank, Hraeth, Dirpsaid, Carota17
Original Feral Design by Sarkoja
Main art by Wake

Click on the numbers to navigate further. This bio contains hidden scrollbars.

This biography may be subject to mature themes, such as violence, profanity, substance use, death, etc. I do not expect it to be any more triggering than other content one would find on the internet and any mature subjects will be kept tastefully discreet, though I can say nothing of my weird humor and foul mouth. My content is generally catered toward an adult crowd and not kid friendly.

She is JUST a fictional character. She is not made to represent anything or anyone. She is always in character and in no way should anything she does be taken personally.

I'm always open to any interaction but note I'm afk 90% of the time or MORE so please let me know if something is happening, wanna start drama, or your character just stopped by to sniff my noodle, etc. And sometimes, I'm just looking for a place to park my character before I leave in 10 minutes, so PLEASE just hit me up if my character is sitting. She's not ignoring you but I'm a distracted busy person. Who is also not ignoring you.

I do have the right to withhold or otherwise remove my character from any situations I'm not comfortable with. UNLIKELY but you know. Just gotta say that.

Discord @ aowacc#5114

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yes good

yes good
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adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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Yeeessss! Very pretty design!

Yeeessss! Very pretty design!
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Camps here now. Dis mine now

Camps here now. Dis mine now

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When the wind blows.