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Im on my BullS**t again... Changed her design Cool

Updates: Spending time floating about the forest. Spent time seeking out Ez here and there. Considers him a friend and enjoys his silent company. Noticed a certain blue stag hasn't been around the past few days. Spent time visiting his flower patches and sun spots, hoping to find him. Really only has a few friends so far.

Joined by Jae while sulking and being lonely. Happy to see him but kept what Kato had told her in the back of her mind. Wasn't outwardly cautious to Jae and all in all, enjoyed his company.

Today did the same thing. Walked around the forest, visiting sun spots and flower patches. Very happy when Kato joined her. Quickly moved closer to him but not ON him.. That's weird guys. Personal bubble.. Spent the rest of the day just sitting with Kato. Very happy Alina.

Notes: Has several bites and scratches on her rear and hind legs and a bruise on her shoulder.

Name: Alina Lenn
Age: Almost 5 Years
Sex: Biologically both Male and Female. (Male anatomy is internal)
Gender: Female
Size: -X-
Species: Mostly Oryx, Caribou, and Bongo.
Picto: fotos
Reference: -X-

Personality: Alina is rather shy and has a bit of social anxiety. Despite this, Alina is friendly and non-judgemental. She may be shy and awkward but once she warms up to someone she relaxes a lot. She's also very nurturing and maternal. She also has a fear of storms. Alina has some fire in her but she is easily snuffed out. She has a heart of gold but due to her shyness and anxiety, she can be a bit of an easy target. Alina is also 'new' to this world. She has lost almost all past memory of the forest and her family, but running into them will rekind that quickly. Really she just wants to make friends and figure out what's going on.

Info: Alina is the product of bond between two creatures that saw themselves as outcasts. She shares many traits from both her parents. She has the tupical build of a caribou with some more bongo like influences.

Alina has a few strange abilities. Her blood has two states. Normal and the consistency one would recognize as blood. Then it can be thick and tar-like. In both states, it is a deep magenta rather than a deep red. She has control over her blood and will often thicken it when under attack to choke and dissuade predators. She will also thicken her blood when she is gravely wounded to help stop bloodloss. In it's thickened form, it is mildly toxic and can cause stomach cramps, numbness in the mouth if it gets on the tongue, slight fever, and just tastes really bad.

Alina also has the ability send a chemical into her feathers that cause some of their patterning to glow brightly. This, along with flaring and raising her feathers is a fear or threat display. The bright glow meant to intimidate or confuse would-be attackers.

Alina can manifest a set of horns for defense. She often keeps them hidden, only showing them when needing to. Though during certain times of the year, her horns will grow on their own.

Alina is also capable of filling both roles in procreation. She can become male if needed. She will rarely ever do this, as she preferrs to be femanine and identifies fully as female. This is an ability passed to her by her shapeshifting mother Lueur. This shift will 'switch' things. Instead of having internal male anatomy, it will become external and her female anatomy will become internal.

Due to weird... Things.. Alina has taken aspects of Zafeiri's newest design. This is a result of Drogon meddlin' with things. Because he's a dick like that. May be bound to Drogon in some ways, or may not be. He probably doesn't even know.


Zafeiri - Mother
Lueur - Mother (Father)

Thierri - Brother - He is apparently indecisive...
Ifriel - Half Brother??

Many more siblings, half siblings, and cousins that will be remembered when met!

Adayti - Gave her medication. WHO EVEN ARE YOU?

Drogon - Soul Keeper & Life Binder

Jae - On closer inspection, Not Doge but Doge-like. Toothy and fluffy. Nice company. Was warned to be cautious around.

Kato - Friend. Glow. A kind stag who seems rather genuine and friendly. Enjoys spending time with him.

Etzil - Met. Enjoyed his company even if it was awkward silent company.

Gretai - Has no idea who she is. Attacked by randomly. Does not understand why. Caution.

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Siblin track

Siblin track
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ougohugo i’m late hello

ougohugo i’m late hello