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Have tried to settle into some sort of routine to keep himself comfortable after the whole ordeal with Jethro, tried come to terms with the fact that he might've lost his best friend. Pretty sure the other hated him.
Avoided the forest at times and kept himself busy in Kyu sekai with clients and other business to keep himself going, though not without feeling like something was missing. Beyond grateful for Jae's company when the two find each other in the forest and thanks to the Godless antics have managed to keep his spirits up and enjoy the woods. Feeling better as of late, as best as he could.

Anxious when catching Jethro staring at him the other day but didn't move in fear that it would just set the other one off running again, knew well that he couldn't take seeing it happen again. Surprised when approached and barely dared giving a nuzzle back, eventually settled under a nearby willow to awkwardly catch up.
Neither of them doing very good at hiding their weariness, despite their reassurances, though admitted to having missed him. Followed Jethro to the playground when they sought proper shelter from the rain and after a moment of silence voiced his concerns that he'd thought Jet hated him, that he hadn't dared seeking him out because of it.
Explained why when questioned and dumbfounded when hearing the reason to the avoidance from the other. Excuse me what?
Blinked in confusion and nearly couldn't find the words to reply, allowed Jethro to elaborate and admit he had gotten jealous. wHAT?? Thought his heart was about to jump out of his chest but managed to pipe up that there wasnn't any reason to be jealous.
It had always been him.

Settled into a comfortable, though awkward, embrace soon after, apologizing as they conversed further.
On a high yet still in disbelief, hadn't expected these turn of events and while glad Jethro doesn't hate him, help how does relationship and love work??

31/7 2020
SOME DAYS AGO, spent time with Jae and lowkey started sweating when Jethro passed by and gave them a stare in the middle of flirting. Tried seeking his friend out but was avoided at first and once he did manage to catch up, things got awkward when he tried to explain just what had happened, didn't chase after when Jet gave him a boop and left soon after.
Mostly just awkward bc he hasn't really been openly flirting in forest before and ofc his best friend had to walk in on him!! Lowkey ashamed but also not SIGH

Spent the other day playing and flirting with Jae once again before a commotion and a familiar scent had him sidetracked, slipped from the Godless company to approach Jethro once things had calmed down but when his friend moved away from him took it as a hint that he wasn't welcome. Backed off and watched the other for a moment before moving off, ended up inside the Old oak where he curled up, awoke briefly when Jae joined him but ultimately fell back asleep soon after.

Today slipped from the oak and sought refuge in the birch for a couple of hours, didn't miss Jethro's scent lingering nearby the oak as he left but couldn't find it in him to approach after the past two times of the other moving away from him. Questioning himself a bit over the whole ordeal but trying not to dwell too much on it, can't say it doesn't bother him though. Later in the day sought comfort in Jae's company when catching his scent, curled up beside the Godless and remained there for a good couple of hours before moving to stretch his legs and drink by the pond, didn't miss the large male lurking on him at a distance and engaged in the usual rough play when he joined him again.
Ended up in the birch where all the teasing and flirting eventually lead to intimacies that he secretly had been craving, curled up with the Godless after before slipping into a heavy sleep.

31/7 2020
Blissfully unaware of Jethro's death and recent resurrection, just believes he went on a small break and is acting just like usual around his friend.

Is otherwise working when outside the forest or relaxing when visiting, yesterday did catch a stranger (Jae) slipping close and eyeing him so stood to get a closer and more proper look of the large male before the other left again.
Moved about for a bit in the late hours when Jae found him again, curious yet cautious of his approach if only for the other's size. Though definitely couldn't say no to the attention he was given as they engaged in a session of play, flirting and nipping back and forth for a while. Tried to test the Godless with actions to see just what his intentions might've been and what his reactions would be. Eventually decided to be a little shit and bid the other farewell for the night with a playful kiss in his general direction.

Met him again today to play for a bit but was BLUE BALLED right back as the other had to leave, departing with a nip over his rump.
How dare!!
Pouted for a while after flopping down in a nearby flower patch.

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Track! Anpiel is practicing


Anpiel is practicing his healing magic on Izumi, don't mind him lol ♥

been here the whole time

been here the whole time

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ofc you have :eyes: thanks

ofc you have :eyes:

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kissums for the boi ♥
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