Whelve your words; Diana

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3rd of July, 2020. . .


Name ● Diana Emilé Sullivan
Titles ● Goldbloom, Colorblood
Age ● Born 21st of April, 2019
Size ● Tiny
Sex ● Female
Orientation ● What is this
Species ● Mix of a whitetail-deer cross and a jowjouk
Scent ● Fresh like a zephyr with hints of tea herbs and hazelnut
Zodiac ● Aries-Taurus cusp
Vocals ● one day
Reference ● one dayyy
FaceclaimRaven Lyn


● Built like your average fawn despite the jowjouk genes from her father's side.
● Facial markings are split from the center which is the result of common chimerism, eyes also possess complete heterochromia.

Personality & traits

Benevolent ● Imaginative ● Kind ● Quiet ● Fun-loving ● Vivacious
● Gullible ● Timid ● Moony ● Escapist ● Quirky ● Thoughtless ● Clingy

● Suffers from crippling shyness around strangers. Selectively mute, so far only her immediate family has heard her speak
● More details go here
● More details go here


StelmariaMother. Immensely loved, adored and idolized beyond everything. Clingy towards.
DáireFather. Immensely loved, adored and idolized beyond everything. Clingy towards.
DalzielBrother Mouthbreather. Immensely loved. Clingy towards.
EsllMaternal uncle. Adored. Loves to tease. Clingy towards.
EliMaternal uncle. Not often seen but loved nonetheless.
AimaPaternal auncle. ???
FainPaternal uncle. ???

Lucy/LibelPaternal grandpama. ???
SaulPaternal grandfather. ???

Met: Malikorin, Rye (+), Azusa (+), Meylou (++), 'Riddle', Ractera (+)


An enchanted ankle bracelet from Stelmaria
A koi fish made of magic from Stelmaria
A shiny crystal chip from Meilou

Art & Inspirations

Toyhou.se | Spotify | Pinterest


Code snippets from Evern and Unplugged, modified by me.
Bio art by Apel ♥

Diana is a work of fiction and neither she nor her thoughts represent me as a player. She is IC at all times unless mentioned otherwise.

Roleplay is encouraged, I can be contacted via Discord (Tuo#3714) or email (tuohoko[at]outlook.com)

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beautiful bby girl

beautiful bby girl


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Hope you don't mind, I

Hope you don't mind, I couldn't resist her cute face - an art


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thank you everyone &hearts;

thank you everyone ♥

also Apel?? that art is fantastic and so unexpected! like what the heck :sob: that face is the best face, i love how you got her markings to pop out the way you did. i'm also living for that pose and how the hind legs look, hnn- and you even added her little bracelet ;u; ♥ she's so goddamn gorgeous in your style. you're one of my favorite artists and i'll be staring at that drawing in awe for the rest of the day. gotta say the way you use light and dark in your drawings is simply mind-blowingly good. thank you for making my day, Apel, i appreciate it so, so much ♥

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she's cute, her spots on fur

she's cute, her spots on fur look like autumn leaves owow

by me

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sora; thank you!

sora; thank you!

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Ah I'm glad you like it

Ah I'm glad you like it <3 I really love her design, her face is so striking! Maybe I'll catch her inforest sometime.

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thank you sm again

thank you sm again <3 and maybe you will, once i get more active with her!

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a very belated track

a very belated track sd[p[spd[ ♥
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Draaac &hearts;

Draaac ♥

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a childe

a childe
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! <3