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UPDATES — Oct.16.2020

MentalInstinctive, somewhat feral. | PhysicalHealthy. Young. Still a hatchling. | EmotionalCautious, curious.

Has met a large creature.
He curls up with him, feeling happy, feeling at home, warm.
His wings flutter, the hunger abates.

Returns to the forest to see a gathering, joins at the fringes. Curious, he watches.

The Pink Guardian has joined him. He cuddles into their side happily.

Has met a strange creature, of scale and claw, not fur or hoof or feather. Anew friend, perhaps.

Has wriggled away again with curiosity in his heart, bounding away on talon and hoof with a tilt of his head.

Wandered away from Fin and Cael as they slept, approaching a strange pair of statues with many deer beside them. Has joined the strangers- and Urschanabi- in a small dance, quite enjoying himself despite his short legs giving him trouble.

Has awoken in the forest, a new day dawning. Alone. He settles near the pond with an air of stillness.

Is running about with Urschanabi, Sumo, and another, tumbling over his own talons and having a great amount of fun.

Has left Mallow after learning "Sawhry" and being named "Sunflower" Ran about for a long while, meeting many other friends, such as Yoh and Urschanabi. Lying down with them, for now.

Has met Maru. Was given cookies. Yes, good, tasty. Is growing. Learning. Knows "Pleeze" and "Thenkyou" words, will learn more eventually.

Has come to in this strange forest once more. Still hungry. Still a hatchling. Still an animal. Untaught and untested.

He is distracted from his hunger by the presence of Another.
Living. Breathing.
Thinking. Feeling.

Does it ache the same way I do? He wonders, for he has found Thoughts to be useful in these, his first few hours.

A young hatchling emerges from his egg and greets the forest, fluffy with down, and ravenous.
He seeks food.
He seeks meat.

name: khopari
pronouns: he/him
scent: sweet rot, the faintest smell of blood.
maturity: hatchling, just born.
sexuality: none
setting: wandering
companions: none
tasks: none
size: 19
theme: fingers on the pulse, but where's the beat?

Born alone, a scavenger from the moment he opened his eyes.
Endlessly hungry.
Seems to grow when he eats, but not much otherwise. A strange, stuttered way of maturing.



Small, gangly and fuffy, with poofy kitten-fur and the softest down feathers. A whip-thin tail sways with every breeze, and his grey-and-white coloration is offset by only the dark color of his beak, seen adorning his face as he prepares to consume his next meal.

Eyes are bright red with white irises, and black pupils.


Fully grown, Khopari is covered in sleek golden fur, with a white belly and black wings. White markings make strange, broken stripes along the undersides of his wings.

His front legs end in bird-like talons, while the back set are hooved. His tail is long and thin, still, but now carries a tuft of brown hair on the end, the same color as the curly mop atop his head.

His face is human most times, displaying a sharp beak when he settles down to eat. He no longer grows older as he consumes flesh, he has, perhaps, grown to his maximum size.


You would be hard pressed to find a flightier creature than Kho. While he may protect a meal once he has found it, he doesn't seem keen on finding friends, and seems much more comfortable at a distance.


Perceptions of Others

A guardian. Pink fur and wings and comfort. Happy thoughts, gentle breeze, warmth.

Met. Curious of.

Met. Gave him cookies. Taught him words. Named him. Grateful. Indebted.

Met. Danced. Interest.

Met. Lain with. Danced. Curious of.

Met. Lain with. Curious of.

Met. Traded. Curious of.

The Rut

Within the Rut event, Khopari is impartial, at least for now.

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