[A Bird Without Wings]

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Coding by Aivilo, with help and inspiration from many wonderful people.



Has finally grown into her feathers! No longer is she a patchy, scraggly birdlet, but a glorious young doe flashing colors she will never see.
She has finally moved out of her gangly fawn stage into a slightly more mature young lady and has, at last, learned the forest and many of it's more dangerous ins and outs.
Has also discovered the curiosity that is the rut. Is still to young for the "main event", but the noise and excitement are truly intriguing.

Had an AMAZING day! Started it off with being completely lost, but found a really, really big rock that she climbed ALL by herself! Was very proud of this accomplishment, even if it did leave her with skinned knees and a scrubbed nose. She hadn't needed a lick of help and had sat proudly upon her throne until an unknown voice called down to her.

At first, she was quite terrified. She had managed to get on the rock, but wasn't quite sure how quickly she could get down. And the voice was coming from WAY above her head so they had to be HUGE. But that was not the case at all. There were even taller rocks than the one she had found and that is where her Brand New Friend to be actually was. Which was news to her. But not the most important news. No, that came when Brand New Friend to be actually convinced her(terribly quickly at that) that they did not intend any harm and she was safe with them. Then promptly came down to her rock.

It took her no time at all to launch into twenty questions with Brand New Friend to be, which, to her complete joy, they did not seem to mind at all. One of said questions being their name and just like that, she had a new friend, Shun. She was a Cheet-Ah, and though Jay had not the faintest clue what that or the next explanation of a cat was, she thought it a brilliant thing.

AND THEN she got to learn about paw pads and those were amazing and she's secretly furious she can't have any because she so badly wants to be a good climber like Shun friend but that's all okay because Shun was going to teach her how to run like the wind! She truly could not wait to meet her new friend again!
[Ah, excitable, innocent babs. xD]

[Her feathers are starting to come in and boy are they annoying!]

Has been having an incredibly itchy time of it! Little spikes and plumes are making way through her baby fuzz all about her head and bottom. It is both embarrassing and merciless. She will NOT admit to having drug her bottom about more than a little. She has no idea why her own body decided to betray her this way, but does not appreciate.
Not one bit!

[Thank all of you so much for helping her get her mini set! So much love to you! ♥ ]

[She's supposed to grow up tomorrow! Gonna have to mini spell her. xD]

Has had the most indulgent day! Was found by first mother and led, in a now familiar dance, to all of the nice friends! And some she didn't know, but that was okay now, first mother was there and seemed to approve. She plunked right on down in the soft things she had learned were 'flowers' and that they were 'purple'. Which was a color. She had no idea what a color was, but she liked the sound of it.
At some point friend showed up and she only managed a drowsy greeting as she lazed about on the cool ground, by all of the warm bodies, utterly content and drifting in a half awake state. For one brief moment she thought of the monster again, could almost smell it's stench, but the half dream faded in the wake of all of the comforting scents around her. It was peaceful and truly, she would like for it to always be this way.


Was resting against a large rough thing that made what was, truthfully, kind of a loud and ominous noise, but it was oddly comforting? She couldn't explain the draw. But she could explain the hoofsteps approaching her, First mother! It took a little wiggling to pull herself out from the hiding place, but well worth it for the comforting greeting of first mother. She was very happy to see her and show that she wasn't so easily tired today. A thing which proved false as she was led away to somewhere she hoped friend was, and maybe the nice smelling soft things. She was wearing quickly with the trek, but was determined to keep up and with all of her effort, she did.
She would be proud of herself later, at the moment of arriving to their destination, however, she was greeted with much more scents than usual, and voices. She wedged herself beneath first mother, especially as the bouncy clop of hooves tumbled around her, but she was encouraged that it was safe, if a little scary.
But she was tired, and truly, if it was not safe, first mother would not have brought her here, right? She settled by first mother's side among the scents, sounds and warm shapes, eventually drifting off.
And then was woken by a shuffling nearby and a voice. A voice she did not know, but first mother was still there, so it must be alright. And they were saying things she had a little trouble understanding. She had never heard of a doctor[Meddog] before, but they did say they could make all of the hurts stop and there wasn't much she would like more than that!
She snuggled closer to first mother but allowed the careful poking and prodding with a quiet "Okay...", even when it hurt and made her jump or flinch. But the poking did not take long and then something cold was put all over her and it hurt until it didn't and she was a little confused, but grateful enough to not even complain a little bit.
The process had become strangely fascinating as each wound seemed to stop hurting, right up until her nose was touched. She SQUAWKED like an angry chicken and tried to flail away, but first mother's side was in the way and just as fast as it happened, it was over. Her nose throbbed but there was something soft on it that had her distracted enough she barely noticed the manhandling to get a bandage wrapped around her middle, though it did take her breath away for a moment.
And just like that, the whole ordeal was over and she was utterly confused as to what had just occurred. The Doctor's voice was speaking again, saying things about 'keeping an eye on her'? And gave her something to eat, which was just awful, and made her very quickly feel sleepy again.
She wasn't sure about this doctor, but she did feel better...good enough to let drooping eyelids close as she drifted off to a strange, dream-filled sleep.
When she woke again, feeling a little woozy, she realized first mother was gone, but friend had taken her place. She was very happy to see him, but was worried about first mother, pulling herself to her feet beneath friend's bulk and trying to sniff and listen for first mother. From the sound of things, friend was just as concerned about her absence, though fortunately they did not have to wait long for her reappearance. She was so happy to hear her approach she went bouncing to meet her, nuzzling into her chest with joy. She didn't seem to even notice that the constant weakness and pain had lessened so much at first, and then it hit her. She could actually move again!
This led to much careful bouncing with first mother and even friend joining in! She could barely contain her excitement over the whole thing until she learned something amazing and new!!
The soft, sweet smelling things first mother always led her to, if she rubbed her head through them, they would stay there! And then first mother was doing the same and FRIEND was to! It was almost more excitement than she could take!
Then they were bouncing and hopping along through the soft things, all three before she finally grew too tired, breathing a little difficult, and starting to hurt, and had to lay down. For the first time in so many days, she felt content, happy and safe.


Wandered off in a fever daze until she tripped into a pile of logs. Had lain there, slightly topsy turvy before dragging long, uncooperative limbs beneath herself and trying to figure out just where she was. But it was quiet and she was so very tired.
Drifted off for an unknown amount of time, dreaming of mother and thundering hooves bearing down on her and was suddenly very awake. She stumbled to her feet and as quickly as her sore body could move, she tried to escape the hoof beats.
Only to realize her error. There was no one, she was alone. She wasn't being chased. The monster was gone, she had been saved and...
There was the sound of hooves, and they were coming towards her! Without thinking she cowered back, not even having the good sense or the strength to run when they stopped, and she heard them.
Oh! Her friend! With a happy little bleat, she made her way to him as quickly as she could, the sensation of fear dwindling to nothing. She was safe now and she mashed herself into him as closely as she could, more than happy to follow his lead as he began to walk.
She was tired, she hurt and she was slow, but he stayed by her patiently and led her to something entirely unexpected.
There were scents everywhere and the sounds of running and it was all so very LOUD she didn't know what to do but try to get away. A thing that doesn't work when she couldn't figure out where away was. But through the intensity of it all, a scent came through.
She finally unstuck her legs enough to try and get to the first mother scent that was so close and then another was there and it was her savior! It may be loud, but this was a wonderful place! Both were so kind, and they nuzzled her and there was something small and warm whose scent she did not know, but they were tiny like her and everything was so exciting and she had to sit down!
Just...for a moment. That was all.
Drifted off to sleep, unaware of the actual cause for all of the excitement.


Somehow drug herself to the ruins and got wedged into a small corner. She's having trouble scenting others as her nose and face are badly swollen. Is a weary mess of dirt and dried blood that's feeling a little safer in her small corner.
Having some difficulty breathing and is drifting in and out of a feverish sleep.
Woke to muffled sounds and was immediately confused and then wildly terrified. All she could think in her addled, feverish state was that the monster had come back and she had foolishly trapped herself in a corner! She tried almost violently to back through the wall behind her, panic growing until, somehow, a familiar voice came through. First mother! And she was crying, stumbling forward and nuzzling the doe, desperate for some form of comfort and familiarity. And she was not alone! Her friend was with her, though at first she did not recognize him and flinched back into first mother who reassured her everything was okay. And it was, it finally was okay and she was safe with her favorites. They wouldn't let any monsters hurt her!
Though they did want her to leave her corner, which was fine with her. The fear that she had been trapped before still lingered and anywhere was better than that.
She was slow, leaning into first mother's flank, legs trembling as she tried to keep up and having to stop now and again to catch her breath, but she followed. It was not very far, but felt as though she had walked for days before they came to a stop among flowers that tickled lightly over her ankles and sent up a rich perfume when she sank among them in exhaustion.
There, first mother took to fussing over her thoroughly and she could only sway gently with the attentions before weariness drug her under again.


Has made a HORRIBLE discovery. Not everyone is a friend. Sometimes they want to hurt you and running blind in the forest can lead to many cuts and bruises on little bodies.
She had been following the sounds of others, hoping to find someone she knew and instead, while resting, encountered a night mare![Braam] She didn't understand at first the strange noises approaching her until the scent of the beast came through. Instinctively, every muscle in her little body drew tight with an unknown fear, pulling her to her feet. She wasn't sure what was happening, but the desperate voice in her head just started screaming "RUN", and, with a scream of her own, did just that.
Tearing blind through a forest of obstacles, fearing the unknown behind her, that was chasing her, it was inevitable that she run into one of those obstacles. A tree, at full, terror strengthened speed, brought her to an abrupt and agonizing stop. She hit the ground, stunned and crying, flailing little hooves in the dirt, still trying to run.
It would be of no help as, even in her dazed state, she could hear the monster approaching with heavy, gasping breaths and horrible grunting. She tried to scramble up, cowering even as she fell back to the ground, crying for help when the monster kicked her, nearly stomping her in it's mad rush as she screamed again, rolling from the force of the hits but finally finding her feet and running again.
She was hurting now, face bleeding and body covered in gouged wounds from sharp nails leading her to trip over everything, obstacle real or imagined. This gave her attacker every opportunity to strike her, sending her rolling more than once before FINALLY she seemed to have lost him. A thing that she discovered by the unfortunate state of hitting, full face, into another obstacle. A large stone that sent a painful scrap across her jaw and shoulder and put her on the ground.
Where she stayed, awaiting the pain she now knew would come for her, cowering and worn from the whole ordeal.
But the hooves that approached sounded softer, the scent that greeted was gentle, soothing and though her mind told her that this wasn't the monster, she still drug herself to tiny hooves and cowered before them. She would at least die on her feet, facing the horror.
But there was no horror, only a kind voice before her[Éasca] and in that moment of crashing solace she stumbled to them, leaned into a warm, soft side and sobbed with relief. There was someone here for her, and they were easing her away from the rough stone and distant sounds of fighting into cool shade and comfort. She stood, listening as she hid beneath them until the sounds of battle faded to just birds and the quiet calming of the doe. She finally dropped from shaking legs to lay quivering from adrenaline, pain and the sudden reassurance that she was safe. The doe lay with her and she snuggled in as close as she could before falling into an exhausted sleep.


Caught the scent of one of her favorites and found him all on her own! Couldn't be more proud of herself if she tried. Her joy led to a full afternoon long nap with one pleased as punch fawn!


Seems to have finally slept off the worst of her illness with the help of the many kind ones who have taken her 'under their wings' so to speak. Even a new one today who was smooth but soft.[Axoxoctzin] They made her think of something vague from so many days, maybe weeks, ago. Perhaps a memory of a mother? The first mother... She didn't know, but was comforted nonetheless.
Woke alone much later, had not even realized she had nodded off, but the sleep proved more than rejuvenating!
She has learned a few, very valuable lessons in the short days of her life, one of which is echoes and what they mean. Another, testing the ground in front of her. She made a whole trip to the pond and back to a nice, bright spot of sun all by herself and didn't even fall in this time! Managed to also stop before she bumped her already well bruised nose on a tree too. She's finally getting a hang of this moving thing.
She has been surrounded with scents! Some new[Llyr/Sadiki] and not so new[Maddox]. Something in her little head is claiming them a pleased audience of her mighty feat! Thoroughly thrilled with herself.


Her two favorites were sitting with her when she woke up! She would have been much more excitable about the whole affair if she hadn't been afraid of tumbling over her own legs, or them, and making a silly mess of herself.
She has settled for wedging herself between the two and huffing with happiness. They were always warm and kind to her. She really needed better names for them than first mother and friend.


Has woken up to something thrilling, a new friend to go with her other friend! She's not entirely sure what to do about this development, but if they wish to be around her, she's more than happy to show them her sunbeam game.
Slowly though. Breathing keeps being difficult and she randomly falls asleep.
Woke to first mother smell! Happily wedged herself between friend and first mother, only to go out again like a tiny light.


Is still feeling ill, but met a new friend who made music! A new being[Troels] that had a scent she did not quite understand, but who made soft jingles and fun noises. She quickly warmed to them and snuggled into their fur, even when they made funny click sounds that she tried to imitate but failed. Didn't take her long to fall asleep by their side.
Woke later to silence, confused, she stood, ears flickering to try and find her new friend. There were no fun sounds, but there was something nearby that had not been there before. She could smell them and the scent was a little bit familiar, though she didn't know why.
Trusting the familiarity, and having never known cruelty to bring her fear, she moved towards the scent and she knew! The first mother scent lingered with the other one's[Carmine] and she couldn't help but happily nuzzling up to them, encouraged when they responded in kind and she quickly tucked up to their side.
She was happy and warm, falling rapidly to sleep.


Cough is still prevalent and breathing has become a bit of a challenge but none of that is getting her down. She's easily tired, but still trying to explore this big new world. Has found an enormous attraction to bright spots and is moving slowly from sunbeam to sunbeam.


Is growing more confident in moving about, though has learned an unpleasantly valuable lesson about not running 'blind' with a face first tumble into the crying idol's stream. It was quite a struggle for little legs to scramble their way out when 'out' was almost impossible to find. Somehow managed it, soaked, half drowned and freezing.
Has managed to find a warm spot of sun to huddle in, coughing and snuffling over her new lungful of water.
The now much adored owner of the mother smell somehow found her in all the giant world she still couldn't even imagine yet and all she wanted was to snuggle in close and sniffle into soft fur before falling into a fitful, wheezy sleep.


Met bebes!


Woke up alone. Stumbled through the tall grass trying to find the mother smell. Ultimately failed though did escape the grass that kept switching her in the face. Doesn't know how far she made it, but weak legs and a grumbling tummy had her curling up on soft moss trying not to cry. She missed mother...

She eventually fell asleep. The soft chirping of birds and rushing of water lulling the weakened fawn to rest. She didn't know how long she slept, but warmth and the wonderful smell of mother pulled her from slumber. She didn't know this mother smell anymore than the other, but they were soft and warm, bringing comfort and easing her pains without complaint. She settled in to their velvety roundness, feeling content for the very first time.


Was trapped in the ruins for a short time. Managed to stumble free and only bumped into 2 trees before somehow making it to the pond and freaking out at the gross/wet of it all. Ran a short ways and hit another tree. Tried to shake it off and heard something nearby. Something tapping, rustling and with a scent like mother! Moved uncertainly, but finally bumped into the mother smell. Couldn't hide relief at nuzzles and soft fur. Followed the mother scent/sound for a long way, bumping gently into their side. Only loosing them once in the long walk, grateful for their patience. Led somewhere with tall grasses that startled, but settled when the mother smell did. Faded off to sleep.

Name: Jay
Gender: Doe
Age: Fawn
Scent: Mossy Earth and Petrichor
Fawn Ref
Adult Ref

Health: 90%
Mental: 85%
Physical: Has healed wonderfully! Though now suffers the itching of new feathers.

Game is played with softness at 100%, so I may take a second to notice you.
She is fully blind but can make out some shadow and light.
If she does the listen emote, she has heard you and is trying to find you. Making noise helps.
Learning to navigate the forest blind. Has become much more adept at using her sense of hearing to recognize obstacles.
May tap foot on occasion to help her "see".
Tends to recognize others by scent the most. Is learning voices, however.
Has become an absolute chatterbox.
Very curious, wants to know everything! Which can prove difficult for those she asks to explain said things. Not having a visual reference is hard.

I have learned...
Water can be dangerous. One should tread carefully.
Tapping can "show" you things that are close or far away. So can the simple sounds of hooves on the ground.
Not everyone is a friend. Some want to hurt you.

By me: Fawn
By XxSlow-BurnxX: Adult
First mother and much loved.
Will seek out.

Friend of first mother, and considered her friend too!
Will seek out.

Second mother! Fed and cared for her when she would have died otherwise.
Will seek out.

Likes because friend likes and they are nice.
Enjoys company.

Savior. Protected and watched over her.
Would seek out.

Doctor! She still isn't sure about this whole thing.
Would not run from.

New friend! Gonna teach her to be fast!
Will seek out.

Attacked her, trampled and hurt her. Is terrified of.
Will run from.


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