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P Physical
M Mental
E Emotional.
N Will fill all this out as she grows and I figure out who she is c:

December 12th
A lil belated but...
Finally given an official name by her father after her summoned her mother via Ragnarok. Still thinking little of anything as an infant child 8') but picking up lots of behaviors in the forest, possessiveness, snapping teeth when Rok is around. Adores her mom and that's about it, hasn't socialized much beyond her, Rok and the occasional visitors. Has been taken around a few key points of the forest with her mom, not really daring to venture far from the den, curious though and will soon dare to venture outside of her comfort zone. s00n.

October 31st
From the very beginning all is quiet, not a notions hint that she even exists right up until her first squall of breath and then coaxed back into silence by the warmth of her mother. Never having to contend for nutrients in the womb, is a quite plump and content pup for the time being, albeit blind and useless right now.






Name:Astridr *
Titles: TBD
Age: 10/31/19 Newborn
Size: Petite
Reference: Adult
Diet: Carnivore
Scent: TBD
Haunts: TBD
Voice: TBD
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a <3

pupper !

pupper !

new bb &hearts;

new bb ♥
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ty everyone!

ty everyone! <3
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sweet sweet baby

sweet sweet baby
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sweet lil useless baby

sweet lil useless baby
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who u callin useless i'll eat

who u callin useless i'll eat ur face