Blod ok Eld [Ragnarok]

Name . Ragnarök | Ragnarøkkr Sama
Of godly, demonic and mortal blood.
Older teenager/young adult

-Primarly takes the shape of a human being, though, posess the ability to take on a selection of other forms at his own will. Favors the shape of a seemingly cervine being in hues of gold, brown and dark grey.

-Adventurer, wanderer. A world traveler and collector of artifacts from various places.

-Proud, easily jaleous, powerhungry laced with a short fuse if things do not go his way.

-It is unknown if he inherited immortality from his grandmother's side or not.

-Grew up in his grandfather's world, and got involved in an asianed-vibed mafia'ish clan. A business with many dark sides to it where for example one is hidden behind the seemingly innocent exteriorin the shape of a chain of bathhouses.

Network .
Ren & Mikill | parents
Regina & Jin, Varg & Mildfryd | grandparents
Astridr | half-sister. Keeps an eye on for Mik.
Vakr, Galinn, Regulus | half-siblings
Many uncles, aunts and cousins.

Maenova | keeps an eye on for mik [Indifference]
- Rota, Osha, Kisari, Canary, Io, Ronja(+children), Raja, Morgul [Leaning towards negative view or mild negative view]
--Plague, Umay, Minh, Rhea, Zemora, Amaranth?, Shay, Eztli, Fell [Distaste]

Updates .
Found Osha in the forest a few days ago, and went over to just lazily stare at her until she turned around and engaged him in a convo. Told him that were was someone she wanted him to meet, and Rok responded that he wasnt interested if it wasn't a woman. - which it was... sort of.
Left the forest only to return a few hours later where he was found by his younger sister. Decided to have some brother-sister-bonding time with her which went from them sparring into ending up by the drinkplaatz where Rok told her about Thor the thunder god when lightning struck the ground not far from them for a second. Told her more and even promised to give her a hammer just like Thor's before Rok would create a sort of movie-illusion thingie in the air that decipted Vikings fighting on a battlefield for Ass to witness.
Got the fam time interupted by a lady who came over, but quickly dismissed her cause ruude im talking to my sis okay? Had no idea it was Ing in disguise, tho did notice Osha in the distance with Kissare. But meh, sis-time first.

Approached Osha again a few days later to ask her whetever or not the lady from the other day was sent to him by her- and also informed her it was ruuude to interrupt fam time. Then took off like a drama llama only to be found some hours later by the same, totally not suspicious, lady. However, this time, decided to investigate her which eventually led up to Rok inviting ladyIng to his world. Oblivious of how Osha's snek had been observing their entire convo and also.. slytherinto the portal hue..


Done a few encounters with strangers in the forest out of boredom whenever he saw an opportunity to sneak away from his "babysitting duties" aka look after Astridr for Mikill. Still quite meh about the job, but obeys his sire in hopes that he will acquire the lesser kingdom in Frossen in return for everything Rok does for him. Completely unaware of his father's views and thoughts on Rok himself which isnt exactly working in the demon mix's favor.

Yesterday; prepared himself for another dull day in the forest. Approached the tree as per usual and settled within eyesight of it. Only spotted Maenova aka does that mean I dont have to babysit today? Either way Rok saw that as an opportunity to stirr up some action for himself, and rose to stretch his legs while scouting for 'toys'.
Noticed two fawns nearby with their family, and went c8<. Headed straight over to kick the smols, and rile up the adults.
Juggled between fighting Raja, throwing Ronja around(badly. torturing one's charrie is fun sigh) and chasing after the small ones until a large wolf interfered, followed by EZTLI -insert dinkleberg meme here-. Amused. The three continued to fight for a bit around in the birch until Rok strutted off with a flick of his tail -quite satisified with himself.
Settled in the birch to rest, but noticed Fell nearby and decided to give him another round. Targeted the younger female that had been in the wolf's company from time to time which seemed to piss off Fell even more -success kid meme-. Then more EZTLI c8< and Io appeared. Tailed after her when she passed by the figh, only to deliver a message from his sire. "Mikill says hello" which riled her up real good.
Jumped through a portal at the Drinkplaatz to inform his sire about today's happenings. Unaware of how OSHA was spilling information about him and Mik to Ing dkflskf


Discontinuing to have this character camp inforest by random. He/his presence is request-only alongside my other characters from now on..


Fought Eztli again when he came too close to Rok's liking.
Updated relations some.

Quick notes before i forget but;
yesterday, went to deliver a gift to Osha from Mikill. Explained to her who he was etc and what had happened to his father, but their chat was cut short when some came for a fight, joined by more. Somewhat dissapointed to see a certain face among them, but 'welcomed' them with teeth and hooves regardless.
Things eventually died down and Rok asked Osha if she'd to head to his place instead of to Mik, buuut -dissapointment-, she chose mik, and rok thought he could perhaps cause a smol rift between teh two by revealing that Mik just had a daughter with someone else- but nu, it didnt work, and Osha still went to Mik's.
Went to check on Astridr from a distance before he headed home to be sour and tend to his wounds.
Inwardly thinking he'll never help her out more cause :// how could u.. but he probably will be assingned by dad to keep an eye on her too just like he has with asss- and rok really wants the throne after mik so ..


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