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The King Of Thorns.

M.90% - Stable, sound.
P.95% - Healthy, bruised and sore.
E.99% - Elated, joyful, protective.
N.Updates and relations!

Spent some time earlier the previous day with Lalitha. Surprised to see that she had finally given birth. Allowed her children to poke and prod as much as they wanted, happy to see both them and their mother doing well. Took his leave after the babies settled down, heading home to spend the evening doing what he does best.

Nestled comfortably in the higher class of Mareritta, woke to the sound of Skadi moving within his room. Was not expecting the news he received so early in the morning, but it was a quick wake-up call to rush her to the forest. Brought her to the den he'd made and sat guard outside while she gave birth to their offspring. Vigolfr, more often than not, had his face shoved into the den to offer support and comfort to Skadi and greet his newest children. Four beautiful pups squeaked into the world, two male and two female. Elated, content, and utterly smitten with the children. Increasingly protective of the den tree, strangers are likely to be turned away, and hostility is to be met with hostility.

(A small update just to fix his health and mental and emotional states.)
Spending time with family in the forest.

(Vig's player was at work all day, please forgive me if I miss any interactions. Please feel free to correct me if something was/is depicted incorrectly. Thanks!)
The soothing cold waters slow his loss of blood, likely saving his life. At some point, mindlessly drags himself toward his typical haunt and curls tightly around Galage's mask. Unlikely to let it out of his sight, nor let anyone else handle it. Even in his state, he would likely lunge if it were to be mishandled.

The first visitor his tired mind registers is Phyrra. Silently ashamed of her seeing him in this state, but ever so thankful for her loyal presence. Welcomes her without question.

Sometime later, the King is aware of Mjoll at his side. Surprised, since he had last seen her in Ydalir with their children, but amused all the same - especially her brazen comments about the things they would do once he was able. Simple things to look forward to after recovery. Content with her kisses and gentle conversation, his mind drifts off to dreamless sleep.

This paves the way for Lee as he joins the others. Is far too gone to put up much of a fight while the doctor works on his wounds. By the time he comes to, his wounds are tended and he is left in the presence of Phy-guy. Sluggishly pulled himself over and became the best pillow there ever was, despite the damage. Purred away, and is content with some snuggles from the best friend.

This update contains heavy blood, gore, and violence. Please read at your own discretion. For those of you who are not bothered by this, I have attached songs to help enhance your experience. Please read each section slowly and listen to the music for the full experience. Try not to move onto the next section until the song for that section is finished. Thank you.

After the news of Galage's death was brought to him by Rubdoma, Vigolfr's rage and sorrow could hardly be contained. Taking his children back to Mjoll, he departs Ydalir after giving each of the three a simple and silent kiss. Almost, as if he were saying goodbye.

Prepared for whatever comes his way, the man clutches tightly to the weathered mask of Galage as he returns to his home on Mareritta. It is no surprise to him when he finds it infested with faces he does not recognize. Instead of a warm welcome home, he is faced with the edges of many swords. He expected nothing less. Slowly, he steps forward, the blades following his every move. A steady hand extends the mask, resting it carefully upon a shelf that was barren of its previous occupants - looted by thieves in his absence. A thumb traces one of the lenses, wiping out the sand of Lepres, making sure she had a clear view of what was to come next.

Each breath that was pushed from their twisted lips plays in slow motion as the gladiator stands there. Baby blue eyes dart from one side to the next from beneath his helm, a grimace hidden behind the jagged points of steel as his breath is released slowly from parted lips. Tears speckle his lashes, but the rumble of a soft laugh vibrates in his throat.

Swift as lightning, the warrior draws his blades, raking them against the metal of his opponents as they lunge. The laughter morphs into a roar, filled with both anguish and fury, as he throws the enemies back with such force that the floor rattles with each body that hits it. He watches them scramble to regain footing, giving him the time to slam his blades together and ignite them in a crimson flame that was hungry to devour. The flame illuminates the room, and glimmers in the hollow eyes of the mask as Vigolfr stains the room with blood like the tears that stain his cheeks.

Bodies lay strewn across his home, gouges in the marble walls still burn from the King's fury, the flames licking up the last of the napalm. Vigolfr does not stop until the last man lays, drawing his final breaths. Little is exchanged between them, but the King promises a quick death in exchange for the name of the God or Goddess who dared put a price upon his head. Only when it was delivered, does the gladiator swiftly take the man's head.

The steady thrum of cheering voices, the alluring sound of singing steel, the thunder of feet. His breath is steady as he pushes his way into the arena. The mere handlers could do nothing to stop him as they are pushed out of his way with massive hands. The fury in his eyes spoke the words he would not - Move, or be moved. In awe, the crowds grow silent as he stalks into the field. The two in the center that fight hesitate, turning their fury upon him - fury which he welcomes with bloodstained blades.

Two gladiators turn against him, working to take him down as the crowd goes wild. Such things were unheard of, a rogue approaching the arena, but Vigolfr did not care. The person he sought was in the stands, and from the corners of his eyes, he could see her lips agape. She had thought him dead, and here he stood, plunging his blades into the chest of the first gladiator that dared swing for him.

The blades twist with a sickening sound of breaking bone and screaming that came from the throat of the dying man as his lungs were shredded. Blood stains the sands fast, a glimmering crimson in the dying light. Vigolfr brings the man to his knees, crouching just slightly to lock eyes with him so that he could watch them grow dim as death claimed another. When his head falls slack, the King rises - ripping his blades from his victim just in time to deflect a blow from the second gladiator.

A rage-fueled snarl takes place over the King's features, his teeth stained red by the blood of his enemies mixed with his own from an unknown injury. Steel kisses steel, and sparks dance off his breastplate as he halts the blade from taking his head. With a swift thrust, his second blade slides forward, effectively gutting the second man with one swift slice. Warm blood gushes over his feet as he turns to the side, avoiding the collapsing foe as piercing eyes focus on his true target. Myrkah.

Breath through his nose spurts blood along the inside of his helm, dripping into the sand below as he takes three deliberate steps. A harpoon rests in the bloodied sands, which he takes into his hand. Testing its strength and weight, his eyes trail the coil of rope that is attached. A perfect tool, one that Myrkah began to anticipate the moment he held it in his hands. She begins to flee from where she sits, hands hiking her dress up so that she could run freely. A shame it would not help her.

Winding back an armored arm, Vigolfr takes his aim carefully. With a thrust of fury, the harpoon sails through the air with deadly precision. The barbed end cuts into her baren back, staggering her with the force of the blow. Hands seek out the rope, pathetically dragging his quarry to him like a spider does its prey. She writhes in the sand, trying to claw her way away from him, but the King is relentless. As she nears, he rips the harpoon from her without mercy, giving the crowd her bloodcurdling scream to sate their bloodlust. A fist then takes a handful of her blonde hair, forcing her to stand and face those around her. His lips move against her ear, words only she can hear as they both watch the writhing crowds. The fear in her eyes was the only hint at what he could have said before his blade cuts into her throat and severs her head from the rest of her body with one swift movement.

The King shoves her body away from him with a knee, leaving it to bleed in the sand. Vigolfr sheathes his weapon finally and holds his trophy at his side as he exits the arena. He is only met with eyes widened in fear and jaws agape as he walks the streets to his home, and it is not until he steps through the threshold that the pain of his injuries leaves him to lean heavily against a wall. Gritting his teeth, he pushes onward, knowing that his faithful stewards would return here after news of his actions, and begin to clean up the mess of bodies. He would not be one of them.

The head is placed upon a single marble pillar - a trophy, a warning that would be heeded from here on out. It would never rot, a gift of Gods blood that resided within it. The bitch was dead, no doubt, but this would serve as a reminder to those who thought to pick a fight with the King of Thorns. Only death would come to anyone who dared, even Gods.

A careful hand reaches out to the mask, grasping it carefully as the King sinks into his bed. His wounds were pulling him toward sleep, but he refused to heed its call. Instead, he rests his eyes and grasps at the emerald-colored arrowhead, letting its magic drag his broken body back to the forest. With purpose, the brute drags himself to the pond, sinking into its cold depths and letting the water seep into the wounds and wash them of debris. Tired eyes are heavy, so heavy. So tired. So tired. So tired...

Pulled from a nap by Rubdoma, a familiar from Mareritta - and Galage's sister. Surprised when she tosses the unmistakable mask of Galage at his feet, and is left in a bitter rage at the news of what had happened. His best friend is gone, no more. In spite of everything, Rubdoma give him a chance to work out his anger, and the two titans clash in a fury of tooth, claw, and metal. The fight does not last long, leaving them both to embrace shortly after. It takes everything within the gladiator not to shed tears. Watches Rubdoma leave, and holds a silent vigil curled tightly around Galage's mask.

Today had started out much like any other, and the brute woke to chilling April showers in the depths of the forest. Rested in his normal spot for quite some time before a stranger approaches him with stunning news. At first, is a bit reluctant to believe them, but after a brief moment of hesitation, follows them to Mjoll's homeland, and is quickly escorted to the woman's side. Stays with her, despite her father's deathly glares, and watches his first two children come into the world. Filled with a deep sense of pride and joy. Quite eager to teach them all he knows.

It's nearly been a month since the attempted assassination, and since then, has healed nicely. Currently plotting out his revenge as he spends his time in the forest and other realms that have been opened to him by friends. Eager to return home and re-establish his dominance in the pits.

Has been spending plenty of time in Mareritta whenever he is not within the forest. Currently trying to keep his mind occupied on anything other than the current problem at hand. This means the King is more often than not found in the pits to alleviate some stress and tension. A sudden spring of victories brings him to the top, as well as paints an oversized target on his back to those who'd see him dead so that their champions can take the lead.

After an exhausting day of appeasing the Gods and Goddesses in the pits, Vigolfr retires to his home with his winnings. The halls are empty, silent - Chilling in a way, but he pushes on without much thought. Turning the key in the lock of his home, he enters and locks up behind him with a sigh.

Depositing his goods in his vault, he slinks off toward his bath, eager to wash away the blood of his opponents. It's a long process just to wash, but it was always worth it. Begins setting the coals up so that the water could warm while he disrobed from his armor, but would never get to enjoy the effort he gave.

Had only just stood up from setting the last coal when a distinct sound reaches his ears, as well as the piercing pain of a blade biting into his flesh. Wheels around to face whoever had dared attack him, sword in hand. With a mighty thrust, the sword slides easily into the ribcage of the would-be assassin. Locking eyes with them, Vigolfr cannot help the twisting feeling in his gut as the dying assassin smirks. Thrusts forward with his weight, slinging the man off his blade and into the wall. Watches them slide down, leaving a stain of blood down the wall as they collapse on themselves.

Sure that the assassin was no longer a threat, Vigolfr drops his blade, a shaking hand reaching back to pull the dagger out of his shoulder. Even with the blade gone, it felt as if something was burning through his body. Grasping tightly to the dagger, the Gladiator drops to his knees as the poison begins to circulate his body. A weak grasp at the arrowhead around his neck brings him to the forest.

Disorientated, weak, and bleeding from his right shoulder, he arrives in his normal spot. A dagger coated in his blood and the poison that infects him rests beneath his right paw. Wary of those he does not know but is also fading in and out of consciousness.

By the time someone stumbles upon him, the poison is hindering his breathing and causing his muscles to constrict and spasm painfully. Struggles to focus, but offers the briefest explanation he could by uttering a single word and revealing the assassin's blade. Was promptly treated by a stranger he did not know and is ever aware of Rhea's presence at his side the entire time. Knows the Hyena would not let this stranger do more harm than good but wasn't really processing everything that happened.

The toxin is nullified, and the stab wound is cleaned and sealed up with some sort of glue. Is left to rest at last after all the poking and prodding. Sleeping off his exhaustion. Will survive.

Wakes several hours later, feeling groggy and parched. Content to see Rhea there, but gives plenty of side eyes to the two males that settle a short distance away and hardly worries over the presence of the smaller doe as she clearly was too innocent to be an assassin (Cree stop being cute D; ). Was asked by Rhea if he wanted her to ask them to leave, and simply asked her if she knew and trusted them or not. That seemed to be a good enough response, for she gives them a look that they catch the hint of. Told her it was fine if they did not leave, but if they caused trouble, he would not be too pleased.

Felt like shit, like a thousand bludgeoners had beaten him at once. Muscles he didn't even know existed were aching. Lays there silently until the little doe and one of the males begins to leave. Shocked to receive a nose smooch from the doe and it melts his icy heart a bit. Vaguely aware of Rhea threatening the male if something happened to Cree, and so backs her up with a look to the male as he bids the woman farewell.

Not long after, Rhea asks him if he had somewhere safe to stay after the assassination attempt. His response was that the forest would have to do, for he could not return home in this state. She then offered him a place to stay and get cleaned up at. Could hardly turn down her offer, and was whisked away to the modern world.

(To be continued)

(It's been approximately 7987856454 years since I last updated. ¯\_(☹)_/¯ )
Spending plenty of time with Phyrra since having first met her. Expects nothing more than friendship from the doe and is about 90% sure she's already seeing someone anyway. During his time with Phyrra, he's noticed a lack of Galage's scent in the Weilder's usual spots, and has not been visited by her in some time. A sinking feeling tells him that she's gone, and he's trying to process how to feel about that. Is worried, but knows Galage can take care of herself. Misses her.

After being harassed by Phyrra when someone turned him into a fucking rabbit, he's plotting his revenge for when she least expects it. Curled up near her the previous night and wakes up with her gone and some chick staring at him. A little awkward, but he sits up a little more as if to say 'I notice you' without actually saying it. Before too long, she's asking to settle nearby and he's not one to decline new faces the company. They speak for a while and exchange names. Sance is a pretty odd name but well so is his so whatever. Their conversation takes an odd turn when she sinks her teeth into him, and while he should have told her to pack sand, he couldn't help but be intrigued and slightly turned on(though that was likely the doe's venom talking ¯\_(☹)_/¯ ). Once she was finished, can't help but be a shit head as well as a little provocative and teasing. Though, that all dimmed down once Phyrra showed up. (Check back, interaction is still ongoing, kinda. I passed out lmao.)

Spent some cuddle time with Galage until she had to return home to check up on things. Promptly sought out another body to cuddle, and that just so happened to be Phyrra. Glued himself to her side as they converse quietly. Eventually, she bounds off and he was too lazy and sore to get up and follow. Was surprised when she came back carrying a metric shitton of purple flowers. "Wow."

Sat still, as requested, while she decorated his mane and gauntlets, and pretty much anywhere else they would stay. Is a flowery boy, is a good flowery boy. Probably an improvement on his smell, honestly. Proudly wears the flowers, because he doesn't give a shit and will bite u if u make fun of him. Eventually, returned home to Mareritta while Phyrra slept. He returns with a gift for the golden doe, a purple flower that grows only in Mareritta. Drops them off nearby, so that she would see them when she wakes and heads over to his sun patch to brood since someone decided to talk shit about the flowers in his hair and armor while he was simultaneously picking flowers in a field. (': Politely knocked their teeth in. Respect the flower power.

With the bracelet charged, Vigolfr was finally able to return home. Spent a day there before returning to the forest very briefly to collect Skadi. Took her along with him and spent some good quality time showing her around his homeland while also using this opportunity to tie up loose ends. Much to his surprise, the man who had sent him to the forest was nowhere to be found. Abandons the task for now, and focuses on keeping Skadi entertained while also collecting winnings to pay for the mead he owed Galage. Finally returns to the forest, his collection of glass bottles in tow. Was quick to bury them in the roots of a tree to keep them cool until he needed them. Skadi had to go home and check on some things, and so Vig was left alone in his sunspot for a while.

Dozing on and off, he wakes to a rude intrusion of a small creature with a sharp tongue. Lumbered to his feet quickly to get away from the intrusive limb, but the thing kept coming for him. Briefly aware of Galage and Kaari, and sent them a desperate look that clearly said 'help me' but they did the exact opposite and left him there with the creature. Shied away from it a few times, but with its persistence, the wolf finally snarls at it. This seems to stop its advances, but it still kept trying to 'talk' to him with its weird sounds. Tried to talk back, but his words only scared it off. Well, if he'd known that was how to do it, the encounter would have ended a lot sooner.

After shaking out his frustration, he curls back up. Was joined by Sabbath for a while and after she left, he sought out Galage. The other was sleeping, and he figured she looked a bit cold. Offered some cuddles for warmth. Once the pair both woke up, they exchanged some conversation about the bracelet before the mead is brought up. Quickly excuses himself to go pull the bottles out of the tree near his spot and returns with four of the bottles hanging from his jaws, two for her to take for her and her sister, and two for now if she would share a drink with an old king. Content when she agrees, and easily popped the cork out with his claw. They share their drink and talk a bit more about some sort of conspiracy theory of bees taking over the universe before Gal excuses herself so that she could return home and get something to eat.

After she had gone, he strides back over to his sunspot, stretching his legs with a good gallop to burn off the sugar from the mead. Flopping down, he rests for a while and is later joined by Phyrra. Happily nestles close to her, enjoying the company.

Returned to the forest briefly while waiting for Galage to charge her bracelet. Wanted to say goodbye to those he knew, spend some time with them considering he wasn't sure if he would be able to come back now that the arrowhead had been removed from his shoulder. Keeps the arrowhead close, pondering over who he should try to see first when his thoughts are interrupted by an unknown assailant. They taunt him a few times before lunging, and the wolf hardly had time to get to his feet before they clash together.

This fight was far different than the rut fights he had experienced, this assailant was giving it his all, trying to cause harm, and Vig was not about to have it. Briefly recalls the scent of his homeland on the stranger, but there was no time to ask questions about such things when they were at each other's throat. Viciously keeps up with the other, taunting him any time they would break apart for longer than a few seconds. Well aware that he was exhausting himself, but not about to let this little prick run him down.

Eventually, the other has enough, taking off in the opposite direction. Too heated to care, Vig chases after him, ready to rip him limb from limb as a lesson. Catches up to him once or twice, battering him around. Was just about to call it off when the red male goes after a smaller doe. Is instantly filled with blind rage and tramples after them. A few times, he's able to snap the other canid's tail up and yank him around to fight, but the other quickly takes back up chasing the doe. Playtime was over at this point, the gauntlets easily becoming a weapon to use against the other now to put an end to this madness.

Vaguely aware of others stepping in to try and stop the fight, but was far too focused on ending the other Gladiator. Finally, he falls, and Vig wastes no time leaping in and snatching the other by the throat. He whips him around a few times to let out his frustrations before firmly pressing his claws into the other's shoulder and ripping out his throat. As the male begins to choke on his own blood, Vig would just stare with his one good eye, watching the life fade from the assailant's eyes with satisfaction. Hovering around the body for a bit, he would rear up and crash his weight down on the other's head, splintering the skull into pieces. With one mighty yank, he would make off with his trophy of the other's horn.

Stashing his prize, he leaves the corpse for Fari to devour, not much caring what happens to it. With a cautious approach, he limps over to where he last scented the smaller doe, finding her in the pond with a large ram tending to her wounds. He was still concerned over her, hoping she was alright, when movement catches his attention directly in front of him. Face to face with a stranger, he sniffs them cautiously before exchanging a greeting with the Hyena. Now recalls that she had been at the scene of the fight as well, and so as she invites him to sit, he does so. They talk for a little while, Vig taking note of the meal she scavenged from the dead male he'd just dealt with. Mentions nothing of it and the two exchange names. She asks if he knew the other gladiator, but the wolf merely shook his head. All he knew was that he came from Mareritta as well, and that he had been a poor fighter. Silence falls between them after he asks about her injuries, and he doesn't seem to mind as she jumps to talking to what appeared to be a friend of hers. Let them catch up before being pulled back out of the forest to check on Galage and see about getting back to Mareritta. So much for saying goodbye to friends, perhaps... another time.

Had a friendly spar with an unfamiliar face. Came to find out their name is Dajjal. Instigated the spar, offering it as a completely friendly interaction that was more play than anything. Ruffed each other up a bit, demonstrating their strengths and such before the two were winded. Thanked the other for the fun and returned to Sabbath.

Spending a lot of time with Ien and Sebastian. Generally being a lazy asshole while he recovers from his wounds.

Was invited to join a massive grouping of other inhabitants by a gorgeous lady and a small child who likes to bite. Was a little reluctant, but limped his way over and settled in to listen to them all chatter excitedly about stuff after introducing himself. Of course, the question of who hurt him came up, but he slyly dodged the conversation away from that path. Rested with them for a while before bidding them all farewell and returning to his rock to sleep some more.

His naps were interrupted by the sound of rocks hitting the ground around him. Glanced around until he noticed a strange creature tossing them at him. Just as he turned his muzzle to look, one of the rocks pinged off his nose and left him in a fit of sneezes as he scrambles off the rock to face off with the other. Not impressed, they share some words. He tells her about him a bit, but she insults him and leaves him beyond frustrated. Raked his claws against a nearby tree, shattering the bark away from its base and leaving it a right mess. Stormed off to a secluded area and plopped down.

Definitely aware of others checking him over as they pass or settle nearby, but makes no move to introduce himself as he's utterly exhausted and trying to heal. Sleep keeps him in her embrace for a while before finally releasing him, allowing him to stagger off toward the pond for a drink. Lays around in the waters for a bit before heading off. Was stalked by some canid, so huffed and stalked her back. She asked him if he wanted to kill her and he scoffed at the idea. Couldn't really tell her what he wanted, so let her sleep and wanders back to the pond.

Lay there for a while before the pretty lady from the other day joins him. Finds it rude to keep his side to her, so gets up and lumbers over to stretch out beside her. Trying not to stare, but damn she's pretty af. Surprised when she offers to patch him up. Nodded like a dumb idiot because frankly, she could do anything to him and he wouldn't care because she's so pretty. Is thankful for her help, and offers for them to head out of the waters so that she wouldn't grow ill. Pleased when she guides him over to a sunny spot and happily plops back down beside her, content with the small talk and silence between that.

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"The King of Thorns"
Vígolfr Vegeirsson
Draconic Canid.
*More canine than Dragon. Large scales cover his chest and along his side. His antlers are also of dragon origin and come out behind his ears rather than atop his head like a stag. Has an affinity to fire.

F.C. Josh mario john
Design by Raskaya
Human Reference by Ihenna

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