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This biography will contain sexual content, lewd thoughts and actions, blood, gore, and violence. Please click 'Retreat' if any of these things are offensive to you. By clicking 'Advance' you are subjecting yourself to potentially triggering content. You can contact me on Discord(Commander Shepard#3893) for any questions, comments, or concerns regarding his actions. His actions and thoughts do not represent me as a person. Thank you, and have a great day.

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The King Of Thorns.

M.98% - Superlative.
P.93% - Healing well, but still has a limp. Pain orientates in right shoulder with each step.
E.97% - Superb
N.Added content to Behavior, combat, lifestyle, and inspiration. Also added his size.

Had a friendly spar with an unfamiliar face. Came to find out their name is Dajjal. Instigated the spar, offering it as a completely friendly interaction that was more play than anything. Ruffed each other up a bit, demonstrating their strengths and such before the two were winded. Thanked the other for the fun and returned to Sabbath.

Spending a lot of time with Ien and Sebastian. Generally being a lazy asshole while he recovers from his wounds.

Was invited to join a massive grouping of other inhabitants by a gorgeous lady and a small child who likes to bite. Was a little reluctant, but limped his way over and settled in to listen to them all chatter excitedly about stuff after introducing himself. Of course, the question of who hurt him came up, but he slyly dodged the conversation away from that path. Rested with them for a while before bidding them all farewell and returning to his rock to sleep some more.

His naps were interrupted by the sound of rocks hitting the ground around him. Glanced around until he noticed a strange creature tossing them at him. Just as he turned his muzzle to look, one of the rocks pinged off his nose and left him in a fit of sneezes as he scrambles off the rock to face off with the other. Not impressed, they share some words. He tells her about him a bit, but she insults him and leaves him beyond frustrated. Raked his claws against a nearby tree, shattering the bark away from its base and leaving it a right mess. Stormed off to a secluded area and plopped down.

Definitely aware of others checking him over as they pass or settle nearby, but makes no move to introduce himself as he's utterly exhausted and trying to heal. Sleep keeps him in her embrace for a while before finally releasing him, allowing him to stagger off toward the pond for a drink. Lays around in the waters for a bit before heading off. Was stalked by some canid, so huffed and stalked her back. She asked him if he wanted to kill her and he scoffed at the idea. Couldn't really tell her what he wanted, so let her sleep and wanders back to the pond.

Lay there for a while before the pretty lady from the other day joins him. Finds it rude to keep his side to her, so gets up and lumbers over to stretch out beside her. Trying not to stare, but damn she's pretty af. Surprised when she offers to patch him up. Nodded like a dumb idiot because frankly, she could do anything to him and he wouldn't care because she's so pretty. Is thankful for her help, and offers for them to head out of the waters so that she wouldn't grow ill. Pleased when she guides him over to a sunny spot and happily plops back down beside her, content with the small talk and silence between that.

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"The King of Thorns"
Draconic Canid.
*More canine than Dragon. Large scales cover his chest and along his side. His antlers are also of dragon origin and come out behind his ears rather than atop his head like a stag. Has an affinity to fire.

F.C. Josh mario john
Design by Raskaya

Bow or Perish



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yup this is good. thanks!
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