Little Abandoned Experiments

Its a quiet day in the forest.

By chance you stumble across a strange sight in your wanderings. Several objects strewn about the forest floor in a small, less traveled area of the woods. Several books with pages torn and shredded, scattered around in the grass and soil, holes in the paper and bindings form an idea of what may have transpired. From what little you can see, the pages were filled with alien symbols. Around them are bags and what looks like delicate metallic tools of some kind, each crushed and bent. Something happened in this place but whoever was here is long gone and in their haste to leave they left this mess. Tracks and scents stop abruptly several feet from the books.

Perhaps you lingered to look upon the ruin, to study the things around you out of some growing curiosity or perhaps you thought it best to flee early on. Whatever your choice as you turn to leave a series of small, cream-toned shapes catch your eye. Gently tucked into the crook of a tree is several small eggs, haphazardly covered in ferns and dirt in a pitiful attempt to hide them. From a distance you can see they have some strange symbols written upon them, each one unique. A closer inspection would prove that the eggs are still warm, full of life and heartbeats. Some are dry and hard-shelled like the eggs of the forest birds and others have thick opaque films that are rather sticky to the touch. Whatever their reason for being here, it seems as though they were left behind by who or what brought them.

The choice is yours, what do you do with them?
Just a little miniplot thing, feel free to have your characters do what they like as not all these eggs will or need to make it.
Contact here or Oshi Boo#3403

Currently: 9 eggs
6/02: Signals from subjects 2 and 11 have also gone silent.
Still no response from Ground crew.
Location may not be as safe as promised.
Remaining subjects are alive and healthy though Subject 7's vitals are showing signs of distress.

6/01: An anomaly was recorded. 12 eggs pulsed but in the next cycle only 11 responded.
Fate unknown, subject 6's signal is presumed out of range.
Ground crew is not responding to query.
Remaining subjects are alive and healthy.

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eyes emoji birb is gonna

eyes emoji

birb is gonna take a sticky one, I'm gonna draw a thing after. She will leave the others alone.


Invisible scrollbox because long..ish.

The Axebeak has decided this small sticky egg is now hers and hers alone, it is currently safe in her possession.

Idly passing by after leaving

Idly passing by after leaving the deeply hidden hibernation nest the little pudu-kiwi's eye was caught by the shiny, metallic instruments strewn about. They quickly went to inspect the little treasures and begun to collect the most shiny and interesting amongst them.
It was by chance the little pudu found three of the eggs that were more visible than the rest. Dropping the shiny objects Oriole was suddenly hyper focused on these three new treasures not even noticing the rest of the hidden eggs. Out of the three Oriole quickly lost interest in one of them as it was sticky and odd and it felt strange against their fur and feathers. The other two cradled against their chest the pudu-kiwi decided that they must very much need a nest and be kept very warm. Yes, they will be kept very, very warm! The warmest!
Quickly they took off to collect some forest debris creating a makeshift hammock they could sling across their neck and carefully rolled the eggs inside, stuffing some leaves and feathers plucked from their chest between them so they wouldn't knock against one another. For a moment the pudu paused to actually consider the parent that could have left these eggs but quickly decided that the parent was very, very poor indeed to leave the eggs without a nest and warm things. And so Oriole took the pair of eggs to find a place to build them a nest and put many warm and soft things to please them.