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April 9th

I was ganna wait until her birthday but I couldn't!! No patience!! she grow finally!!

October 29th

ATTEMPted to enjoy the weather and a break from her studies when approached by a vaguely familiar and threatening Tyr. Yelped and ran across the forest trying to draw any attention to get some help, managed to stuff herself into a crevice at the ruins where he...hopefully couldn't fit. Her lil bird swooping frantically at his head pekpek and finally got some help in the form of Kesari who she spoke to a bit, realizing she was fine, very proud to have outsmarted the wolf and later Rhea and Milagros jumped in when Tyr came back to stare before MAMA came stomping in on a mission to kick his arse. And so the mini avengers assembled and watched until they disapeared into the distance. Ushed back to their tree to get fussed over.

August 21th

Has been, more or less growing a bit frustrated with her lack of independence, growing a bit more bold and...rebellious albeit in minor ways. Trying to sneak off. But managed to come to a compromise with her mum where she would let her wander a little more so long as she could keep eyes on her and so enlisted a certain little bird to do just that and follow her around.

August 7th

With her mom's permission spending the first day with her dad in his homeworld. Quite the opposite of anything she's ever seen. From snow to sand, dad this snow is weird. Got her very own room which he had spent so much time on perfecting for her arrival, loves it.

July 22nd

Starting to sprout some tiny baby teeth. A pair of little nubbins on each corner of her mouth, COULDN'T be anymore more excited, despite mom's...lack thereof. Growing a lot more interested in solid foods, putting her mouth on everything, chewing and gnawing. Essentially teething now.

May 12th

Met Nix, finally gosh where have u been. Also met a Verve, Sweetgrass, Thais (again) maaaybe Ephire, maybe more ;_;? EITHER WAY, pretty enamored by the new faces, up until the point some drama had started nearby, clung to her mother and stuck under Quay who had also come. Clearly confused and undeniably nervous, having never seen anything but peace darted to her den. Tearful even when the chaos had ebbed, got some smooches from her mama and a flower from bloodynix! which she snatched like a little goblin in her hidey hole. Later calmed enough to come out with a stuffed toy in tow and squeeze next to her mom.
Babies first fight, we'll destroy u yet.

April 22th

Quite content to snooze the morning away with her mother up until her father arrived, joyously bounced around his feet before settling for some grooming. Spotted her toothy fren and moved over to greet the other, not soon after followed by Grim who had brought the child another squirell. Sniffed at it only to be growled and hissed at. :eyes: Had a little flareup of jealousy but didn't really recognize it, nor did it last long. Beckoned on another adventure, first to a biiiiig tree, played a bit of hide and seek before moving on to the playground where they hopped on rocks, cautious not to fall especially after her friend plumuted to her death. Rip. jk they lived. THEN they found the blueest bowl of them all, got very covered in blue goop and proceeded to rub some on her brothers legs, very stylish. Then back home to rest before she spyed a group of fawns in the distance once her other friend had gone. Coaxed over when Grim took notice as well, one of the children, Zafir, she recognized, the other two were new to her, but warmed up quickly to Ranya and Mazhar soon finding their way to the ruins where Zafir looked like a big show off cause he got on top of the rubble, stubbornly persisted only to flop on the other side and get temporarily stuck in the square. Managed to climb her way out and make a smol pile of fawns.

April 21th

Met Ashe who came bearing gifts, excited to recieve another stuffed plushy to add to her growing pile, this one a fawn. Mimiced the others writing in the dirt, by dragging her own tiny hoof making several random designs. Noted Thais as well when she came by.. Mostly a resting day, spent getting doted on by mom.

April 20th

Had an exciting day adventuring to the pond with Grim today, not much scared but reasonably cautious about dipping her feet in at first, quickly grew to love it and watching some slow motion dragonflies and discovering a log on which to balance, given a pet dragonfly after Grim pulled off one of it's wings so it couldn't buzz off. Mine forever. Followed him up to the bridge where after some tapping, in her excitement, tripped over her own legs and went flying over the ledge. Woops. Thought it was KINDA FUN ACTUALLY minus not actually behind able to swim so Grim would pick her up and brought her back to the top of the bank. AGAIN PLZ and did so delightedly makee a slip and slide out of the hill to splash into the water while Grim stayed below to catch her. basically this After a few goes was led to the idol where she investigated a bit more before being led to a sun patch to dry off. Though quickly noticed another little fawn peering at her from behind a skinny tree. Approached, as you do other small things because clearly we r meant to be friends, was a bit different from the last kid she met however and was bitten!! Ow!! Why u do that, nommed her back with her gums, pretty oblivious to the fact that the other thought she was food, especially when the other started to play along and act innocent everytime Grim was watching. Confused entirely by the predators actions but maybe this was normal. Eventually tired from her adventure and plopped down with the other fawn at her side. It was not until the other tried to fit her spine in her mouth that Grim was like o hell naw and grabbed the other and tossed her away. Heck!! Waited until he brought the predator a squirel, not too affected by the sudden thrashing and tearing of the meat, just cause she isn't too familiar with the concept of FOOD cause moms got the foods, but the other seemed sated so r we friends now??

April 17th

On the second day did mostly bonding with her family, bounced around with her father, wrestled with her brother who also introduced her to berry painting AND ALSO got a handmedown stuffed bunnybear thing plz and yes more stuffed animals, I adore. But today extended her awareness of the outside world with a very short trip to another field with her mother, tho returned soon and met a new giant, Eliot, and played around his fuzzy legs, then for the first time saw..gesp another child. Giddily kicked up her heels and played with Zafir, bouncing and tripping over the adults before settling down in the flower patch.

April 15th

Despite a rather impatient mother, arrived on the rather quiet and uneventful morning. Unceremoniously plopped onto a soft and warm bed of furs and poppies and no sooner greeted by her mothers warm embrace and meticulous grooming who was blind to all else in the moment. Cocooned from the waiting world by an array of faces who looked on in anticipation.

I AM BORNED. Very quickly imprinted on those that surrounded her, wasted little time in trying her legs out when greeted by her father's very large nose and then Grimkell, a bit later Ramsus too. Still a bit too wobbly to do much other than find dat milk and eat up. Given a pinecone by Grim. :V thanks this is the greatest thing I've ever know, 10/10 toy will cherish.

Did try that walking thing later and used Eleazar as a way to balance herself while she sussed him out, being the nearest of the three males.


This biography should be tame for the most part but may contain violence, gore, sexual themes, and vulgar language, if you find this offensive, you have been warned. However, if you are confused by Izara's thoughts or actions, I am open to discuss them. Roleplay based on in-game events are most welcome. I'm also open for contact for plot-based roleplay! Izara is in-character 99% of the time and her actions do not represent her player.
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CSS by Salome
Top Art/Design by wake
Bottom Art by sleepything
Fading Tabs by WhenDeerAttack
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♥ !!

♥ !!

by sleepything
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Cutie pie

Cutie pie
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Cutie pie

Cutie pie
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Tracking this cutie

Tracking this cutie
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I cant handle how beautiful

I cant handle how beautiful she is ♥
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Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone <3
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Tracking this cutie. &hearts;

Tracking this cutie. ♥
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bab! <3
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Sigi by Wake


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What a pure child.

What a pure child.

"Nix Are you my dad??? JK but

Are you my dad??? JK but recognizes his voice. Babysitter #2 "

I'M DYINGSLDFK-- also just realized now I never tracked the baby, so here I am super late!! sweet lil child ♥



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