teach me the music that flows beneath your skin

"It's lovely"

Jude gave her a lavender crown and ria heart melted a little. Loved the gift. Surprised immensely by it. i hAVE A FRIEND?? Thanked him for it, and planned to make something in return.

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Distrusting Clingy Obedient Reserved
Welcoming Artistic

Appears incredibly aloof at first glance, her mind always elsewhere unless in conversation. Despite that, and her distrust, tries to give any and every individual a chance

Drawn to those that seem to mirror her own energy level. Since it's rather low, or she's still trying to find her footing in forest, gravitates to those she thinks are quieter and more lowkey, like herself

A mothers girl through and through. Blindly family orientated. If her mother or sister doesn't like someone, it is rare that Oriana will even ask why. Instead her distrust in the individual is immediate

An introverted youth from very early on in her life. Almost crippling so. Lacked a lot of self esteem until aging into a teenager and finding hobbies that she loves. Has since had a renew energy and interest in the forest since. Distrusting of literally every face, but trying her best. A little more brave when in the company of her sister; Engla. Returns home each night






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Traack. What a pretty lady.

Traack. What a pretty lady.
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So simple, yet beautiful css

So simple, yet beautiful css and the whole bio!
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So pretty

So pretty <333
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tysm everyone &hearts;

tysm everyone ♥

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&hearts; shes so pretty :sob:

♥ shes so pretty :sob:

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥

&hearts; &hearts;

♥ ♥

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