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PhysicalHealthy. | EmotionalFine. | MentalFine. | ReadNo meta playing please, no character should be able to know who is sire is just by looking at him. Thanks!

October 19, 2019 » Came to the forest alone for the very first time with the introduction of a portal key from Mirah. With his newfound 'power,' lunged at Kata on sight when he saw her.

Brawled underneath Minh, but eventually moved to a group consisting of a lot of people (Plum, Ross, Gair, Weasel, I THINK THERE WERE MORE I didn't catch, I'm sorry ;o;). Tried to sniff and investigate/greet some but Kata was still ATTACKING HIM and they continued their brawl for a bit. Got angery at Ross and Plum for trying to intervene, and was put into baby jail with Kata by Gair.

Was also sat on by Mathias at one point, and Zaf continued to FITE Kata by biting and drooling on her since they were smooshed right next to each other. Then Mathias moved Kata away from him and Zaf nipped at Matty instead 'cause he wanted to be FREE. Promised he wouldn't bite Kata again (and he was totally going to break that promise) but Kata didn't.. seem to be in the mood anymore with her head buried in the ground. So once Mathias freed him, ripped up some grass from the ground and dropped them on Kata's head.

She nosebooped him.. and he licked her face. (: Then Minh arrived!!

Kata told Zaf that she had things to tell him. Said OKAY and let her explain that Mathias told her Rhea bumps uglies with his moss (boss). And Rhea's horse (Xanos) said it meant sex but would not tell her what sex is. Kata demanded Minh to tell her what sex means, and Zaf AGREED.

THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE how repulsed Zaf is after the mini, all-inclusive sex ed talk from Minh. Has vowed to never partake in such acts, ever, in his life. Ew. Disgusteng.

Will probably bring it up with his mom at some point because.. if you need a man and a woman to make a baby, then shouldn't I have a dad. :/ BUT.. maybe his mom is special and can create babies all by herself??!
For SOME REASON that thought is more comforting to him than the former.

October 14, 2019 » Bullet points bc I am fading..

• Harassed people with his sister, 'cause.. what else is there to do..

• Prodded Altijd on the playground rocks and ran away when he got up. Was chased and PELT'D!! He's kind of spoopy..

• Approached the group Altijd was with again, and tried to be all slick by walking around the other way.. but Altijd met him on the other side and pelted him AGAIN!! O:<

• Sniffed Leto when he approached, and postured @ him..

• Annoyed 2 adults (Starkiller and Ragnara) but then they started to like.. flirt with each other.. or something. GROSS!!!

• Then more shenanigans ensued when Kata arrived. It took a bit for his sister to understand what they were doing, but couldn't really blame her cause he did the exact same shit when he first met Kata. Hid behind trees and tried to sneak up on a few people, though it's hard when everyone sleeps like rocks.

• Settled on Rhea, the only one who was still conscious. They were asked if they knew any words, to which the Cobra responded with 'NO!'

• More talking and one-worded answers, screamed in Kata's ear when Rhea asked if they were hungry. YES I am ALWAYS HUNGRY!! please feed me..

• Zaf said he could eat a whole horse and Ranya said she could eat a whole camel. So they r quite ravenous, you see..

• Kata followed Rhea to see where her corpse stash was, and the Cobra feasted on the leg meat when Rhea dropped it in front of them.

• Mathias and Neli showed up. Mathias was drunk tho, and the adults had a conversation about it. Rhea told Mathias to 'go home, ur drunk' and Ranya was like 'what's drunk c:' and Rhea said it was another word for idiotic. So naturally, Zaf turned to Kata and said 'ur drunk.'

• That set off a whole series of events as Kata pinned him down and shoved his face into the dirt, and Mathias proceeded to pick up Kata to get her off of him. Laughed @ Kata for getting nae nae'd by an adult while he was spitting dirt out of his mouth. Kata got PISSED and left.

• I WAS DYING MY HAIR AT THIS TIME BUT.. other shid happened.. and Zaf later approached Kata who was being smooshed by Mathias against a tree. im feel...... hm....... jealousy maybe..

• Squeezed himself in the small space between Neli and the tree. Yeah.. that's better..

• Claimed Yazul when he arrived. (: He's mine, not urs, Kata..

• Played with Yazul and Bashar for a bit, and then eventually left the forest to go home with his mummy.

October 10, 2019 »

October 1, 2019 » Was an absolute MENACE today.. (:

September 4, 2019 » why everyone wanna eat me

May 3, 2019 » Sticking close to his siblings and mother ever since the traumatic event he experienced. Recovering physically and mentally, the latter being a bit slower. Can still find it in himself to play and run around, but definitely not as hyperactive as he was before the attack.

April 23, 2019 » Day started off like any other. Bounced and roughhoused with his sister Ranya for a bit, playing a game of Leap Mom 'til Siraj showed up to play and provide them with some dead squirrels. Took one and started to throttle it, more or less playing with his food as he ran around with it in his mouth. Sort of tried to steal Ranya's squirrel but his mouth was already full so just.. chased her while tossing his head.

Eventually downed the squirrel and approached a stranger (Svea) when she neared the family. Bigg missteak...

After a few sniffs, was promptly hit and attacked which sent the Smokescale scrambling towards his mother. Was much more frightened than his sister during the whole ordeal due to taking the first blow, and was extremely jumpy whenever Svea came near as Siraj and Akil tried to fight her. Stuck to Mirah like glue until Svea made a second pass at the snakelings, the Rinkhal having to decide whether to risk staying under his mother and hoping he would be safe from all the colliding bodies, or to run and avoid being possibly trampled by Svea when she ran into the trio.
Chose the latter and was promptly chased, the fawn feeling the stings of her sharp claws on his back legs as he tried to get back beneath Mirah. Watched Ranya get chased at one point as well, though things became a little more difficult for Svea when Eztli arrived to aid the family.

When the fight was taken elsewhere, was led to the pond by Mirah to be cleaned and babied. Didn't cry, but did make whiny sounds from the burning pain on his tush and legs as he shook uncontrollably.
After a bit of soaking, sat in a spot a little ways off from the pond with Mirah and Ranya. Squished against his sister and mother, fighting the urge to fall asleep since The World Is A Dangerous Place Now but im just babby and easily worn out. So he shleep..

Woke up a few hours later to Mirah NOT beside him and that freaked him the fuck out for .2 seconds until he realized Mirah was coming back with.. someone (Pagan). Is a dumb baby so didn't realize right away that Mirah was hurt and shied away from Pagan when she neared him. Used the tree to create distance between himself and the pale doe, not really trusting of the Whites rn.

Relented when Mirah led him off to follow Pagan, because although he felt threatened by the stranger, trusted his mother more. Started to realize the limp in Mirah's step that matched his own, which made him think that his ma might have been hurting too.

Settled in the nook of Mirah's back legs at the Ruins and gingerly licked small areas of fur that didn't look damaged. Occasionally side-eyeing Pagan coz ):< whites ain't right

April 5, 2019 » Will someone pls teach him a thing or two about manners

March 25, 2019 » Experienced a lot of firsts today. Was introduced to water via the pond alongside his brothers, the Rinkhal splashing and also getting splashed by his brothers and mom after a somewhat timid start. Once he took a few big gulps of water, was then led to the Bluebowl which prompted Zaf to and try to eat a few blueberries..
Didn't like the taste and spit some of it out, but a few had already gone down his throat before he could taste it properly so rip.. Barf!

Had some fun at the playground and bounced around, sniffing a few strangers with Mazhar along the way. Settled back down at the den with the rest of the family and snatched a plump chipmunk when the food was offered, devouring it quickly so his other siblings couldn't steal it. ):<

Slept for a while!! But then woke up a few hours later feeling restless, craving some adventure and new experiences like he did earlier. Prodded Ranya awake and ran around like a bunch of hooligans, the two ending up climbing one of the large slabs at the playground but not really thinking it through, so.. got stuck at the top. Was very sad and thought his world was coming to an end before Mirah climbed up to 'save' them. Once she helped Ranya get back down, was grabbed by the scruff and lowered to the lower slab where he could jump down on his own.

Not too long after, got led to the pond again since Ranya had yet to experience water. Pretty much experienced everything twice, though was introduced to more parts of the forest that Zafir didn't get to see earlier that day. Sniffed some more strangers and nibbled on a mushroom tree like 20 times before he decided he didn't like it.

Managed to catch and eat a butterfly in one of the flower patches that Mirah led them to, but didn't really find it particularly filling or tasty. Just a lil cronchy. :/

Settled down next to his sister and mother in the patch, later joined by Esam.

March 22, 2019 » When the pressure inside his shell became too much for his volatile form to handle, bursted from his egg through a hole at the top and seeped from the ground in a wisp of black smoke. Once he reached the surface, struggled on the ground as a smoky figure that just barely resembled the shape of a fawn until Mirah used her magic to stabilize him.

Forced back into a solid form, was put to sleep by a yellow mist that allowed the Amahni to sew an Elyrian shard into the back of his nape. With the help of the crystal, is now completely stable without his mother's assistance.

Very wobbly and clumsy, which is partly due to being in an unstable form for such a large duration of his development. Gorged on a squirrel and rabbit, and then had a tug of war over Esam's squirrel with Mazhar. When the latter let go, consumed the dead animal and became more bloated.



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: o we should get along well

: o
we should get along well > ; 3
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gremlin time

gremlin time

(No subject)

(No subject)


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Smol bro

Smol bro <3
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thanks yall

thanks yall <3
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ooo i love him

ooo i love him


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tyty! <3
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adorable sparring child is

adorable sparring child is adorable
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thank uuuu so much

thank uuuu so much <3
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omg im in love

omg im in love <33
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His picto wasn't on the map

His picto wasn't on the map last night but I tthhiiink Altijd met this lil monster yesterday..
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riddledrhyme -

riddledrhyme - <3!

mis - that was definitely him, i didn't realize his picto wasn't on the map until after :'D i think they may have met once(?) when zaf was super young, but YEAH! their interaction was super fun!
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Ah yes! Spring ralley I

Ah yes! Spring ralley I think! Altijd had been sitting on that rock calmly for hours but I knew the moment I'd go brush my teeth something would happen, so that entire interaction I had burning mint in my mouth HAHA but he was entertained for sure!
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By Leuvr
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baby jail time

baby jail time

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I feel like he and Kata could

I feel like he and Kata could and would shake Plum down for some lunch money dfbfadbhgdfgfdf
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THANKS ALL!!! (; ranza u are


ranza u are a folo
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