But the pretty things are going to hell - [Ren]

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CreditCSS by Sycamorre. | Disclaimer{ All actions inforest are considered IC and do not reflect myself. Will be OOC around nameless/page not founds/deer with no obvious bio.


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scuffle time aka ren spotted a smol (Vidaire), tried to poke them, and the grownups were not happy not at all

until a random deer saved the day (aka ooc timeout because they weren't a character/had no bio)

to be continued one day....

Gained a burning hatred for Garai after becoming the designated rodeo bull.


met a persistant namelessWas followed by Ku, was also then promptly attacked by Ku. For the life of him couldn't remember what he'd done, but w/e if you're gonna punch me I'm gonna punch you back. Mentioned something about a kid, though Ren was just "lol u mad" about the whole thing.

will ren learn his lesson not to try and hunt peoples kids inforest? doubt


Has no idea what went on, but the sounds of a scuffle drew him in. Arrived to see a giant fight had broken out. Decided he'd found todays entertainment and sat on the sidelines and watched Greitai get punched for a while.

nvm ren can't resist bullying a small timid deer cos he's a butt

Ended up getting bored because the fight stopped, was going to walk away but he spotted a smaller deer (plum). Loomed up to them and when they tried to zip away chaos ensued. Ren taking great enjoyment in pursuing the timid deer while being chased by two others.

Was distracted by the two deer who I've forgotten the names/pictos of hgjkfnd and ultimately lost Plum, upon realising this he lost interest in the situation and wandered away to the ruins in hopes to loaf.

but his plans to loaf were thwarted pretty quickly as he in turn was pursued by the two from prior....which ended up into a fight breaking out. Multiple deer joining the fray hi ross and Ren being vastly outnumbered. Stood his ground and fought back for a while before the quarrel died down, he figured "w/e ok christ jeez bunch of spoil sports" and lumbered to the playground to recuperate.


Was actually enjoying the peace for all of five minutes until he got bored and started lurking around. Didn't know what to make of some ceratopsians (Makah and company) he saw by the lake, decided to keep his distance as he noseyed around them. Ultimately left them alone as he wasn't up for being impaled today.

Wandered around some more, wasn't long until he ran into more dinodeer (Greitai + Fari), also stared at them for a while tabbed out and found greitai had stood up oops. Things immediately went to hell when it clicked in Ren's mind that it seemed that Greitai was protecting Fari, so of course Ren decided to provoke them both, zipping around them while trying to get at Fari.

Retaliated when things got physical, biting and charging when he could. Giving the odd laugh at Greitai's anger. Eventually lost interest and attempted to move off...was pursued and the quarrel continued. Still amused that Greitai was that mad, fought back before once again wandering off to recover.

Enterained that he fought dinosaurs


Had a Ren-ified "reunion" with Talla after he caught sight/whiff/idk of her picto. Messed with her for a little while by slowly following her around the forest, eventually turning it into a full blown chase. Pleased in a screwed up way that he's seen a familiar face after making a return to the forest.

Did have a minor "what" at the drinkplaats as he'd never experienced/seen it before.


Attempted to play fawn bowling, and by fawn bowling I mean he lurked around a small herd, watched said fawns play for a while before lining himself up and barging through them all. Was it for intimidation shenanigans or a legit attempt at steamrolling someones kids we just don't know.

Returned a while later, this time to nosey around while paying no mind to anyone's personal space; wanted to get confirmation that that was indeed a lion sitting (Kuwaka) among that small herd. Given that said noseying was literally involving him just barging his way into said group again it attracted the interest of the children from before (site is going into molasses mode and can't get the names ghfjg), partially ignored them until he saw the smallest appearing to bury themselves into the lion. Ren being Ren then figured he should try to scare the little thing away because why not.

Fawn brigade to the rescue

Reared and lunged at the fite mode fawns (oocly made no physical contact because assumed parents were afk), laughed at their attempts at being brave before strolling away to find amusement elsewhere.


Added a quickref.

Lounged on a slab and stared at a nearby white deer with a skull mask and zombie antlers for a while, amused that nothing has changed and others still use said set pieces to try to look intimidating according to him


Currently just prowling the forest
reclaimed the slab

Also a birb sat on his horns for a bit


Took advantage of the site behaving for once to put in a new css, still need to tweak it but it'll do for now.


Name: Renoir Erebus
Pictoname: Renoir
Age: Mid 20s/Immortal
Species: Werewolf/some kind of wolf cervine hybrid
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Mate: none but it's complicated
Height: 15
Inforest Set: Magpie pelt, Kirin/Ram horns, maybe real deer mask maybe not.
Ref Sheet: [x]
Spot: The Ruins Slab


Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil

Predatory; chances are if your character is a fawn, small or fearful of him he'll chase them purely to terrorise them.

Usually rude, won't bow in return or bow in general.

Is a werewolf however that works in TEF, has increased physical strength and agility. Also has increased regeneration. Is weak to silver/silver can do serious physical harm depending on the amount.

Immune to an extent to most venoms and toxins, it would take an incredibly large dose for it to have an effect due to the werewolf "venom" in his veins providing an aggressive defense alongside regeneration.


Narcissistic | short tempered | egotistical | manipulative | bully
cocky | flirtatious | stubborn | strong willed

Not a fun time if you're on his bad side.

Not afraid to use brute force, especially when made angry. Will also usually result to violence when antagonised.

Homophobic, close minded.

Protective over those he cares about, but it does depend on the other character.

Masochistic; can and will find your character's pain/suffering amusing. Literally has a "u mad lolol" attitude if others are angry at him.

Respects bravery and tenacity. Also depends on the other character.

Insulting, has little or no filter.

Straight to the point, doesn't sugarcoat things.



I've lost track of most of the characters he bothered, minus the major ones. Although chances are I've probably lost track of some of those too

Scare/Scarecrow - Oldest "friend"/companion/aquaintance. Usually drives Ren insane with his intelligence, logic and antagonising. Somehow has put up with him after all this time. Over the years has learned a thing or two from him which probably isn't a good thing.
Kaoori - Considered a prey item/object of terrorising for his own messed up amusement in the past.......and present. Usually thwarted by her mate Wesker. (He's unaware of Wesker's dissappearance from the forest)
Greitai - u mad
Kuwaka - also u mad, something about their kid
Garai - >8| pest

Past Relations
Min - Gone. The closest thing to a "love"/relationship he ever had albeit an unhealthy one. Loyal yet disloyal to one another. Loved that she could fight, and would often spar with her, picking up a few moves along the way. Looked past her issues and thought she was awesome, she was also probably the only one who he didn't mind losing to.
Az - Gone. no >8|
Caps/Capsule - Gone.


By me:
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x]




OOCly will not be starting serious trouble if players are afk; eg he won't be full on murderising characters children if it appears that the parents/guardians/etc are afk. Terrorising yes, physical trauma no (unless it's okay).

Hit me up on discord if you want to rp/plot/give ok to maul: Raz#5512

His bite can turn others into werewolves, but if he gets into a physical fight with another character, I'll leave it up to the player if it affects their character or not. Ren doesn't care about said outcomes either, nor will he want to help any turned characters.


Rear + lower antlers during fights = akin to how rams rear up and bring their head+horns crashing down on their opponents.

Has an unruly fighting style, has picked up a few techniques and such from an old friend back in the day. But mostly sticks to fighting dirty in a brutish, feral, animalistic way which I guess is kind of redundant in forest.
Will absolutely take advantage of situations and use a characters physical attributes against them for example if your character has long hair anywhere he will try to pull it, and/or trip them up.

Prefers throwing his horns around and biting.

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big woof boi

big woof boi Shocked
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(No subject)

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Gotta admit it's good to see

Gotta admit it's good to see this old boy.

Signature by Terabetha


Hello traumatizing past in wolf's clothing, good to see you again.
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asdhjkga thanks

asdhjkga thanks x6879607

aaaaaaa that's a surreal yet appreciated thing to hear ghjkdfnhd
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KAO DISLIKE Good to see him


Good to see him again Smiling
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fhjghdkfhgk CUE ALL THE


aaa Laughing out loud
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Ohhh noooo 8>

Ohhh noooo 8>
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(No subject)

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Return the slaaaaab

Return the slaaaaab
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le nostalgia

le nostalgia
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roff ruh roh

roff ruh roh
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Kao saw Ren last night and

Kao saw Ren last night and stalked him a little. Brought back lots of memories!
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I saw that and was just

I saw that and was just "kaoori nooo" LOL I was actually going to have Ren prod her but the deer she was with had no bio link so he left her alone
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KJNGFDJKGNDKF HIM BEING CHASED was the highlight of my night thank u.
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LOL poor plum ghbnjkfbd NP

LOL poor plum ghbnjkfbd

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Ah, that was Malikorin! One

Ah, that was Malikorin! One of Ranza’s guys!