But the pretty things are going to hell - [Ren]

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"well someone is trying to compensate for something"


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Lounged on a slab and stared at a nearby white deer with a skull mask and zombie antlers for a while, amused that nothing has changed and others still use said set pieces to try to look intimidating according to him


Currently just prowling the forest
reclaimed the slab

Also a birb sat on his horns for a bit


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Name: Renoir Erebus
Pictoname: Renoir
Age: Mid 20s/Immortal
Species: Werewolf/some kind of wolf cervine hybrid
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Mate: none but it's complicated
Height: 15
Inforest Set: Magpie pelt, Kirin/Ram horns, maybe real deer mask maybe not.
Ref Sheet: [x]
Spot: The Ruins Slab


Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil

Predatory; chances are if your character is a fawn, small or fearful of him he'll chase them purely to terrorise them.

Usually rude, won't bow in return or bow in general.

Is a werewolf however that works in TEF, has increased physical strength and agility. Also has increased regeneration. Is weak to silver/silver can do serious physical harm depending on the amount.

Immune to an extent to most venoms and toxins, it would take an incredibly large dose for it to have an effect due to the werewolf "venom" in his veins providing an aggressive defense alongside regeneration.


Narcissistic | short tempered | egotistical | manipulative | bully
cocky | flirtatious | stubborn | strong willed

Not a fun time if you're on his bad side.

Not afraid to use brute force, especially when made angry. Will also usually result to violence when antagonised.

Homophobic, close minded.

Protective over those he cares about, but it does depend on the other character.

Masochistic; can and will find your character's pain/suffering amusing. Literally has a "u mad lolol" attitude if others are angry at him.

Respects bravery and tenacity. Also depends on the other character.

Insulting, has little or no filter.

Straight to the point, doesn't sugarcoat things.



I've lost track of most of the characters he bothered, minus the major ones. Although chances are I've probably lost track of some of those too


By me:
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x]


Hit me up on discord if you want to rp/plot/give ok to maul: Raz#5512

His bite can turn others into werewolves, but if he gets into a physical fight with another character, I'll leave it up to the player if it affects their character or not. Ren doesn't care about said outcomes either, nor will he want to help any turned characters.

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big woof boi

big woof boi Shocked
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Gotta admit it's good to see

Gotta admit it's good to see this old boy.

Signature by Terabetha


Hello traumatizing past in wolf's clothing, good to see you again.
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asdhjkga thanks

asdhjkga thanks x6879607

aaaaaaa that's a surreal yet appreciated thing to hear ghjkdfnhd
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KAO DISLIKE Good to see him


Good to see him again Smiling
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fhjghdkfhgk CUE ALL THE


aaa Laughing out loud
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Ohhh noooo 8>

Ohhh noooo 8>
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Return the slaaaaab

Return the slaaaaab
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le nostalgia

le nostalgia
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