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Discord @Slyn#2830

I traded my desires for knowledge. Traded my lust for secrets. Traded my seed for books.

`male*eunuch, uses he/him pronouns

`mole skull
`xenomorphic qualities
`black body and lanky, teeth are always exposed
`black inner mouth, silver-ish or white teeth, always seems to be smiling
`three fingers on the front hands, pig feet for the back, no ears or tail

`beluga pelt (sometimes crying idol pelt), magpie mask, no antlers

`carries a tarot deck
`dabbles in witchcraft, white majicks
`has healing crystals and herbs to help with basic struggles
(depression, anxiety, insomnia, stomach aches, ect)
`a vulture, collects skeletons and blesses them with healing or protective runes
`can "see" via heat signatures and via a third eye that is hidden on his person
`has a bite force similar to a crocodilian, lockjaw and crushing bones
`skin like a wetsuit, repels water

`enjoys company
`physical touch is a-okay
`not one to instigate in play, but will join in
`may look like he's sleeping, but really just resting his head on the ground

`haunts the pentagram by the blueberry patch
`haunts the ledge at the playground
`haunts the twin god hill

`loves honey & jams

Lacie ;; Morph (THE), knowing nothing of her, seems to already know her gone

...Vrasa, Vladik, Lou, Yumi, Isac, Romae

credits`art by the wonderful ofessence
`music is The xx's "Infinity"

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witchcraft! will definitely

witchcraft! will definitely have to toss some chars at you..

Thank you for helping me the

Thank you for helping me the other day. .~ enjoy

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Ooooh, what is this!? Sounds

Ooooh, what is this!? Sounds like an interesting fellow. Would love to throw my witch character your way.
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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@bayleen. please

@bayleen. please do.

@ofessence. oh gosh, thank you! i was not expecting this. may i put it in his toyhouse?

@osmotious. go for it, they wouldn't mind company.

By all means- do what you

By all means- do what you like with it. It is all yours~ !
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@ofessence. thank you again.

@ofessence. thank you again. ♥
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OOF... He certainly didn't

He certainly didn't mean it!
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Poor Vlad just has definitely

Poor Vlad just has definitely seen the movie Alien :skull:

100 times yes

100 times yes
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helloooo there.

helloooo there.
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Hello hello mien freunds~

Hello hello mien freunds~

This guy is super neat, I

This guy is super neat, I like.

And apologies for the awkwardness, my guy's slightly frightened yet really fascinated by qip. He's all "What are you?? And how even."
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LMaO it's okay! Q can

LMaO it's okay! Q can understand that he's freaky-deaky.
also omg what a cute cub