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OOC Note: She is a mini adult in-game because I don't wanna deal with set loading everytime I play her.

Interaction Note: Since she is a healer, feel free to toss your character at her if they're injured or sick. Although keep in mind that she will ask for something in return (or not, depending on the situation).

I'm always gladly open for plots and roleplays.

Personal Blog

Name: Alpha
Forest Name: α
Gender: Female
Age: Pup
Species: Canis lupus
Scent: Linden, camomile and honey.
Diet: Carnivorous
Size: #14
Reference: α*Eyes are of the same green.
No horns.

Voice: #BCDD37
Den: 78x192
Moody - Caring - Sarcastic - Aloof - Cynical - Secretive - Sensitive

> Is very childish but does have some wisdom and maturity.
> Can often be difficult because she likes annoying others.
> Certain things such as respect and tolerance are not really hard to gain from her, but trust is.
> Grew up too early in maturity due to tragic circumstances in her life.
> Is specialized in medicine. Knows a lot about the different plants and seeds that have healing and benificial properties.
> Does a lot of experimenting in her den, in an attempt to find the perfect remedy.
> Can defend herself but usually prefers to avoid fights as much as possible. Never relies on her own strength.
> Her left hind leg is injured due to an accident long time ago. It's less serious than before but can still become obvious if you actually pay attention to the way she walks and runs. She's able to run quite fast in spite of that, but not as fast as she used to prior to the accident and not for very long.
+ ...
= SindileStopped him as he was wreaking havoc in the Birch Forest and now has him as her guinea pig for her medical experiments in return. Doesn't really like him, but is happy to finally have someone more resistant to use as a test subject., Noelani..., Velda, Pagan, Jude, Levant, Kokabiel, Ajokoira;
? AltijdTerrified of him. He has not attacked her yet though and seems rather friendly..., DevereuxAnaïs, please add details.;
- ...
Alpha is always IC. Therefore, neither her actions nor emotions are mine, so please don't take it personally. I take full responsability of her, however, so if anything bothers you, feel free to contact me.
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Discord: Anaïs#6888
Email: KamayaTEF@outlook.com

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Sneaks in

Sneaks in
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By Draak
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Thank you! c:

Thank you! c:
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I have been here all the

I have been here all the time, what are you talking about?!

x D
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So cute! Wanna meet them

So cute! Wanna meet them someday :3
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@OkamiLugia Hello~ @Mis

@OkamiLugia Hello~
@Mis *shivers* H-hello!
@ShrinkingRose *stares at, suspicious* Yeaaah...
@Hautakumpu Thank you! Yeah, would be nice! c:

Thank you all for the tracks!
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cute pupper

cute pupper
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Sigi by Wake

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Thank you! ♥

Thank you!
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