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12th October 2020
Woke up in her den the day before, heavy-hearted. She didn't want to believe that all of the things she lived in that other world were true, nor that that world was even real to begin with. But then, she felt something on her chest.

The oathkeeper!

The symbol was invisible, but she could feel it. The gazelle told her that she was gifted by the Twin Gods and made her swear to use that gift for good. She also told her that it was something within her that she could only unlock by opening her heart and mind. The conversation was a bit perplexing. To Alpha, it was just religious ramblings, which she refused to believe in. Divinity isn't a thing. Never was, never will be. That's what her mother always told her.

Nevertheless, the young wolf felt deep sorrow for the gazelle. To think that their "goddess" is the one behind this genocide was insane. The "apocalypse", they said. How could they believe in something so crual?

Today, the she-wolf wasn't feeling like doing anything. Her mind was still haunted by the horrors she saw in that place of which she didn't know the name. She still wondered how she got there in the first place and how she managed to come back to the Forest. All of this seemed impossible to her, yet the oathkeeper drawn on her chest was real, so how did all of this happened?

Tired of hurting her head over this, she wanted to find a way to relax. She sniffed the air for a familiar scent, but it looked like none of the creatures Alpha knew were around. Upset, she went to a few spots to try and chill alone, but was unable to shake off the thoughts that were still invading her mind.

That was, until a small deer (Misaki) joined her. At first, she was surprised. Weren't they scared of her? She was a wolf, after all. Nope, the deer didn't seem afraid in the slightest. They just sat near her without a word. The grey canine didn't complain though. She couldn't deny she needed some company. For some strange reason, she felt calmer around them and was finally able to find peace inside for a while.

28th - 29th September 2019
After a couple of months working so hard on an elixir that could bring the dead back to life, she had to accept her failure. Her parents had told her that resurrection was impossible. But after seeing Sindile's parent emerging from the ground, she wanted to believe that maybe, just maybe, such thing could be done. She thought about all the creatures she could make happy.

However, after so many weeks of researching and trying, she lost hope. Her parents were probably right. Death is just part of life and no matter how difficult it can be, you just have to accept it. This doesn't apply only to death, however, but all kinds of losses. To her, it was clear.

She will never have her family back.

Nevertheless, that didn't stop her from growing jealous of Sindile. Why him and not her? Why did fate decide that? Many questions kept spinning in her head and the only answer she could come up with was: "the problem comes from me". She ended up alone because of herself, because she was not worth keeping.

After a whole week of being isolated in her den, crying and questioning her own existence, the yearling finally decided to take care of herself, going back to her normal diet -- since she had beeen feeding on plants and berries for the past weeks -- and grooming herself regularly again. She told herself that she could be useful to the world and that she still had the time to change, so she resumed her experiments. She remembered that Sindile, along with some other creatures, mentioned plants tasting like meat a while back. Although such plant didn't exist, her father told her that mushrooms could do the work. And thus, she looked for some to try and see if she could create a meat-like taste so that the carnivores could tolerate her remedies better. It took her a while, but she managed to achieve that goal.

As she was reconnecting to the outside world, she got the visit of Sindile. Despite her jealousy, she was still very happy to see the canine again, especially after such a long time. She spent most of her time with him and Noelani to whom she apologized for messing with her the last time they met. Discovered that the doe could turn into a fox.

It was really foggy during those two days, but Alpha could easily locate everything around her (not me though, that fog was a real pain, haha). At one point, she gave a sunflower to Noelani, just because she wanted to. The doe seemed very happy at first but got hesitant when the she-wolf told her that it was one of the sunflowers that she had left and that she needed them for medical purposes. Assured her that it was not a problem as she was going to get a lot more soon anyway. Sindile suddenly appeared and stole the flower away, so Alpha ran after him to get it back. Eventually, he gave it back to Noelani, albeit a bit "improved" as he said. The grey canine teased them a little but was taught afterwards about how humans kissed in the "Human World", with a (more or less) demonstration from Noelani, which only got her more confused.

Later, followed the doe around as she was worried about her because of the dense fog. The two noticed a guy that didn't look very...gentle (Brent). Noe wanted to talk to him but Alpha didn't want to be part of it, so she attempted to leave but was called a coward for that, which prompted her to change her mind.

Soon left to check on Sindile, who was befriending a horse (Persephone). Alpha got a bit jealous of the latter and spied on them by hiding in a bush, but the canine spotted her and introduced her to the mare. After that, she got scolded for leaving Noelani with the creepy guy, then was left with Persephone as the wolf went to look for the doe. However, Alpha didn't want to stay with the stranger and left to drink at the Crying Idol, then went to get some plants and berries that she brought back to her den.

When she came back, Sin and Noe were having a conversation. Alpha jokingly told him that he was being delusional when he said he thought he was creepy. Then, she witnessed the horse winking at Noe. Some teasing from Sindile turned into an argument when he implied that she shouldn't be sitting with creepy guys. She tried to shift all the blame on the doe, saying that she's the one who forced her and that she was not her friend -- which was a lie. But that, of course, didn't work. She was ready to prove to him that she was no longer a pup and that she could defend herself. However, after some thinking, her fear of abandonment made her realize that her behavior was not the right one, so she apologized. Felt relieved when the canine responded positively to the apology and gave him a smile before curling up into a ball to get some rest.


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Sneaks in

Sneaks in
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By Draak
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Thank you! c:

Thank you! c:
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I have been here all the

I have been here all the time, what are you talking about?!

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So cute! Wanna meet them

So cute! Wanna meet them someday :3
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@OkamiLugia Hello~ @Mis

@OkamiLugia Hello~
@Mis *shivers* H-hello!
@ShrinkingRose *stares at, suspicious* Yeaaah...
@Hautakumpu Thank you! Yeah, would be nice! c:

Thank you all for the tracks!
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cute pupper

cute pupper
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Sigi by Wake

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Thank you! ♥

Thank you!
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HAHAh thank you, I needed

HAHAh thank you, I needed that this morning :"D I'm sure Alpha can easily beat Al with that adorableness-attack!! He stands no chance.
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Haha, I'm glad you liked it!

Haha, I'm glad you liked it! I think I'm gonna use this text for every of my future CSS's~
I wanna see an art or comic of that happening. XD
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♥ !
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Thanks you two! &hearts;

Thanks you two! ♥
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