until the flood came and took them

child. male. scent.
born of honey and wine. one of two.
8.4.2018 | ref


> Born premature, and with a immunodeficiency. Rarely without a bloody nose.
> Feathered around his ears, eyes, shoulders, and tail.
> Appears to bleed gold.
> Elongated tail. Almost catlike.
> Stricken with a terrible wanderlust. Refuses to allow his frequent sickness to stop him.
> Foolishly brave. A defender of his siblings, both blood and adopted, even if they do not need it.
> Slow to trust, despite not being entirely shy. Makes true friends as frequently as the moon shines blue.
> Despite this, outgoing. Compassionate. Could never deny anyone in need, be it a stranger or otherwise.
> Upset people make him uncomfortable. Will awkwardly attempt to show affection. pls be happy?
> Pursues affection from his family above all else.
> Feels unsafe on his own. Will instinctively gravitate toward larger individuals if left alone.


a busy day. winemom ran away, poked and prodded and shoved at honeymom until she got up to follow. adventured for awhile, finding flowers and deciding they were the best thing. proceeded to collect flowers and weeds alike.

found the pond eventually. poked at the water, fun!! then winemom splashed him!! not fun!! ran away from winemom for awhile until homeymom tried to get him to befriend another pink ( Rose ). no? stayed away in general, but left him a weed. see look mom im friendly.

then more strangers!!! tried to befriend Ashira but screamed when she got too close. she didn't like that.... Kallisto came around, eventually was coaxed into play. romped about with them both before they left. returned to mothers, waiting until they both fell asleep before deciding to play hide and seek. without telling anyone. ran off and hid himself near home. fell asleep bc moms took too long to find him.

moved back to the den upon being discovered.

uncertain of a new face hanging around ( fogkissed ), horrified when stria left to smother them. cried a little, comforted by freya. clung to cael silently when left alone, not entirely comfortable with him but desperate for a good cuddle. he's soft. pink must be a soft color.

born. what the hell.

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♥ YA

♥ YA
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oh my ?

oh my ✸



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wtf yes

wtf yes
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one boy

one boy
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adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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gorgeous also love "born.

also love "born. what the hell."

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heckasarus thank you all for

heckasarus thank you all for the tracks !! ;o;
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