Consign me not to Darkness.:Theo:.

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The Kridyom

Today, we will see the sun in flames
Tidal Waves, washing all the world away
Today, everything we thought will change
And this life, will never be the same again


Over the last two months has been patiently restoring a cottage on the outskirts of what was once a village named 'Orlin.' With the help of his aunt, found the tools he needed to barter his stay within the Elan's reach, sowing the earth surrounding his home with the seeds of a flower he had honestly thought was just a common meadow weed. Even as they grew and flooded his meadow with their brightly hued buds, not once did they bloom. As much as he trusted his aunt's advice, didn't think the flowers were growing properly and thus followed through with other means to protect himself, adorning his house with various amulets to drive off the nymphs and leaving offerings at the edges of the land he hoped to reside in.

Last night, with the roof coming along nicely and the walls nearly rebuilt - felt safe enough to try and fall asleep within the walls only to wake to the screams of the very beasts he had been trying to keep away. Looked outside his door to see the nymphs pacing the borders, glowing eyes seeming to see him even through the stone walls around him. Grabbed his things quickly as he hoped to run at least till he was safe enough to portal back the Endless but stopped in his tracks when he saw the first bloom just to the side of his doorstep and soon after, the whole field of flowers blooming one by one in the were-light. The more that bloomed, the more the nymphs seemed entranced by them, the beasts' own lights dimming as if to allow the flowers to shine. Gradually calmed just the same as the nymphs did but fought off sleeping, worried of what would happen with the blooms eventually closed.

Eventually succumbed to sleep, waking with a start with himself sprawled on his front stoop. The Nymphs gone but the edges of the field had been picked at, the flowers seeming to have been dug up by the roots. Replanted what he could, making note he would have to ask his aunt how she gets the seeds. Left for the forest after to rest as best as he could for what was left of the morning considering it was still pouring rain. Spent time later on with his sister and her kids, absolutely enamored with them but doing his damnedest to act as an uncle and not be too overbearing to his sister. (It probably still happens though.) Still thinking over gifts to get them all.


Theobrain coming to the thought process that certain creatures may just be nicer than others
This is the same process that brought wolves = bad so no Theo not how this works
Decides to try this thought process out but gets approached before he's worked up the courage.
Talks anyway, learns he knows her mom
Her mom is terrifying in his opinion

runs for the hills like his life depends on it
Gj theo



but hey at least he gets to harass his sister for being pregnant having too many donuts while being envious that she can have/carry children.

Totally really excited to be an uncle


just figured he'd sit with his mom and her friends X

since hes "basically one of the girls anyway"

thanks mom


Due to recent events and his daughter seeming to start finding her own wings has developed a small case of 'empty nest syndrome.' Keeping it under wraps for the most part and channeling his energy into finding a permanent home outside of forest.

To summarize every update this is literally going to have:
Theo is elbow high to most of the forest - cue him trying to figure out how hes supposed to spar with everything since he didnt consider this in his initial decision
and THEN

Also he met some nice folks A+ Mischief & Co & Dueled Harin

+ Alina, Harin, Mischief, Mallow, Peril
= Jae - you kinda scary but thats ok
- Alina why did you leave meee

Thierri Zimisele
The Kridyom, The Cobalt
Son to Zafeiri and Lueur
Charge and Master to Nadim

Born 12/26/2015

Body Healthy MindClear, Happy Notes...






Css here made by myself for personal use and probably has roots in half of tefc, art by me unless stated otherwise. Fading tabs by Whendeerattack and custom font code thanks to Cissy.

This bio contains mature themes including but not limited to: Drugs abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, gore, swearing and other possibly upsetting materials. This boy has had a rough life so im sorry its not sunshine and roses in here. Warnings will be included before the subjects in question and i will try to keep things rather tame for the sake of things as Theo himself doesnt like having everything shared - but you've been warned i guess.

If you need to contact me or would like to rp just shoot me a message:
Oshi Boo#3403
or my email - Senecxyskai(at)hotmail(dot)com

Thanks for reading ♥!

And just let go,

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This Man

This Man



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Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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The Blue Boy

The Blue Boy
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warm. very warm. track

warm. very warm.
track Idea
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gotta share the warms. Thanks

gotta share the warms. Thanks for the tracks ♥!

me anytime there's a positive

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me anytime there's a nEGATIVE

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WHEEZES im sorry lmfaooo hes

WHEEZES im sorry lmfaooo hes prone to it
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