Feel the wind, touch the sky; Raja

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Raja - 'QueenoOfLust'
Female - ♀
Teenager - 3/24/2018
Daughter of Yggdrasill & Ronja
Granddaughter of Rae and Noir, Reine & Ráðgeirr
Great granddaughter of Kauna & Ehrune
Endless aunts and uncles, other relations
Royalty - God given

Reference - toyhouse - Pictogram

• Excitable, curious nature. Adventurous.
• Mother's word is the law, otherwise might rebel against authorities.
• Suspicious, does not trust strangers easily.
• Traveler. Observer. Wants to experience everything.
• Humble and respectful, knows her place and respects hierarchy.
• Skilled in combat, force to be reckoned with. Can take care of herself, independent.

P; 85%, M: 90%, E: 90%.

1703019; Enjoying the winter and the upcoming spring, partook in some winter games in her homeland and ranked pretty nicely, proud girl. Has been spending more time in the forest, mostly in the company of Thorir. Trying to widen her social circle, but finds it surprisingly difficult. Also in love with the baby koka.

09102018; Took part in her first rut ever, overwhelmed by all of it but learnt a ton of the event. Kept to herself awfully a lot, shy when it came to big herds. Already waiting for the next years event, hoping to be more social then. Tired, but content.

15092018; Returned the forest after spending time with her mother, mostly travelling. Visited Scotland, camped in the mountains and had just the time of her life. Has grown a lot, but remains rather small, short legs n all. While in the forest noticed a king she had seen a few times, went over to stalk him and his company, but was quickly spotted due to her poor hiding skills. Was invited to join them, humble and polite all the way.

21042018; Has been spending the last few weeks in the human world with mother, trying to get accustomed to her body there. Learning a ton of different winter activities and going on adventures with mother, even went to see the vikings in Riki to leave for a raid and was there to welcome them back when they returned. Got to see a glimpse of the High King, but more excited to see Runa there. Returned to the forest and sought out Rina immediately.

25032018; Lots and lots of playing since dawn, was taken to the viking den where her mother stacks all the toys, got to play with one. Tossed it around, chased it, learning to play and enhanced her balance and movement altogether. Good day. Also met Ing and played with his tail and climbed on top of him. Also bothered Runa when she showed up, clinging to her like crazy and bleating to her ear. Also met a new fawns, Iver and Evelyn. And their mom Ismay. Good day.

24032018; Born healthy and strong to the family of royals. Clings to her mother and seeks her warmth. Bound to, imprinted on. Met Kauna, Rae, Runa and Ingolfr. Got Reindeer hide, enchanted necklace with fawn on it, yellow easter-themed scarf.

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Sigi by Wake

Sweet bb &hearts;

Sweet bb ♥
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&hearts; !!

♥ !!
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another wee small thing

another wee small thing
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Omg what a cutie &hearts;

Omg what a cutie ♥

By Leuvr
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thankyouguys ;; &hearts;

thankyouguys ;; ♥
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Gorgeous artwork

Gorgeous artwork<3


Sig: Aihnna

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Thanks guys. &hearts;

Thanks guys. ♥
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Aaaaaa she looks so gorgeous!

Aaaaaa she looks so gorgeous! This was so unexpected and totally made my day. Thank you so much ;; ♥
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No problem! I'm glad you like

No problem! I'm glad you like it!