Syca's Trades, Adopts, & Commissions

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What's Happening:

-- General rewording of things. Gonna be working on this page on and off for a bit because I'm more seriously thinking of opening up money commissions. Trades and adopts are still open though!

-- Took out Nub-nub from the adopts because I'm considering using elements of her design in a future character (plus I wasn't as pleased with her design as I thought I was). Though if anyone was interested in her, let me know and we might be able to work something out.

-- Lowered open trade spots from three to two in preparation for when I might open up money commissions.


Not a whole lot going on this page right now, but I am working on how I'm going to tidy this up and start promoting things like art and CSS commissions once I decide on what examples I feel like using/how I want to price things. I still don't really have the time to dedicate to doing a whole lot of commissions, but it's something I do want to start dipping in to now that I'm done with school for good (and having a little spending money on the side while I try to save up my main income for future stuff wouldn't hurt).

Please note that anything with money involved are in US Dollars! Here's a currency converter for your convenience should you need it c:

Here's some contact and additional info for the time being:

Discord: Sycamorre#8919

Additional Info
- Leave a comment here if you add me on discord so I know who you are.
- I will not do NSFW/Nudity.
- I can do animals, humans, some fantasy stuff and other natural things. However, I’m not the best an anthropomorphized characters or anything non-organic (e.g. machinery), so keep that in mind.
- If money is involved and I'm doing a more complex picture or something, I will send you a preview so you can make sure that everything is how you want before paying, though you will not get the finished work until after I receive the payment.
- If the piece is complex enough (such as for a fully-painted portrait), I may send you a sketch before finishing so I know it's what you want before I commit to finishing it.

- Paypal will be the method of payment available, though I may need to update myself on what I have to do to make them not freak out on me since everything will be made digitally (aka my real hesitance on doing commissions at all right now lol).


Alright so what it says on the tin: no money involved, just trading. Obviously I would want to trade for things of equal value if I can, so be prepared for me to possibly be a little picky lol.

Things I can trade
- Character Designs
- Character Art
- Item Artwork
- CSS Layouts
- Other Things? I'm willing to try new stuff

Things I would be interested in from others
- Artwork for characters
- Environmental Art
- Other Character Designs/Adopts
- I dunno surprise me, I'm open-minded


1.) -----
2.) -----

Art Commissions

Not ready yet, but I'm working on it now.
You can check out my tumblr commission post I did back in the summer for some examples and what my pricing will probably be though.

I'll eventually have some examples on here, but for now you can browse through some on my deviantArt, personal tumblr, and even my elder scrolls RP tumblr.

Some things that might specifically be in here (feel free to suggest other things):

- Character sketches
- Flat Colors: no background (transparent) / minimal background
- Shaded B/W and Color: no background (transparent) / minimal background
- Portrait (highly detailed, but not full body)
- Character visual designs based on a concept or a description


For money or in some cases for trades of equal value, look at the design description for purchasing details.
Any similarities between existing characters are entirely coincidental, and in the case that an existing character looks too similar to an adopt and it comes to my attention, I will gladly take it down and scrap it.
Leave a comment to reserve or contact me to buy.

What you get: Rights to the design, and the full-sized art, unwatermarked for you to use in bios and the like.

What you CAN do:

- Use the character outside of TEF
- Make small adjustments to the design (change up some markings, add/remove little bits, change gender (if they have one), change body build/antlers), just make sure that you don't make them unrecognizable.
- Give the design to a friend (notify me first, though!).
- Always give me credit for the original design.
What you CAN'T do:

- Sell the design for more than you bought it for (if you traded for it, then you can only trade/give it away and make sure that the new owner agrees to these rules as well). Notify me of any changes in ownership!
- Steal the design or art.
- Remove my signature on the original art for the design.

Drag the pictures to the address bar to see larger images.
For the uniques I may also include some character ideas that aren't necessary, but you're welcome to use if you buy them.

(Designs with unique features. Lineart will not be reused)

"Hopping Mouse Deer"
$12 or Trade

- Started as a painting experiment.
- Much cute. Such squeak.
- Probably tiny and likes to bounce around.


(Lineart may be reused)

"Ink and Parchment"
$8 or Trade

"Kinda Peachy"
$8 or Trade



CSS Layouts

I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to price them yet, but what I do know is that I don't think I'll need to tackle more than one or two at a time. But now that I have my own base to work on top of, I feel like I can start considering doing them as commissions. Keep in mind I'm willing to trade CSS for other things in my trades, but I can be picky.

In the meantime if you want to see some examples, I have some free templates* over here and I have some character bios you can poke around in that I'm fairly proud of as well.

*Note: For clarification, the templates there are free because you would be doing your own work editing and adjusting them, and any CSS I do through commissions or trades are made specifically for a character and would only have to filled in with information once finished.

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Sigi by Wake

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! &hearts;

! ♥

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let me tell y'all how much I

let me tell y'all how much I appreciate y'all <33

Bumping for trades, an adopt, and a css giveaway... thing.
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Add me to the giveaway? Also,

Add me to the giveaway?
Also, here's a Track for you.
"I am not the Kirin Prince my father wished me to be. I am the three-horned darling of the Forest,
and my friends are my strength."

g-giveaway? edit: yes count


edit: yes count me into that raffle pls ur a css god tbh, and if anything it'd b for dama

May I be added to the CSS

May I be added to the CSS drawing please?
skype: retrogradenova
discord: Anoriel#2784
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please add me to the drawing

please add me to the drawing too !! :0c
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All of y'all are in! And to

All of y'all are in!
And to mention something I forgot to put: the winner will be picked on New Year's Eve, so anyone else who's interested needs to enter before then!

I thought I was tracking

I thought I was tracking this!! Forgive meeeee
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Track and I would like to be

Track and I would like to be added to the css drawing contest c:
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I'd love to enter the css

I'd love to enter the css contest!
I like your design C:
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Thank you everyone! Just a

Thank you everyone!
Just a reminder that this is the last day to enter. I'll be picking the winner in a little over 24 hours (give or take some depending on what the schedule for the day is gonna be like lol)

I'm also working on a batch of adoptables on the side (just basic deer, no alien-ish critters this time), so if anyone is interested in those I hope to have them up soon too.

oo add me to the bucket list!

oo add me to the bucket list!
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If there's still time, can

If there's still time, can you add me to the CSS list? Smiling
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me as well! sorry for cutting

me as well! sorry for cutting it so close

made by foxofthestars!
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Alright, the giveaway's

Alright, the giveaway's closed! Congratulations retrogradenova and thank you so much to everyone else who entered! I really appreciate the interest, and I might do it again later on should the opportunity arise.

e: bumping for new adopt c: