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Interesting times. In so many was.
OH, the other day I actually woke up energetic and cheerful. Earth, wat is dis? Who dis?

I just found out that I got a permanent job at the OR I am working atm, I have been working as a temp for quite some time now and I am so relieved to hear that I get to stay for as long as I want to yay!

Also the autumn and the oh so lovely darkness around the clock has taken a toll on me. I am constantly tired and rather down, working ridiculous hours doesn't help that one bit. I have actually wondered if I should seek professional help as my anxiety keeps getting worse and worse, I got tons of arrhythmias and I am just an emotionless blob floating around tbh. So I tend to spend my free time sleeping. Or thinking when I get to go to sleep. BUT HEY SINCE I AM A NURSE I SHOULD KNOW RIGHT. RIGHT?
Ohwell, maybe this will get better once all this darkness subsides and the rest of the Finland stops being such a depressive mass of self destruction.


Vacation hell yes! Been working my ass off these past few months and things are just gonna get tighter and harder at work here on out. BUT I get to spend 5 days in Berlin with my bf, aaaaaaaaaa. Never been to Germany before so I am excited to see everything.

Holy hell I am tired. Just worked 6 days in a row, one of them being 12h on call shift and we worked literally without breaks to get the operations done. Things aren't going to get any easier at work, from the beginning of next year we are getting 2,000 more operations and shit. SO if I disappear for a few days or wont respond immediately I am probably picking up the pieces of what's left of me and my sanity. I love my job but it is driving me to the point of losing my mind.

That being said, I still try to be as active here as possible. Poke me, pls. My durrs need interactions.

This gon' be my new personal blog. This gon' be pretty someday.

Until then HELLO. ♥

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Hi. ♥

Hi. ♥

Hey there. -dabs-

Hey there.

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hei hei ♥

hei hei ♥
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hey there *eyebrow

hey there *eyebrow wiggle*
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It's good to see you around

It's good to see you around again. I saw Kauna's pictogram the other day and I was like... "wait a minute... I know that person..." XD
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I've have been trying to keep

I've have been trying to keep myself active here, but only recently got the urge to kick the good ol Kauna back in the game heh. Where have you been, though?! Glad to see you around, too!
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Haha I guess about the same

Haha I guess about the same as you. Gustiro and Idelle have kinda been on the back burner and I been focusing on my less known characters. When I have the time and energy that is. ^^ Plus I been getting into GW2.
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Haven't really seen Gustiro

Haven't really seen Gustiro around, would have def tossed Kau at his way because all the nostalgia tied to the two. ♥

Oh GW2, havent got around to that either, considered it though! Been chilling quite a bit in Rust. Well, chilling as in dying naked with a rock and a torch lmao.
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Yah, I only put him in a few

Yah, I only put him in a few times this year. Maybe I'll put him in one more time before the rut ends. We'll see. ^^

And I'd be glad to run lowbees with you if you join GW2. The base game is free. :3 I'm a plant people addict myself.

I don't know anything about Rust. I did a quick search. So is it a survival game? I don't have that one but I have a few others. 7Days2Day, Miscreated, the one with the dinos, brain failure on the name... um... another I can't think off the top of my head. I like survival games so I may try it. XD
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Would love to see Gus around

Would love to see Gus around more, he a sweetie. ♥

It is still a huge maybe if I will get GW, from what I hear it takes up a lot of time from ppl lmao and I hardly got any as it is ;;
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If you ever do get in gw2,

If you ever do get in gw2, you better pick american server so I can adopt u ♥
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How can you adopt me when I

How can you adopt me when I am the weird uncle/moomin village king? I am mighty!
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Through god everything is

Through god everything is possible don't question!!!
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-throws suffelipuffi at-

-throws suffelipuffi at- CHILL WOMAN

smooch smooch

smooch smooch
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Have fun!! ♥

Have fun!! ♥
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Omg I will! My german is so

Omg I will!
My german is so rusty and I am a total wuss with foreign languages as it is lmao. Gonna stuff my face with beer, chocolate and sausages. Mostly chocolate though.