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Christian Reindl - Claim Your Weapons

[June 11]

Turned 30 last month and I don't feel them at all. Srly, I think my mind froze somewhere around my twenties lol.

About TEF, I'm in the good old "I'm leaving no wait I'm back" mood, for years now. Huh, well, ok.

If my art knocks the door, new designs will say hello, and also commissions, maybe, we'll see uv u

Also, disappointed as hell after Microsoft's E3, I've been waiting Ori 2 for 1 year and now I have to wait another one vdfsfsuhvlufhk U@

About :U

30 . taurus . earth dragon . ace
ISTJ . scientist . left-handed
cat-lover . rain-lover
Skype: keepiru.tef | Discord: Kee#0998
I do not accept random people BC

By random I mean "I've/had no interaction with". I'm willing to accept someone only when I feel comfortable with them. Do not feel offended if you have been declined. I need time and I don't like talking about me, so the "but we will know about each other on skype" will never work.
BUT feel free to interact in-game, on TEFc and even start a RP with me, I don't bite, I swear it. I'm just a common introvert.


Ask me:
DeviantART arktoss.deviantart

tumblr. insp' | sketching | personal

Requests: closed

Adoptables: closed

Commissions: closed

Other: Steam

OOC deer

Event use.
Casting spells use (v3.13).
No specific design, random set.

Random actions B]

Game Settings

Version: 3.41
Game speed: 20-45fps
Keep running in background: no

I never ignore players, an inactive character means busy (drawing...) or afk.

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-barges in- track.

-barges in- track.
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Starling, tablet isn't home


tablet isn't home P:
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Good. <3

tracking &hearts;

tracking ♥
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Garden of Words AND a Drowzee

Garden of Words AND a Drowzee gif, that's a combination I didn't think I needed. XD
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Sweet! I'm excited to see

Sweet! I'm excited to see your outcome... may try it myself, though I've never even practised expressions. May be a good time to start.
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Wow, what a beauty! Nice

Wow, what a beauty! Nice grab. Laughing out loud

Oh, nice &hearts; What's that

Oh, nice ♥ What's that huge skull in the background though? I'm curious haha
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The big two on the left are

The big two on the left are wild boar skulls, male and female.
Also, the white behind the muntjac is a sheep :3
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That's infuriating ): will

That's infuriating ): will you be able to get a replacement?
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Dunno :c no longer under

Dunno :c no longer under warranty, I will see next week at home if I can save it.
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'Grats, here's to the future.

'Grats, here's to the future. Your dedication to your characters and tef has been an enjoyment to see. The chars are refreshing, too, though we haven't interacted much.
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Oh , happy 8 tefyears !

Oh , happy 8 tefyears !
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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Thanks guys!

Thanks guys! <3
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Happy 8 TEF years Keep !!


TEF years

Keep !!
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Super late response, but Fe

Super late response, but Fe looks amazing and I've been meaning to purchase since release... just haven't yet hahah.
Missing you. Hope you're well. <3
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Thank you Vala &hearts; I'm

Thank you Vala ♥

I'm alright Star, thx 8] Missing you as well <3
Glad to hear you're looking for it haha, I'm taking all my time on it and so I haven't finished it yet, it's so relaxing to play it, really an enchanting little game.
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I purchased it for my Switch

I purchased it for my Switch that evening! It's cool, though I haven't had chance to play too much yet.
Are you playing on PC?
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Oh nice :D and yup PC.

Oh nice :D and yup PC.
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sit. herppy late berfday


herppy late berfday