The Elusive One

HealthHealthy. Post partum. Sore.
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Smooth sailing since her fawn was born. Raising her fawn mostly alone, not particularly seeking out the herd she had taken refuge in among the forest, blissfully unaware of the events that unfolded there. Allowing her fawn to roam around more freely, watching from afar constantly. Wishes nothing more than to her to grow into a strong, independent hind; the complete opposite of what the mother is and has always been.

Identity Nameless - 'Jos' - God-given
Identifies as Female - Hind
SpeciesRed deer (Cervus elaphus scoticus)
Age Young Adult - 2015
Preference Polygamous
Partner None
Offspring Kun † - Kunnes †

In-Forest Noh - Great Argus - Real deer

» A youngling who still has plenty of growth ahead of her. She is smaller than those older hinds of her species. Slender and petite frame. Physically fit, agile.

» Fur colored in darker shades of brown with hints of rusty red here and there. Golden underparts and behind. The hair itself is short and thin making it difficult for her to survive winters. Striped.

» Shows off her lower rank by walking around with her tail tugged and back hunched.

» Unable to produce healthy, live fawns outside of her species.

»Born to a low rank female on the highlands of Scotland, getting introduced to the hierarchy early on. High herd mentality as she prefers being in a herd than on her own, finding safety on crowds of her kind.

»Feral instincts over human mindset, lacks the ability to feel such emotions as love, pity and hatred among many others. Can be considered emotionally disabled by many.

» Cold blooded racist; Everything that looks, smells or sounds like a predator is considered a danger instantly. Prefers fleeing to fighting.

» On a threatening situation it is everyone for themselves. Selfish as she will protect herself over others.

» Not accustomed to the spoken language as we know it, communicates through vocals and movement.

» Ruts each autumn. Fertility is questionable as she has not born any offspring as of yet.

» Highly intelligent being.

» With her skittish and timid nature she might be difficult to approach, will take her time to investigate others before allowing them near. Trust is a fickle thing.

» Relationships with her are fleeting, easily affected.

'Kun' First biological offspring, stillborn. Dead and rotting as he entered the world. Bittersweet. Longing.
'Kunnes' Second biological offspring, stillborn. Too frail and sick to survive, she died a week before her premature birth. Helplessness. Longing.
'Jotta' Third born biological offspring. Healthy. Pride. Fear.

SummitFirst one to meet, navigates to.
Ismay Higher rank female, submissive around. Respect.
Orbit Navigates to.

Rhona † Speed. Fierce.
Alain Safety. Calm. Navigates to. Father of Jotta
Rota Distant. Curious.
'Herne' Passing fancy.
Raavas Intrigued. Curious.
StoneBalancer Safety, navigates to.
'Vrath Strength. Power.
Utu Big lady, familiarity.
Rye Beauty, grace.
'Nhoz Security, familiarity.
Neli Sweetest thing. Adoration.
Woden Strength. Comfort.

Birth & Arrival Born in the highlands of Scotland on March of 2015 to a hind of one of the lowest ranks. The Crimson Hind was rather small and frail to be a red deer fawn, but managed through the first year of her life, learning and experiencing life within the herd. Even to this day the weak conditions she was born in shows in her frame as she is still petite and fragile.

The hind was quick to find her place in the herd among the lowest members, learning to respect those above her if they are worthy of it. Over time learnt who lead the herd with honor and who did not, submissive by nature towards those she finds good leaders and is glad to follow them as she is no leader herself.

The Crimson hind stepped her hoof into the forest for the first time in the 2nd of March 2016. First woke up in the area of thick tall grass and birch trees finding shelter and safety there. She managed to hide within the thickets and has yet to explore the rest of the forest.

Rut 2016 & 1st pregnancy Her first rut as a young feral red deer hind took place in the 2016. She participated as a Judge, but took a much more submissive role than that. Most of her time was spent learning and watching the more experienced ones lead the herds. However, managed to make a few judging calls herself resulting her to be mated while in estrus.

Over all rather quiet and calm rut for her, perfect time for her to get to know her body and mind more, and her wants. The end result was what she had hoped for, pregnancy.

Date of conception 7th of October.

Gave birth to a dead, nearly rotting fawn colored with darker shades of brown and rusty red hues. She named him 'Kun'

Rut 2017 & 2nd pregnancy Participated as a judge this year as well, more experienced than the year before but still had a lot to learn from the event and those older than her. Got herded by some, enjoyed the spars more this year than before as she was able to relax more when they were on, did some judging and followed the males she thought deserved it.

Was mated and conceived while in estrus.

Was more aware of her pregnancy this time around as she was able to figure out the signs earlier on and so take better care of herself during the time. After second trimester was stunned by a rather agonizing pain that forced her to hide within the thickets.

After a week of struggling with the pain and contractions wasnt able to move around and seek for help and gave birth to another stillborn, she named her Kunnes. Grieved alongside of the fawn for a good period of time, helpless of what she should do better to be able to carry a healthy, living fawn

Rut 2018 & 3rd pregnancy Oh girl you.

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hope you don't mind if i

hope you don't mind if i place a track here! (: nice to meet her today ♥
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Aah hello.

Aah hello.

Signature by Terabetha

Hello there~

Hello there~
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time for me to hit the hay.

time for me to hit the hay. it was nice to see her in the forest again today!
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Always a pleasure. ♥

Always a pleasure. ♥
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♥ !

♥ !

♥ ! ;;

♥ ! ;;
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♥ ;U;

♥ ;U;

By Leuvr

Hi you. ♥ ;;

Hi you. ♥ ;;
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Well I'm a hoe for

Well I'm a hoe for ferals.

She's cute, I love her.

I must collect all the

I must collect all the ferals. o-o
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Tracking this cutie.

Tracking this cutie.
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Hum: She immediately found

Hum: She immediately found peace in Stone's company, so he will be definitely tracked down more often.

Amary: -is collected- O_O

Awentia: Thank you ! ♥
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I noticed her unusually

I noticed her unusually casual demeanour! Stone most definitely would have felt very complemented if he understood the significance of her immediate acceptance. He's come to take it for granted amongst other feral deer, but I recognize it takes a lot for a feral to trust any Forest denizen to any degree.

We're both delighted at the prospect of seeing her again, any time. c:

Ah seeing this comment really

Ah seeing this comment really made my day, even if it is a few months late, thank you Hum. ♥
Stone's calm demeanor made it easier for her to feel comfortable in his presence, appreciating the soothing and relaxing atmosphere he was able to provide.



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Aw, thank you!

Aw, thank you!

just gonna sit here

just gonna sit here
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Miss this girl. See her every

Miss this girl. See her every time I fuss with stone's bio and occasionally come to look; wanted to say hello.